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  • Sent the Hitachi 27C4000 to EEtools today, now wait and see! In the meantime, I used Macronix MX27C4100-C and the conversion works perfectly Thanks all for your help!

  • Quote from Hammy: “Don't forget the mask roms are 301's so will need some wire mods to swap 2 pins around. ” the previous wire work/conversion was made by a savage. It will be hard to salvage it but I'll do my best (lots of lift pads and borked jumpers/traces). Thanks!

  • So tiny Did not realize by looking at the close up pictures!

  • For T10: The size is 1024 KB - 42 pins For B6: the size is 2048 KB - 42 pins (thus 27c160) So it seems 27c800 (8 Mbit) is right if the pinout is compatible with the mask rom.

  • Yup I just realized that. Would that be the same as the infamous 27c4000 that I am trying to get Eetools to support correctly? Also have a order of 24c4100. I guess I can place one for 27c400 now ;$

  • 1) thinking about it for sure. If I manage to desolder the asic that is 2)those searches return ICs that are not the same DIPs. The chips are larger than CDIPs (I even ordered some to realize it only when I received them :/) that’s why I am looking for equivalent. I found some M6264 8x8 CDIP28 but they were 20 or 25ns. Would faster ones not create any issues? 3)I do have some 27c800, if that works then great! If not I’ll look into 27c400 thanks!

  • 13v or 13.5V for VPP did not change anything, still failing at prog. I guess I will send all that this week to EEtools to figure it out

  • Some progress: - I removed the Sound module that not only had leaky caps but was broken as well (kept a broken part with the asic from it, having a hard time to remove it from where it's soldered too though - might be useful for a replacement module later). I intent on replacing it by one from a faulty Martial Champion donor. - I'm having trouble finding replacements for the sRam chip that is declared as faulty. I thought I could salvage one maybe from a donor board, but got no luck there - It's…

  • I'll try this! In the meantime I contacted EETools about the issue, and here is their answer: Quote from EEtools: “Please send 1 failed chip and your binary file and we will investigate and let you know what the problem is. We moved so, please send the chip and the file to 881 Yosemite Way, Milpitas, CA 95035 in attention to my name, Cheryl Park. Thank you, ” I will do this and report

  • Thanks everyone I’ll try to strip all the wires and deconvert soon!

  • I also ordered MX27C4100, let's see. Kinda bummed that Eetools messed up the 27c4000 support, since both the Topmax and Chipmax are struggling. I'll try reaching out to their customer support, who knows!

  • Thanks, I was about to edit to ask if it was the 4100 Tried its profile and same issue sadly

  • Ah good to know! I could still modify my Top3000 for non Jedec and try maybe. I’ll look into that equivalent. Do you happen to have the ref at hand by any any chance?

  • That’s the only brand for 27c4000 in dip 40. If I try other brands as a 27c400 I get the same error (actually it errors faster). Algorithm is not related to the speed of programming, but more like a preset for the data of Vccp, Vpp, tpwp etc. I ordered another 10 of this eprom from a different place, maybe buyICnow sent me dead ones

  • Anyone tried this conversation and owns a ChipMax2? Everything went smooth except programming the Hitachi HN27C4000G. I bought 10 of them through BuyICNow, and all of the 10 results in a "Program Error" at about 3 ot 7%. I tried to download the romset though different sites, but none of them (sets or the 4 different possible files for this chip) worked………07…

  • Looks like we’re reaching critical mass for a meetup we should start a thread soon!

  • Learning repairs :)

    Takosuke - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Something super useful and not too pricey also, that makes life easier on troubleshooting a board: A Digital Microscope! I got this one for cheap on Amazon: The result is quite good for such a low price, and helps spotting bridges, cold solder, cut traces and any tiny defect when inspecting the board or even working on it.………

  • Learning repairs :)

    Takosuke - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Perfectly summarized, thanks for the clear explanation I will definitely try to compile all the cool tips and advice and make a FAQ/guide. I got a probe sometime ago and have yet to use it, and no proper workbench or room for a scope yet. All that is incredibly helpful, as reading a lot is great but having the feedback here thanks to you guys is even better.

  • Learning repairs :)

    Takosuke - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Continuing on the general topics: When would using an oscilloscope be preferred to a logic prob for a diagnostic? I understand that they can be used in different ways, but what would make me say "Ok, I tested it with a Logic prob, but I would want to use the scope to..."? (Thinking about compiling all the info on this thread to make some FAQ or something that we should stick somewhere :P)