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  • I’m sure @Frank_fjs sees the pleas for another run of extenders with kick harness. If he can’t do them, I might skill up and see if he’ll let me do a run of em with all the profits going to him of course.

  • I’m not a backer, but reading a couple of his updates on the campaign shows that he’s been through the ringer with all that’s gone on in both his personal life and with the manufacturer in China. It truly does suck for everyone but these are the hurdles as a backer of a campaign. I honestly feel bad and have empathy for the dude, as would anyone who’s suffered from mental illness or been around someone who has. Those who haven’t may not be able to read between the lines or continue throwing shit…

  • Nanao MS-2931

    djsheep - - Monitor Help


    Jomac did some work for me recently and I sent him the link to flyback on here, this is what he had to say: "I have seen that link and one of my customers ordered one so I could test for him, the flyback that eventually turned up months later was some old ball thing with the correct part number on it, looks like they just grabbed any flyback they could find and printed a label for it. Will be interested to hear if anyone successfully gets one that works, I don't trust these ad's that appear many…

  • Neo-Geo controller adapters

    djsheep - - Project Sentinel


    I’ll take a Saturn adapter too!

  • It would be nice to preserve these in some way rather than "scrapping" them. Even if it's in your own personal possession for preservation.

  • You can get blank ROMS on eBay. It will always be a gamble buying chips nowadays, but I am yet to encounter faulty chips (even though they’re most definitely refurbished) others haven’t had such good luck it seems.

  • Quote from PascalP: “Fingers crossed I get at least a nice color hair cap ” Bonus points if there’s a Yaton pube in the package.

  • No slowdown on Cave shooters is like playing Daytona 500 without the brake pedal tho

  • Could it be assumed possibly that the "free gifts" could be the sellers way of uploading tracking information online to prove "something" has been delivered? It's pretty suspicious (and funny) thus far people have got doo rags and lockets but no GDEMU yet...

  • H Y P E D !

  • Googling the model number on the PCB (HH-3978-1) shows that it’s a Wei-Ya and Highway Entertainment has em in stock?

  • G’day from Australia

    djsheep - - Introduce Yourself!


    G'day! -- Quite a few Aussies on here! Make sure you pop in on this thread too:…alian-roll-call-registry/

  • screw for seimitsu

    djsheep - - General Arcade Tech Help


    double post, @twistedsymphony beat me to the punch

  • DAMN man, that really sucks, I know how much work you've put into that machine and it's truly disheartening to hear that happened. Let me know on LINE or by DM if there's anything I can do to help out. I spoke to Jomac last week and he does do 31khz chassis but only Sanwa 29ES31 or Nanao MS-2932-S. He said he doesn't touch the Toshiba or TOEI chassis, most likely due to the problems they suffer with age... If you're stuck, I'd hit him up regardless and see if he can arrange a replacement chassis…

  • Spoke to a few people about this when it happened and no one had heard of caps blowing on a PGM cart. Thanks for letting us know, will have to keep an eye on the SRAM chips if they can cause capacitors to blow then I wouldn't have expected you to call me, but it is strange he never called and proceeded straight to a credit card reversal. It's not a reflection in any way on your work or behalf. Got all the time in the world for you bud. P.S. A test cart would be great for PGM, or even useful when…

  • Hey @GC8TECH — just wanted to ask you, about a year ago your “boss” at the arcade you work at bought my Bee Storm cart that I had used with no issues whatsoever for a year both on my cab and also on my supergun. Randomly, months after the cart arrived to the arcade, I got a credit card chargeback complaining that a capacitor kept blowing up in the cart and it was no fault of his and a faulty cart. I challenged otherwise with no response. It was way too late IMO to be making a chargeback and hone…

  • There’s English ROMS available for some PGM games on this site... Still just waiting for a PGM multi so I can make some room and offload the handful of carts I own and have one sit in the motherboard and call it a day...

  • It’s a great game! Happy to have a genuine English version in the collection.

  • Marshal Masters? Marshal Mathers? Martial Mathers? Eminem: The Video Game?