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  • CRT to VGA

    twistedsymphony - - Monitor Help


    Quote from jassin000: “You know what the XRGB2 was really good at (and if I dare to dream hopefully on your device as well) fast mode changes! Systems like Saturn/Playstation/STV all switch resolutions/modes quickly, 480i to 240p is very common for example (titles screens to game play screens). ” the PS1 based arcade boards do this often too. System 573, System 12, ZN hardware, etc.

  • IIRC I used the official Microchip PICkit 2 for development and burning. looks like they're up to the PICkit 4 now: latest version of MPLab IDE:

  • Quote from markedkiller78: “I had no idea there was an auto switching MS9 ” yup, if you look at the chassis there will be a black relay box instead of the 4-pin resolution selection connector. and before you ask, while it is theoretically possible to upgrade a non-switching MS9 to auto-switching (the PCBs are the same) there are A LOT of components that need to be added to perform the resolution detection so it's not really viable.

  • CRT to VGA

    twistedsymphony - - Monitor Help


    Any chance that will do DOWN-scaling? I think the OSSC does a good job of up-scaling but other than the UVC there's no good option to convert 31KHz down to 24Khz or 15Khz. downscaling is useful for things like running Model 2/3 or System 24 on a 15KHz monitor or running Xbox 360, Lindbergh, or TTX on a 24KHz or 15KHz monitor.

  • Quote from markedkiller78: “The issue, is changing games, nearly every jamma pcb is 15k, so unless you dedicate the cab to x360, it’s much simpler setting it to output 15k ” some MS9s are auto-switching which alleviates this issue. Though if you were going to dedicated a cab to Xbox 360 you'd be better off with a Net City or Vewlix since they can natively support the VGA output without the need for a scaler.

  • CRT to VGA

    twistedsymphony - - Monitor Help


    the problem with the gonbes converter is that they're "frame" based converters... meaning it waits for the whole frame to collect in it's buffer, (which takes 16ms at 60Hz) then it upscales the frame (which takes some amount of ms) then it outputs to your LCD (which adds additional input lag). the OSSC is a "line" based converter which means it only waits for 1 line of pixels to get loaded into the buffer and then upscales just that line before the next line is set, this means it only takes a fr…

  • Quote from acblunden2: “UVC isn't the best. It is mid-range and sandwiched at the high end by Extron downscaling stuff. In terms of availability, you'll have to go with the bottom end VGA-CGA adapters from Gnobes. ” I thought one of the benefits of the UVC with cabs like the NAC is that you can run it in Medium resolution; keeping the image closer to the 480P source.

  • They're just looking for bananas…a89257a83a50f29389a383e41

  • GQ4x4 with a 16-Bit Adapter can also do 27c322 Currently I'm using a ChipMax2 which is a USA made and well supported professional programmer (though it's 2x the price of a Top3000)

  • Quote from rtw: “Does Tekken 4 work on a 256 in 246 compatibility mode ? ” no, it's one of the few games that uses ATAPI commands that are not supported on 256. Quote from rtw: “has anyone tested it on a 256 with the ODE ? ” it works on 246 with the ODE, but not 256.

  • the list of games that use the maple bus is on the first page: Naomi Maple Adapters Available from Mitsurugi-w

  • damn, I passed over a few in the $120 range less than a year ago.

  • Quote from caius: “.i found that also programmer manufacturers like EETools made a lot of confusion among JEDEC and non-JEDEC device like 27C1000 and 27C1001 ” I have found this too you would think with the price they charge for these devices they would have got it sorted by now.

  • you're right I was confusing 4100 and 4001

  • looks original to me. see those ROMs with the "MBR-0#" painted on them, those are original mask roms. looking at other pictures of this PCB seems to indicate that the larger SMD chips typically have their numbers ground off of them. and the socketed chips on yours are normally socketed. even for an original you way overpaid though. I always considered charlie ninja to be a $100-$150 game only higher if it's super mint with arts.

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Isn't 27C4000/4002 a 27C4096 equivalent? ” MX27c4000 is a 32pin equivalent to 27c020 HN27C4000G is 40pin equivalent to 27c400 27c4001 is a 32pin equivalent to 27c040 27c4002 is a 40pin equivalent to 27c4096 EDIT: Fixed

  • CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    twistedsymphony - - CPS III SuperBIOS


    Quote from ebzero89: “Do the repro carts fit inside of normal CPS3 cart cases? ” "repo" is short for "reproduction" meaning they're identical in shape to the originals... so yes.

  • Quote from KaPH33n: “you can only play one game on both sides, not two unique games... ” You might need to source some additional harness bits but you can absolutely play different games on each side. Case/Point: Virtual On Shipped in, and had an official kit for, Versus City cabs and uses a separate Model 2 board for each player.

  • ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    twistedsymphony - - System 246/256


    Quote from PascalP: “Does it also improve loading speed compared to discs? ” It seems to be quite a bit faster but I've yet to perform any actual timed tests.

  • Quote from undamned: “Isn't System 16 info just based on mame drivers? ” If that were the case all of the NAOMI, NAOMI GD, NAOMI 2, and NAOMI 2 GD stuff would be on the same page. Not to mention the Konami JAMMA boards prior to the GX hardware would be grouped quite different than they are too since lots of those games only have 1 mame driver per game. ZN hardware is grouped differently on System16 and MAME also.