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  • Quote from IGChris: “The CPS-3 cases look incredible, so I'm looking forward to these. I really like the name Dreamcase! I had a few questions though: 1. I'm curious why these look to be much wider than the original Dreamcast? I see you have a big PSU on the left gap in your pictures, but presumably most people will have a small PicoPSU that fits above the motherboard? 2. Is there enough vertical clearance to use chriz2600's PicoDreamCast? 3. Will the DCHDMI antenna still work well in this case?…

  • Quote from Escarioth: “i love that design so much i think my favorite is the iron man red ” Thank you , It wasn't Ironman Red when i choose that colour .I didnt know people love this colour too much. Including me

  • Quote from KalessinDB: “Recently found my short cable so I'll FINALLY be assembling mine soon. Will keep you posted ” It takes too log time We are waiting your picture of setup

  • Quote from Takosuke: “Will do thanks, probably will borrow from a colleague I just wanted to make sure there was indeed an issue. Hursit you should maybe adjust the cut a bit to err on the safe side? In the meantime it will be like this…9b908a2a46f70a162b8caf559 ” Thank you. The problem is, we have only 3-4 people has this issue. All of the left without problem Actually i do not know what will i do about of this problem .

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from KingSopz: “Mainboard + Netdimm + Raspberri Pi + LCD Screen ” Its the only self contained solution at this point.Quote from hursit: “But the problem is Naomi has too many Setup options. ” CF setups require changing CF cards.Cell phones require networking. Once PiForce is setup you can close the lid PERIOD (that is the goal, not constant tinkering with external BS). ” Yeah i think you right about it Quote from tom5151: “Don't forget to support as well the future D…

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Looks great @hursit Dreambox ” Thank you

  • Quote from MoppelTheWhale: “as i said in the other thread, i'm in for one, but i would need it with USB GDROM support. What are the color options we will have? Nice work, as always ” I think there will be 4-5 color option. Red, Blue, Silver, Green, Purple We will see that

  • Hello people, There was a thread for CPS3 and DC case together, but that one is only for CPS3 now This is the Dreamcast Aluminium Metal Case Thread. The Case is almost ready. All of the testes have been done. It looks like everything works great. These are ready for now... * Full Body Aluminium Case * Special Eloxal Aluminium Coat. * 4 Different Color option. * It is easy setup installation. * 5 pieces Aluminium parts with Screws. * Aluminium Dreamcast LOGO. * Power button with light. * Supports…

  • Quote from jassin000: “Can you make a replacement Naomi case that holds the motherboard, NetDIMM and Raspberry Pi (with LCD hat)? I hate Segas plastic shell, and the official HotD2 metal case won't also fit the NetDIMM. ” Yeah, i have plan to make it. But the problem is Naomi has too many Setup options. Mainboard + Netdimm + Raspberri Pi + LCD Screen Mainboard + Netdimm + Raspberri Pi + SmartPhone Connection Mainboard + Dimm Board + Card Reader I couldnt decide which option is the best one which…

  • A new Batch is under production now... They will ready in 1 week for shipping....

  • Only 1 RED Case left. It is ready for shipping....

  • A small update. The pleksi cover looks like ready for me I will test it . This is the test pleksi, original will be smoked color. oc-12054.jpg oc-13613.jpg oc-14504.jpg oc-15085.jpg oc-17116.jpg oc-19129.jpg

  • Quote from penrhos: “I've been having a nightmare writing AW games with Naomi_CF V1.34 - is there an alternative way to write CF-Cards? I have a box full of Branded CF-Cards "Transcend Ultra industrial" & "Unigen industrial" and it'll read the ID (Mainly 33nn & 34nn with a few 30nn) but it won't program any of them - I get "Preparing Media" followed by a pop-up "ERROR: Cannot create File". I can clear them with diskpart, I can use CHDMAN to write G-Net games to them and windows works with them. …

  • Quote from nam9: “Quote from hursit: “Waiting the installed pictures . ” As promised…9b908a2a46f70a162b8caf559 ” Wooow, wonderfulll

  • Quote from GuileWinQuote: “Got my case! This thing is a beast. After some trouble with the OG case, i'm happy to have something a little sturdier ” İt looks great

  • Astérix Case

    hursit - - Project Showcase


    My favorite colour is Blue and it looks awesome. Keep going...

  • Hello from Portugal

    hursit - - Introduce Yourself!


    Welcome. Please share some pictures

  • Astérix Case

    hursit - - Project Showcase


    Quote from Escarioth: “Quote from hursit: “Oh my God. It looks beautiful. I think i should produce this ” Haha i had lots of fun at making it. Probably you ll have a better design. Mine is far from perfect, but i guess ill get better with each new one ill be making. ” Your design is look really great. Keep working on it. It looks like Aluminium right ?

  • Astérix Case

    hursit - - Project Showcase


    Oh my God. It looks beautiful. I think i should produce this

  • The 3rd batch of cps2 cases are in production now. You can order from website. Last 1pc RED CPS2 case is ready for shipping