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  • Hi From Boston, MA

    Fredo - - Introduce Yourself!


    Welcome ! Quote from ekorz: “Welcome Bostonian! Ditch the Dreamcast emulator and get a Naomi NetBoot system. If your Vewlix comes with a jvs io (instead of a fast io) you can drop the Naomi in there and run all the games on original hardware. How to Net-boot NAOMI/Tri-Force/Chihiro Using Pi-Force Tools Or not I guess, but with a real cab you have options! ” As far as I am concerned, I have a Dreamcast + GDEMU in my New Net City: -saves your scores even if you change games -easy to get saves with…

  • A bit of update on this project since my last post: 1) I got almost full artset: artset_complet.jpg 2) I've had a plexy cover made for my board Plexy1.jpg 3) I've got my hands on an Aero City trackball panel, that I installed in a Vega 9000DX Supergun case. panel_neuf.jpg 4) I have been working to make some kind of CPO for my mini-trackball controllers: trackball_aero.jpg trackball_swing.jpg trackball_sonic.jpg

  • SegaSonic

    Fredo - - Project Showcase


    Are you sure polishing the rollers is a good idea ? there needs to be friction between the ball and the rollers for the trackball to work properly. The game is fully playable and I complete it in 1 credit almost every time now, using the Aero City control panel. You just need to get used to it and you will learn how not to get too tired playing it. By the way, the balls can be replaced by any standard 2"1/4 billard balls,because that's what they basically are. I tried having custom encoder wheel…

  • Big up to Brizzo and his Spinner adapter ! that product really kicks ass ! Thank you very much ! keep up the good work ! puzzle_bobble.jpg

  • Quote from werejag: “the rom board in the golden tees, isnt needed? right i can just desolder it and toss it right in the chipper? ” I guess. But since there is no need to throw it away either, I'd just keep it inside.

  • Quote from ekorz: “Well if it's easier to buy 50 units from somewhere, lemme know where that is! ” Chinese manufacturers seem to be able to provide such quantities. But of course, I did not try.…Id=60700778642&redirect=1 As far as I am concerned, I do not plan on buying other Sega System 32 games. The games available do not interrest me that much. I wanted this one because I am a big Sonic fan, I had the money, the skill and the will to build all this up so I will …

  • Quote from ekorz: “Where did you find an extra D4701AC? If I recall guru has a repro design for the trackball board but those parts are super scarce. He was looking for a source or a modern chip equivalent. ” It was indeed a pain in the butt to find where to buy a single unit. I managed to find a chinese electronics website to buy one. It costed me $4 USD + $8US shipping costs, it was a total blind bet as I never heard of that site whatsoever, but they did indeed shipped it. Unfortunately, I can…

  • Quote from PascalP: “very cool man, didn't consider the VS pcb for this kind of stuff Don't want to derail your topic too much, but as you state you imported cabs that must mean you sometimes refurbished/repainted them? I'm looking for the color code if the white used on the monitor bezel to repaint mine ” I used Urki-System car paint, ref A0501. Turned yellow pieces of trash into shiny white beauties 15940707_1205809679500127_7700213824307727218_n.jpg

  • Quote from PascalP: “very nice, can you show how you wired it on the other side at the versus PCB? Does it mute the speakers when plugged in? Also please tell me more about the VMU reader I see in the 1st pic! ” It is pretty simple. I use the NNC Versus PCB that includes a Video and Audio splitter. Dreamcast_plugged.jpg versus_pcb.jpg Audio In: Dreamcast (or any stereo arcade system) Audio Out 1: Setero Amplifier and main speakers Audio Out 2: headphone jack. The jack does not mute the speakers,…

  • Hey guys, Here is a quick mod I did to my New Net City: puting a 3.5 mm female audio jack on my New Net City to plug an audio headphone: headphone_panel.jpg You need a Sega coin-ejector button: coin_selector.jpg Take it apart and keep the mounting base and the bolt: ejector_demonte.jpg Find a female audio jack that fits inside the ejector's base: embase.jpg Wire it up, put it all together, and add a zip-tie at the base so the female jack won't be pulled away when unplugging your headphone embase…

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “I know about the converts - I picked up a Spider-Man board A few months ago with the intention of converting, but I ended up trading it. Need to hit up Yahoo Japan at some point for another System 32 board. Is your SegaSonic a conversion @Fredo? ” No, it is an original de-suicided board

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “Well done! I was planning on a similar project if a System 32 Multi ever materializes. ” I don't know about Multi System 32, but you can make converts, as the games have been decrypted and can work without the suicide battery

  • Damn, didn't see there was a "consolized" section, please delete this thread

  • Hey guys Here is my lastest completed project, hacking some small "plug and play" Golden Tee Golf - Home Edition trackballs to work with SegaSonic the Hedgehog. setup.jpg Here is the original controller GoldenTeeGolfHE.jpg They are quite cheap, both in price and conception, but should work fine for a casual use. They are much easier to get than other console trackball controllers and you can guess they won't have been use used a lot. They are extremely easy to hack, as the directions are written…

  • Le Bonjour from le France

    Fredo - - Introduce Yourself!


    Hey guys I'm Fredo, 29 years old, french. I've been in the french arcade community for around ten years now, starting from modding console arcade sticks, to working for an then running an arcade-workshop in France (Arcade.Am) I own a Sega New Net City, which I mainly use to play Ikaruga; and a home made ghetto cab with a home made Virtua Stick pro copy I use with a Supergun and various consoles. cabs.jpg My favourite games are: -Ikaruga -After Burner Climax -Outrun 2 SP -Virtual On oratorio Tang…