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  • quite few of IGS027A is fully dumped, some of IGS027A partially dumped (beginning of internal ROM Is "execute only" protected, so cant be read/dumped via trojan), most of IGS027A is not dumped at all.

  • @GC8TECH right, but encryption is not the only problem. there is also checksum, which is different in different games. well, basically it is the same - routine which does data block 16bit sum or 16bit xor, then add block sum to whole sum, then compare result with value located somewhere in ROM. but, the table which defines how many datalocks, data offsets, sizes, add or xor mode switches; final checksum offset in ROM - is inside of ASIC firmware and different. so, to convert some game to run on …

  • Quote from Fluffy: “So, we just tried this again, and it doesn't boot on hardware. Now considering that you can patch and re-encrypt a game (like the DDP3 dual boot) I don't think it is a full checksum, so it may be more a header check. ” usually it is full checksum, using custom algo, different in each game. at least it was like that in all PGM 1/2 ARM's internal firmwares I've seen.

  • Quote from rewrite: “Why bother if the new firmware this month isn't going to have that security measure any longer? ” to make sure it is really truth ? also, update binary smells like encrypted, so I'm not sure it can be RE easy enough.

  • curious info about USB-GDROM Confirmed: USB-GDROM firmware contains code that will intentionally expire the device after a certain time, forcing a firmware update

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “Quote from The Spaniard: “Too bad they only work on VA1 versions ” USB-GDROM is an excellent GDEMU alternative that works great with all DC mainboard revisions. ” VA0 and VA1 only, but not later VA2 VA2.1

  • Quote from nam9: ““some” clones have the incorrect crystal on the G1 bus. It should be 11.2896 MHz. This causes unforeseen side effects with DCHDMI. It also might cause other issues. ” that's right, Dreamcast GD-ROM drive provide main clock for Yamaha AICA sound processor, it should be 33.8688MHz (*2/3/512 = 44100Hz sound rate/clock, also *2 = ~66MHz sound SDRAM clock). some of clones have 12MHz OSC, and probably provide it as *3= 36MHz clock, which will lead to 46875Hz sound rate, and also 72MH…

  • Anybody know what this is?

    MetalliC - - Sega Lindbergh


    Quote from KoshiroKazuma: “It is from a Yellow machine. The game inside is Star Horse 2. ” afaik previous Star Horse parts, for NAOMI, uses special 837-13785 I/O board (not JVS) where is a lot of DIP switches, where connected coin-hopper, outputs, etc I/O stuff. game doesn't use or have JVS I/O at all. I suspect Lindbergh Star Horse 2 was direct upgrade, designed to be used with existing cabs, harnesses, etc. with the goal to bea easy convertible, just replace Naomi mobo with Lindbergh, or smth …

  • Model 2 /3 Security hacks

    MetalliC - - Sega Model 2/3


    Quote from nem: “Sega Ski Super G is listed under MACHINE_UNEMULATED_PROTECTION in Mame. ” I'd say this is not correct, at least this game desn't need protection patches to run in M2 emulator.

  • what kind of "VGA box" was used ? it is known when simplified cheaper adapters may not work with some display models. cause: sync lines voltage level.

  • might be interesting - this game's source code / disassembly also have number of original bugs fixed

  • Quote from collabvm: “All of the .glo files that are referenced throughout the source are missing for some reason ” there is 2 missing in total I think ? imgtbl.glo and bgndtbl.glo, expected to be .H-like files consists of .set or .equ or .global directives. in theory they might be recreated after MK3 rev2.1 game code disassembly and analysis. I think bigger problem is missing project or makefile, so its not clear how to compile and link all these .ASM source files.

  • @Darksoft several month ago you dumped similar/same looking board's FPR-24352A flash ROM, but I can't find there JVS-related texts shown on the photo above (SEGA I/O BD JVS 837-14562 etc). so, I'm not sure, its possible this one have different firmware in the flash ROM, or JVS IO part maybe handled not by SH CPU but other MCU on this board ? add: as I see in my notes - suspected JVS IO MCU is Sega 315-6414 (also used in Type-3 JVS I/Os). so - is it dumped ? - yes and no, you have dumped SH CPU p…

  • Decathlete decrypted

    MetalliC - - ST-V Multicart


    Quote from stickcross: “that decathlete is now decrypted. ” it is not, but at least compression/encryption algorithm is known now. as was said above - this game have most of graphics/textures compressed, also they are stored as separate "files" (not grouped into bigger data chunks). so, there needed to extract/decompress hundred(s) of files and then rebuild game data, or implement in SH-2 code on-the-fly decompressor. any of approaches is not easy and will require fair amount of work...

  • have you seen RAM TEST screen photo ? there is no per-chip test, but single good/bad test result for group of ICs. its possible there is bad only one RAM IC, or few, or buffer IC, or GPU chip.

  • perhaps RAM TEST will show something useful ?

  • sh*t happen - there was no single black cat in this dark room. VS2 '99 Step 2 Rev.B (vs299b) is Japan only, no codes to change country. this set have left over routines to check key sequence and change region, but they are not used/disabled. so, no M3 country codes is missing

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “And we don't have a code listed for "Virtua Stirker 2"; the one before Virtua Striker 98. This has both Step 2.0 and Step 1.5 releases (though I would assume the code is the same as it is with other VS releases across Steps). ” in short - Virtua Striker 2 and all it's versions is a total mess. they may have code to change region, or hard coded to specific region(s) - Japan only or switchable Export/USA: VS2 - MAME's "vs215o" (Step 1.5, older) is Japan, the rest 2 dum…

  • ROM Acronyms

    MetalliC - - CPS2 Multigame


    Quote from Apocalypse: “I've always wondered how parent romsets are determined in MAME. ” newest version/revision for World or Europe will parent set. no matter if it considered "common" or not.

  • Quote from alberto1225: “Thanks for the information. I have 4 set of spikeout but 2 are US (?) and 2 are JAP version. It's time for 4 players link battle. ” welcome. nice set, have you checked revisions of these PCBs ? perhaps there is something we missing (we have dumped Spike Out revision C, older is missing). @twistedsymphony Boat Race GP ? I doubt this game was released, more likely there was made only location test cabs, so there bare chances to spot any of these.