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  • damn, I passed over a few in the $120 range less than a year ago.

  • Quote from caius: “.i found that also programmer manufacturers like EETools made a lot of confusion among JEDEC and non-JEDEC device like 27C1000 and 27C1001 ” I have found this too you would think with the price they charge for these devices they would have got it sorted by now.

  • you're right I was confusing 4100 and 4001

  • looks original to me. see those ROMs with the "MBR-0#" painted on them, those are original mask roms. looking at other pictures of this PCB seems to indicate that the larger SMD chips typically have their numbers ground off of them. and the socketed chips on yours are normally socketed. even for an original you way overpaid though. I always considered charlie ninja to be a $100-$150 game only higher if it's super mint with arts.

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Isn't 27C4000/4002 a 27C4096 equivalent? ” MX27c4000 is a 32pin equivalent to 27c020 HN27C4000G is 40pin equivalent to 27c400 27c4001 is a 32pin equivalent to 27c040 27c4002 is a 40pin equivalent to 27c4096 EDIT: Fixed

  • CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    twistedsymphony - - CPS III SuperBIOS


    Quote from ebzero89: “Do the repro carts fit inside of normal CPS3 cart cases? ” "repo" is short for "reproduction" meaning they're identical in shape to the originals... so yes.

  • Quote from KaPH33n: “you can only play one game on both sides, not two unique games... ” You might need to source some additional harness bits but you can absolutely play different games on each side. Case/Point: Virtual On Shipped in, and had an official kit for, Versus City cabs and uses a separate Model 2 board for each player.

  • ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    twistedsymphony - - System 246/256


    Quote from PascalP: “Does it also improve loading speed compared to discs? ” It seems to be quite a bit faster but I've yet to perform any actual timed tests.

  • Quote from undamned: “Isn't System 16 info just based on mame drivers? ” If that were the case all of the NAOMI, NAOMI GD, NAOMI 2, and NAOMI 2 GD stuff would be on the same page. Not to mention the Konami JAMMA boards prior to the GX hardware would be grouped quite different than they are too since lots of those games only have 1 mame driver per game. ZN hardware is grouped differently on System16 and MAME also.

  • Quote from rtw: “Why don't add a header to the BUFF file with current version, if version != current version delete the BUFF file ? ” or update the menu/firmware update routine... if updating menu or firmware delete the BUFF file that way if you're trying to "reinstall" the current version it deletes the BUFF to be sure.

  • I'm curious what the PAL numbers are on this game and how they compare to other games on the same hardware.

  • Quote from ekorz: “...wanna bang this one out for me with your newfound pcb-layout skillz? 2.54mm for the cps2 kick, but 2.50mm for the jst? ” The Digikey KiCAD tutorials on Youtube are pretty great for learning this stuff:

  • Model 2 /3 Security hacks

    twistedsymphony - - Sega Model 2/3


    Quote from tonyt76: “Do you guys know if Spikeout Digital Battle Online & Spikeout Final Edition used the same sound roms in the DSB2? ” mame knows:…c/mame/drivers/model3.cpp

  • if you have another NAOMI try swapping the filter board, that would narrow down if the issue is with the port or filter (easy fix) or the NAOMI main board (more complicated/possibly not worth fixing).

  • Quote from djsheep: “Yaton had these two spinners listed:…stick-SNK-3-/123763608486…stick-SNK-4-/312605137618 Unsure if they are of any use or of interest to anyone, just passing on the links / info... ” That first one I think is a Sega spinner, basically just a super compact version of the normal Taito Spinner with a plastic knob. the second one isn't a spinner, it's a special stick for a specific Konami (I think) Golf game, it's uni…

  • Personally System 16 PCBs are easy enough to come by that I'll just keep any games that aren't on the multi on their own dedicated PCB. though theoretically, with the ROM building tools for the multi available, if you found a game on the multi with the same ROM layout as your "undumped" game you could dump the ROMs for your game and name them the same as the game you're replacing. Then use that instead of the original game that the multi is designed for

  • I recently caught an auction with some interesting looking LED modules.…affaca1b3d3059eab75630636 I wonder if these are what is used in GSS or maybe some other more modern implementation of the IR guns

  • Atari Tetris Case

    twistedsymphony - - Project Showcase


    that's damn cool. the case is probably worth more than the PCB though

  • For reference here is what the NVC Billboard display backs should look like: P1 side:…affaca1b3d3059eab75630636 P2 side:…affaca1b3d3059eab75630636 Notice that the P1 side is nearly identical to Blast City's module, except it has an extra output connector. This connector goes over to the P2 side, which is a stripped down version of the module that can only be controlled by the P1 side display.

  • Quote from stickcross: “versus city and the new versus city ” Billboard equipment is COMPLETELY different between versus city and new versus city. At this point I own equipment from all 3 cabs. PN on the NVC billboard module is different than Blast City but they're nearly identical in function the information I have in my post above is for New Versus city, which is more similar to Blast City than it is old Versus City (re-read the post, I originally referenced Blast but then realized that it did…