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  • I don't know how in the hell I missed this device, but I'd like to be added to this list since I've been capturing all the things.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “I'll build what is hopefully the final proto in the next few days. We did some trace routing updates and we are trying different connectors because the common ones that we found seemed a bit loose and caused some small issues occasionally. I had to request samples of these connectors and I just got them. If they turn out to be better I will have to order a minimum quantity and manufacturing can take up to 2 months. So it won't be as soon as we thought but it's on the way…

  • Quote from ekorz: “Quote from psykom1: “Or if somebody could desolder a couple from their busted spare and send it along, I'll buy you a 12 pack of beers. ” Yo ” What beer do you like? I assume Paypal Pilsner. Shoot me a PM if you got time. Thanks dude. @ekorz came through like WU. Tang.

  • I received a Blitz 2000 Seattle board not too long ago, and noticed the color seemed off after firing it up. The board plays perfectly fine, but there seemed to be something off with the color. On screen colors seem to have some color-based artifacting like something is not getting adequate voltage. Looking at the board, I noticed this along the 5V line. Well that doesn't seem right...…26a2ac04cf4ea8b1d061de0fb Further inspection I noticed this surface mount cerami…

  • Quote from alexboogaloo: “That setup looks pretty neat-o. For myself , my setup seems to be ok. only thing i would change is maybe adding another camera or mic, maybe even a different stand for my laptop. as for all the cables , they usually just tuck away in the back of my blast city if i dont want to or plan on streaming for a while. whats the deal with that little monitor or something on top of the arcade ? ” It's a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro. My Blast has an aftermarket monitor so the frame doe…

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from rewrite: “It also had best port of Space Harrier available in that Era. ” Right Space Harrier and Afterburner were both awesome on 32x. Its crushing to learning Sega had other Superscaler ports in the works only to cancel them in favor of the upcoming Saturn. We know ports of Outrun, Radmobile and Powerdrift started life on 32x... Also eventually did release on Saturn. If Sega had just given it a chance, and a few more titles, 32x might have had a real shot. Not…

  • Dracula X or GTFO...

  • Ahoy, I arcade stream too every Tuesday, and weekends generally. (Twitch chan in sig) You got some good ideas, but may I suggest one thats super effective? The ALMIGHTY "STREAM CART" A weighted rollable apparatus that has a microphone boom, power strip, lasers (for background), and space to put drinks. (or your OSSC/Scalers/small ancillary powered items) It's much easier to roll up a cart sidesaddle to my cabinet, plug it in, and get to gaming. I'm still working out finding a proper tall and thi…

  • We expect a full spread of photos of this bastard Wolf child These Wolf Units interest me greatly.

  • Quote from Bonky: “Gill or Akuma ” I'm going to assume this has the Street Fighter 3/2 hack for boss characters. You can unlock Akuma in the test menu I know of. Is this just for 3/2 or does it support 3/1 and 3/3???

  • What the deuce is this??? What boss? Can you play as Gill???

  • Greetings

    psykom1 - - Introduce Yourself!


    Welcome! Let's fail and learn together. I'll be visiting Texas soon. My second home is Dallas.

  • CRT to VGA

    psykom1 - - Monitor Help


    To satisfy your quotient, either below will be just fine.…ateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1…58529336&s=gateway&sr=8-4 "the best way to take a standard arcade CGA/CRT signal to VGA to use on a modern flat panel. Preferring a stand alone device that does not cost a fortune. Something reliable that does a fairly descent job."

  • Atari Tetris Case

    psykom1 - - Project Showcase


    Beautiful stuff like this just reminds me that somebody has cooler tools than I. Very one-off, and impressive work.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Quote from mastercello: “What is the actual state of it, still in the testing phase or did you guys started production already? ” It will probably go into production in a few months. We were actually debating making a big GAL change for production but we are not going to for V1. If we made that change it wouldn't be ready until November. ” Yesss, yesssssssssssssssss..... good news is good. giphy.gif

  • Glorious Irem M72 multi

    psykom1 - - Apocalypse's Projects


    Quote from AlxUnderBase: “A good donor for this beauty can be this game . If you are searching a board you can have a chance to grab this (19 watchers already on this auction - not cool at all ) ” Ole Kebrank has a Toma M72 for sale on KLOV as well if you want to skip fighting for it on Ebay. Flat cost, one money w/ shipping.

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “I'll create a new thread for sales. I have a small handful available at the moment. ” YHPM

  • With the 16B around the corner, I'm going to need to get me a modular adapter. This is exactly what I'm looking for. How did I miss the thread to buy these???

  • I got my first Woody

    psykom1 - - General Arcade Tech Help


    I concur, it looks suicided. That Zenith Tube and Wells Gardner combo was made right here in Chicagoland not too far from me, cool to see. The NeoGeo board you'll be getting should give you a good test bed to verify the monitor is not toast. Sucks that the CPS has potentially taken a crap and has gone senile. Good luck and congrats on your cabinet.

  • Glorious Irem M72 multi

    psykom1 - - Apocalypse's Projects


    OMG I just checked the list and I'm 2 away!!! Very very excited! You have cash waiting here for you fellas. Hit me up. giphy.gif