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  • This looks like a scam. Sadly I got a refund and nothing was sent to me.

  • Get a MiSTer if you just want to play these games accurately and dont care about 1. Using real carts 2. Collecting all the mini Chinpkomons. 3. Case the circuit is held. PC Engine core is mature and being open source and has OCD'd game testers and growing number of devs, its just getting better.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Few people know that for the first batch of ST-V multis we wired money to get the first batch started to a Chinese assembly house and they took the money and ran. We had to take the loss of several thousands of dollars. We just didn't tell anyone in order to not worry people. Took a long time to turn a profit on ST-V but everyone got their carts ok in the end. Unfortunately not many can take cash from their own accounts to fund something like this if shit goes wrong. ” M…

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “USB-GDROM is an excellent GDEMU alternative that works great with all DC mainboard revisions. ” How is the availability? And ordering experience?

  • Looks a lot more complicated than dropping a Minigun with the MVS doesn't it? Edit: Digital video is the main advantage of Beharbros setup. However if you have an OSSC thats not required.

  • Dear friend, Thank you for shopping in our store. You are welcome. You have a good sale going. Thanks The item you have ordered in our store has ran out of stock now. Could we refund you this payment for could not send out your goods on time? I wish it didnt ran out of store, hopefully it will return soon? No, you couldnt. If you do not reply within two days, we will refund the money. Ok And if you have any problems ,please contact with us , What problems? we would like to try our best to serve …

  • No tracking for me, same message though. Maybe they have run out of pebbles / stones.

  • Ethics aside, both original and clone run most of the popular games on normal video cable just fine. Quality control for clones are worse so you might receive a dud and depending on the seller you might or might not get a refund. I have one OG and experience with two clones my mate bought, one came dud and it was never exchanged. The one that worked still works fine.

  • Get your MultiMVS Here:

    suverman - - Neo-Geo Multigame Cart


    Recently I went into a rabbit hole and went into a few discord channels to find out about some hype. I came out of it after two days. I really appreciate you guys for being not like them and appreciate your product (including the Multi MVS), behaviour and support.

  • InfiniKey-CPS2

    suverman - - Temple of the Undamned


    Quote from xodaraP: “White screen is program ROMs can't be read ” Do you have any idea why a specific CPS A board I have would display a white screen? If you know which pins / area to look at? Given all the B boards infinikey'd or not work on other A boards, I am thinking if my A board has developed fault somewhere. I know this is the infinikey thead hopefully ud wont mind, but since this came up would be good to know.

  • ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    suverman - - System 246/256


    Quote from nem: “If any of you Euro guys are ordering, remember to ask for a lower value on the customs form.…2c671bc0945f4cff23c0389ce I paid an additional 90 euros in taxes (that's $100). ” Thanks, people dont get it. Retro Gaming Cable outright refused to lower the value when I asked them - maybe they felt uncomfortable. We got 42% duty here. Anyways not the end of the world This is why I had to pass this ODE this time.

  • Quote from stickcross: “Hi Brizzo, you have a news of this boards? It's for play with puchi carrat with an Ultimarc spintrak It's possible to have 480 pulses like taito spinner? ” +1

  • The FPGA JAMMA board looks nice, old classics pcbs or even newer ones which have started failing would be really cool to have replica this compact. I really hope this works out, I would love something like this that plays old 68k games. Terrible at brewing beer, tried it once went down the gutter, only micro brewery for me

  • Welcome All your projects sound important, specially Universal CRT monitor chassis would be amazing. Since you work with FPGA do you know ElectronAsh? He is developing dreamcast motherboard repro and x68K RAM boards, even CPS1 sound FPGA implementation for MiSTer project.

  • Portable JAMMA emu PC

    suverman - - Project Showcase


    Lovely. I have a J-Pac setup as well. Got it from Richard of UKVac had some issues because I was trying stuff on it. Finally had to read for 2 hours and built another one. Once you get the hang of building arcade PCs it beats any other emulation setup hands down. Did you flash the bios with atom15 or relying on J-Pac to divide the voltage? Edit: Just realised you are using arcadevga, so your bootup is already in 15KHZ.

  • Minigun

    suverman - - Consolization/SuperGun Showcase


    Thanks for open sourcing it as always, just what I need.

  • Thanks, appreciate it, I will make my own

  • Quote from jassin000: “I made my cables, it's a good first solder project I suggest you try your hand at it too. ” Would love it, do you have any information / schematics?

  • Quote from jassin000: “If you are not one of the above two groups, you don't need HD15, in fact I recommend you steer clear of it (and other adapters, looking at YOU PS2 HD Retrovision whatever BS). ” I might have missed the discussion somewhere but why is Retrovision considered BS? Also do you know of any source for proper 8 pin mini din cable other than the UK one? They don't have delivery option to India.

  • Sexy, I had a similar idea for normal arcade games, have two towers like x68k, mount the PCB I play reg in on, in the other tower put in the supergun, clean controller ports and link it using Frank's cables, I might take a lot of inspiration from this build ;D