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  • Quote from djsheep: “I actually own the LCD selector but have been too lazy to install it, plus I quite like the rotary switch selector. I'm currently using @Mitsurugi-w remote DIP bank with the ST-V which works well too. I just thought the Rotary Switch would be a nice alternate option to have for those who aren't competent in installing the ST-V LCD. ” I had Mitsu install mine...

  • Quote from Darksoft: “I think it can take up to 35 on the first try ” Forget about how long it takes, the question should be why would you want to do that if you have the multi?

  • Quote from djsheep: “@oneleaf86 is there any chance for a ST-V selector? ” There is an LCD selector for the ST-V, not sure if they are still available though. Here's the manual for it: ST-V LCD Manual

  • Quote from y2jdmbfan: “Quote from RGB: “Is anyone able to tell me what is the length of the screw terminal block on the SUZO HAPP 110W POWER PRO POWER SUPPLY? This one precisely - Y8DgbGi.jpg Thanks! ” ” Mine is 3 and 3/16 inches approximately.

  • Seriously, Darksoft Mitsu and New Menu Guy, you guys rock! Thanks for all of your continuous hard work on this. It truly is appreciated.

  • Quote from fuzzbuddy: “Quote from ShootTheCore: “Air Duel, Legend of Hero Tonma or Dragon Breed ” If I could find these 3 boards, I'd no longer need the multi ” Yep, and instead of the multi, all you would need is $1800.

  • Glorious Irem M72 multi

    brentradio - - Apocalypse's Projects


    Quote from Darksoft: “Quote from acblunden2: “You're not the only one @Frank_fjs. @Mitsurugi-w, please remove me from the list. Reason: unable to source an M72 board for a (relatively) reasonable price. ” That's crazy! And some people say that multis lower the price of collections ” It all depends on how many donor boards are available to begin with. If you look at the Neo Geo, I see tons of carts for sale now, at low prices, because of the relative ease you can find a working motherboard and ju…

  • Yes thank you to Mitsu and Darksoft for all your hard work on this. Oh, and thank you to New Menu Guy too! I'll be glad when you are done with this one so you can start working on something else...

  • Quote from asra: “thank you @Mitsurugi-w and @AlxUnderBase and @mastercello that's esactly what I needed to know! ” As more and more of you will discover... This place rocks!

  • Thanks! Any step in the right direction is a good thing.

  • Glorious Irem M72 multi

    brentradio - - Apocalypse's Projects


    Buy the blank ones from Mitsu, have him send them to someone who will burn them for a small fee, and have them shipped to you. There should be someone here who will do this. And just remember, however much extra this ends up costing you, the M72 multi-kit kicks ass!

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Difference from cps2 though is that s16 has many more variables so one PCB will not be able to play all games when restoring keys with v2. ” This is a deal breaker for me, so I only want version 1. (that's what I'm already listed at) I too say "Fuck it". I just want to play the damn games! Can't wait!

  • Glorious Irem M72 multi

    brentradio - - Apocalypse's Projects


    Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “I can't program them though. According to the chips are $2.50 each plus .05 to program. ” And yes, they would still need to be programmed. My theory is, if you can get the blank ones with the kit, then just get them with the kit. Anyone ordering the kit will know they still need to be programmed. It's kind of like going to get a cheeseburger and saying, no, I don't want to add cheese, I have some at home.

  • Quote from Bigsingerdawg: “ouch... For $100 just for the eproms separately seems bad for business ” I'm willing to bet Mitsu can get them to you for under $12 per...

  • Quote from Bigsingerdawg: “Anyone that I missed that volunteered to sell/ship the eproms programmed in Canada? I'm up and want to pay Mitsu and team for it just not sure if anyone has volunteered to do the burning/sending already or if I should buy blank and try to bug someone local in Toronto to burn who has the necessary stuff (don't have anyone but sure there has to be one or two people who could). ” Check out Steph at He can do it for you AND he's in Ottawa Canada. Great guy, b…

  • I do not want to know his real identity for to me, he will always and forever be known as "new menu guy"...

  • Quote from nem: “I still need to make a trackball panel for it. Some day! ” I am working on this as we speak!

  • DECO Multigame

    brentradio - - DECO Multigame


    Quote from pookycade: “Are any DECO multi kits available ? Would happily purchase one when ready ”

  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Thanks for the info. I’m too fat for any sort of pull ups or gals, so I’ll stick to the joystick version! That being said, my point about re-mapping buttons and the trackball using the JAMMA edge still stands and I would like the button remapping option in the next HAS revision if possible. ” Yes, it does use the jamma edge for the trackballs which is sweet!