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  • Quote from jassin000: “Together and working, amazing quality PCE glory! Entgf40.jpg ” Love it! First real world pics I've seen! My own PCE is in pieces with a colourful variety of test prints sat next to it... (you get where i was going?)…10a9cc1aad2fea8e3843636c8…10a9cc1aad2fea8e3843636c8 @jassin000 mind if i borrow a pic or two? Also! Feedback on the 3D print?

  • Bump. Ending today.

  • And Funded On to the stretch targets. minichart.png

  • Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    nam9 - - Taito Type X


    Quote from Niko: “If its in your budget, I'd splurge and get the 1TB version. ” WARNING! Huge TTX2 Multi v2.0 Update Is Approaching Fast!

  • Must have found a spare down the back of the sofa...

  • All GDEMU clone owners, “some” clones have the incorrect crystal on the G1 bus. It should be 11.2896 MHz. This causes unforeseen side effects with DCHDMI. It also might cause other issues. Dt_Rm26X4AESF52

  • I believe one issue with these clones is that they use the wrong crystal frequency which causes issues with @citrus3000psis DCHDMI, so yes, a tangible corner cut.

  • So no easy fix there then. Though if i remember, the ARM CPU is part of the protection, and not used for running game code? It could therefore the patched out, theoretically?

  • Bump on this... anyone? Quote from djsheep: “Quote from Frank_fjs: “@Apocalypse Any chance of a Bee Storm conversion? ” I believe the Bee Storm cart has a graphics chip not on any other cart? Keep checkin' eBay for Yaton listings, you'll eventually get one at your price, or hit up @sheep_nova -- he gets them from time-to-time also! ”

  • TMNT PCB Sound Issues

    nam9 - - General Jamma and pre-Jamma


    Start with the tantalum caps in the sound section (link). Repair log was written by @yavuzg Quote from yavuzg: “The ultimate solution for my board's sound problem was to replace the 4.7uF tantalum capacitors (C6 and C74). ” That is where I got to. There are still sound problems on my board, but this sorted out the intermittent sound issue.

  • @Frank_fjs Caps? Operating Rules1. An external resistor (RX) and an external capacitor (CX)are required for proper operation. The value of CX mayvary from 0 to approximately 1000 mF. For small timeconstants high-grade mica, glass, polypropylene, polycarbonate, or polystyrene material capacitor may be used.For large time constants use tantalum or special aluminum capacitors. If timing capacitor has leakages approaching 100 nA or if stray capacitance from either terminal to ground is greater than …

  • CRT to VGA

    nam9 - - Monitor Help


    I can't offer to bottom line this 64-page thread, but the GBS-8200 offers some tinkering opportunities to improve PQ...

  • Same link as above and purported to be working... resistors check out. Img_8108as.jpg

  • Perhaps not a huge help, but here are some similar PCBs made by Silverfox over on UKVAC. I eyeballed the topside traces but nothing stands out to me... Img_8106as.jpg And here is an update to the schematic to include H+V sync combiner on the unused gates on IC2 Yes, yes, fix v1 before adding features. (Credit philmurr, UKVAC) Sync_cleaner.JPG

  • Fast I/O vs JVS

    nam9 - - Taito Type X


    Quick question.. does anyone have the 32-bit driver for a TTX3 PCIe I/O card? Could they share it? Cheers!

  • In that case i’d drop chris (at) martin-jones an email (from his About and Contact page) and ask... I’ve emailed him before...

  • Well.. you may be in luck... I spotted the SERIAL2 port in your video (port 19). Now, this isn't exactly your motherboard... but it functionally the same (and a Dell).…10a9cc1aad2fea8e3843636c8 Front panel header is standard (Port 7). See this post. Now for serial: port 18 PS/2 or serial connector. That isn't a standard header, but a quick Google and you can find these: large And a helpful link. Of course, it is not a standard header port, so you would need to figu…

  • The I/O plugs into an internal COM port, SPDIF audio port and the front panel connector. You'll need to see if those are available on your motherboard - does it have a serial number? Dip switches are under a black plastic cover on the I/O card. You have to peel that off, but I wouldn't worry about that yet. Does your graphics card have a 6 pin power input on it?

  • Link monitors

    nam9 - - Monitor Help


    This is similar to a project I have just completed myself actually... I have two B&O MX-line TVs set up to run from the same source. I used an Extron RGB 164xi unit to split the signal. rgb164xi.jpg I use BNC to scart cables on the output - what form of input is available to you on the arcade monitors?

  • Quote from mR_CaESaR: “The overall process for each part I'm painting is (and it's probably a waste and over the top, but oh well): - sand back - wax and grease clean - prime - wet sand with 800 grit - paint - wet sand with 2000 grit - paint - wet sand with 2000 grit - clear coat - wet sand with 2000 grit - clear coat - cut and polish Then once everything is painted, re assemble then start on the electronics! ” I am no expert here... but are you meant to sand between colour and clear coat? My un…