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  • I would love to see Bee storm methods aswell! One further still open question in that thread is if Killing Blade could be used as donor. Not sure if there were any progress till yet or even anyone has looked into that within last time.

  • Minigun

    Loki - - Consolization/SuperGun Showcase


    wow that could open a lot of possible projects with focus on small package builds. I will follow the project with high attention Looking forward for the results.

  • Astérix Case

    Loki - - Project Showcase


    wow, that case is amazing! Asterix is one of my favourites of all time still love it to play. Please let me know in case you would ever make some more for selling!

  • Quote from alberto1225: “@ Loki just pm you =) and quick update. I will start to ship orders with NAC(1P/2P) panel only first next week. ” Alberto, thanks for your mail. Just waiting for your reply to my latest question about payment options.

  • Guys, I know I am late in that thread. Just recognized zhis topic and might want to join in for an additional panel if still possible. I need one panel for my Sega Blast. Preffered 4 Button layout. So it might be one of these: Blast City ---> 2L8BM-R or 2L8BM-MVS-1 Maybe the experts can give their opinion which layout might fit with the Sega Blast panel artwortk / layout? @alberto1225 please let me know if It would be possible if an additional order could be placed.

  • Frank, I have not received any details or pm So far. Was waiting for final price for payment. I am not sure if you still considered one for me as requested? Edit. Wow, just saw your post above. Unfortunatelly I was not able to take a Look back into this thread yesterday. Hoping you still have one spare for me

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “I need to put in an order soon for some unrelated PCBs, before Chinese New Year brings things to a halt. I can piggyback some of these jamma extension PCBs with the order and sell some completed units if people like. ” Thanks Frank. Count me in for one please. Much appreciated

  • Just recognized this thread. Looks great guys, much appreciated. Would also be interessted in a pre-assembled set to buy in. If there is any chance to get or order on pls let me know.

  • CPS2 A-Board Volume

    Loki - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quote from SmokeMonster: “Yes, this the supercap is circled below. I'm not sure what the voltage should be coming out of it, but it basically works like a battery and is what holds data after the system is powered off. So if it's bad, you will lose data shortly after powering down. If replacing the axial cap is what fixed your audio issues, I wonder if your power supply might have had something to do with it too. Are you using an arcade PSU? CPS2 is relatively power-hungry.…

  • I also recommend to buy one from Simon (sheep_nova). All my stuff orderd from him without any problems for a very reasonable price.

  • CPS2 A-Board Volume

    Loki - - General Arcade Tech Help


    I think it should be feasible to use this thread due to a similar issue. I am facing a problem with the sound on my A-board since few days. Using the CPS Darksoft multi board on a Jap A-board I never had problems within the last year. After starting the board after a long time (round about 4 month) again no sound available on my CAB via Jamma harness any more. Volume up / down could be adopted via the volume board buttons and I see it changes on the montior. I tested a different A-board with the…

  • well guys, I am convinced by your feedback. You are the experts. And if you have good experience with buyicnow I am fine. I will start order and let you know if I get any progress ony my work.

  • @xodaraP thanks, My friend will be able to program our files. but that infromation with program support might be very useful for other members! I am a bit confused about the price for garfix 26L6420. compared to my first link on aliexpress the price on buyicnow is round about 4 times higher? aliexpress = 10pcs /$6.90 = 0,69 cent / pcs. buyicnow = 3€ / pcs.

  • I tried to get the chips for the prafix 26L6420 and it seems they are not wide spreaded in ebay Found one link on aliexpress which might match. Could anyone confrim if that is the right one? right grafix chip 26L6420 ? thanks

  • Thanks nnap. I found these Chips already and as you said they are quite cheap available in ebay. Yes my friend can burn the EEPROM for me, so this is not a big deal. But I still need the files for my work. I tried to get the files out of the thread here but it seems that all files are not available anymore on the server out from this thread. Could anyone share the files again?

  • Good morning guys. I have meanwhile some donor boards on my side and preparing to jump in building some conversion Just the chips are still missing. Could anyone share a source where I can order the these? I tried to gather the details of needed chips and it seems that this is different in dependecy of the used donor board!? Want to start with these conversions: Espgaluda ---> using KOV Nine Dragons as donor booard (Hidden Content) DDP DOJ BL ---> KOV SH Donor Board (Hidden Content) Ketsui ---> …

  • Thx guys, I reall appreciate all your help and input on that topic. I will recieve a Killing Blade Board soon in order to convert into a ESPGALUDA conversion. Has anybody tried to use a Killing Blade as donor board to make one?

  • Quote from benime: “just as an FYI, the KoV2 cart in the guide for the Ketsui conversion is a Nine Dragons cart, not a vanilla KoV2, and you can tell by the white silkscreened traditional chinese text below U8. also, apocalypse mentioned the ROMS don't match up in MAME, but they absolutely do for Nine Dragons (it's KoV2 Plus in MAME). also, you can pull 3.3v from the 29L33 (U19 on the board in the guide), so probably not necessary to buy additional parts. on my KoV2 cart it's a uPC29L33, and I v…

  • hey, thanks for your response. besides of that display issue my kit is working fine. no problems to flash or start new games.

  • hello, I prepared my board to the multiboard and all was fine and worked well. But now I am facing a problem with one of the displays. An Issue occurred after 10 hours of operation time. There was a sharp term when the display does only show the half segments and the rest has gone. Now I can only read the half of the shown signature on it. Is there any possible way to exchange it to get this issue solved? Or is there any possibility to get it repaired? I would really appreciate to get support on…