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  • Quote from xodaraP: “@twistedsymphony when you're done with those IO boards will they be up for sale ” I got all of these boards in today. I bought 4 IO boards, all 4 are Rev D so if you get an earlier rev let me know and I'll trade

  • Quote from Derick2k: “The JP ones, after some play, get really tiring/almost painful on the fingers from rubbing on the depression lip/edge. I didnt feel it was as bad with the US ones ” THIS! I actually really love the smooth and weighty feel of the USA spinner, and the Japanese ones look painful to use. Quote from Derick2k: “the most difficult part to reproduce would be the bearing assembly. You want to get the spinners to feel just right like the originals. ” Also this. The slide bearings rea…

  • I'm fairly certain it's not.

  • well, I'll keep an eye out for you

  • Quote from LHantz: “Slightly off topic, would love a Namco System 1 and 2 Multi one day... ” Quote from stt1: “Yeah, after sleep and taking a look on the Namco System 1 game list, the multi for it would be lovely. ” there's a 4-in-1 kit already: a proper kit that includes all games would be great though.

  • Quote from nem: “You're missing the Pachislot version of the 246 from the list: ” Interesting, though to be fair this thread is really about systems that run the multi dongle

  • Quote from xodaraP: “@twistedsymphony when you're done with those IO boards will they be up for sale? ” probably... I'll likely keep one or two sets and then sell the rest, but that will likely be a long ways out. I'm already mentally planning out a housing to build so that I can stick these on top of other non-cyberlead cabs

  • Interestingly that auction says 4 sold and I bought 4 of them so I guess I was the only one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I sent him a message asking for a "variety of revisions" if he had them since I'm mostly interested in reverse engineering this thing like I did with the Sega billboard system. but they shipped the next day without a response. he has several different boards listed and I bought a few of each so we'll see what I get. he usually get's back to me within a day or so when I send him questions but he'…

  • I've been wanting to work on getting a repo made but even finding an original spinner to BORROW has been troublesome :-/ BTW @rewrite I've already started the drawings on the Ghox spinner you sent me

  • Time crisis 4 upgrade

    twistedsymphony - - System 246/256


    Quote from Soundmazta: “Older Namco games wich are working without gun sensors shouldn't work or? ” Quote from twistedsymphony: “As for Namco Games, I've heard that Cobra The Arcade might be compatible with that hardware, though I don't know for sure and there seems to be some conflicting info on it. I don't think any other older Namco game uses that gun hardware though. ” As I said... the only older Namco game that MIGHT use that gun hardware is Cobra The Arcade.

  • I'd love to know this as well. I haven't had much luck finding most of the EMI filters used on boards through the 90s.

  • This might be an option for replacing the whole box:…x-6-3-8-x-5-1-8--289-2378 Parts Express actually has a ton of different sized "TV Speakers" that are long and thin like the Blast Speakers. not sure what size you're looking for but these look like they might be close:…89-2166#lblProductDetails

  • Quote from ekorz: “Haven’t tried it yet, but could it just be the same chd, just picking a different region from the boot screen? ” This is exactly how it works for the AMB version.

  • Time crisis 4 upgrade

    twistedsymphony - - System 246/256


    TC4 uses the OMZ IR guns similar to Sega's IR system Technically it should be cross compatible So you could potentially swap in a NAOMI, Chihiro, or Lindbergh and play any of those gun games, it may require some rewiring as I'm unsure if they use the same input mapping. I also don't know if the TC4 PSUs supply 3.3V since it's not required for System 256 they might not. I believe the Sega boards should work fine with the Namco JVS IO and OMZ IR gun boards though. As for Namco Games, I've heard th…

  • Quote from ekorz: “That would mean this game just doesn't obey the dips, and having a Namco IO and HAS in the path was reducing the voltage yet another step. ” I've been able to confirm that the games can indeed decide to ignore the dips, including the voltage level output. The patch for RRV that disables the hardware check also seems to disable the dips and it forces it into the lower voltage mode no matter what.

  • Top post updated with some photos from @PascalP That makes 5 Confirmed versions of the mobo so far! does anyone have a "-13" model? the -12 uses a square silk screen around the battery and has through-holes supporting multiple battery pin types. the -14 uses a circular silk screen around the battery and only supports 1 battery pin type. it would be nice to know when this change occurred

  • Well, I know there are legal and moral implications against it, just curious if there was a technical reason as well.

  • Maybe this has been asked before but I couldn't seem to find an answer. I'm curious If there is a technical reason the real NESiCA game selection interface isn't used on the multi or couldn't be used in the future.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “I'm gonging to have to re-check my two later boards I may have missed the "IGS PCB" number under the cart connectors ” rechecked and there are indeed IGS PCB numbers on the back edge behind the cart connector.. And the last section of the IGS PCB number seems to match the last section of the number on the underside of the PCB making it eay to identify the PCB version. So far we have: V5, V9, V12, and V14 out of these V14 is the only one that looks like it had a batte…

  • Quote from PascalP: “It was sold as a v3 from sheep but ended up being a v2 with coin cell holder ” that's just it... I don't think there is a "v2" or "v3"... we've already identified 4 different PCB versions, and based on the pcb numbering there could be more than a dozen.