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  • Glorious Irem M72 multi

    Asure - - Apocalypse's Projects


    Prices have been crazy, but m72 was always a high end item. When I lost my job and got back into the arcade hobby, the sale of my Dragon Breed pcb financed the purchase of a lot or needed hardware

  • If you really need a fix, i have a TOP3000 and can burn them for you. Takes a bit of time and will be an evening of work though.

  • W00p!

  • Glorious Irem M72 multi

    Asure - - Apocalypse's Projects


    Quote from PascalP: “Quote from Michaelm: “Is there anybody from the Netherlands who could provide me with the pre- programmed eproms when my time for this kit has come ? I don't have a burner myself. ” @Asure or @NeTaXe could do it I would say ” You can buy them programmed for $0.50 extra from BuyICnow, or skip that and have them sent to me, i program them and charge you postNL charges so.. ehm yeah that's not cheap at all. $4.50 extra from China does not add up to shipping them back & forth. (…

  • Seems to be that is for Upright(U/R) or Cocktail (Table) and would flip screen between 1P and 2P side when in cocktail mode.

  • Another Shinobi addict chiming in here to agree (Actually have three selfbuilt adapters for Shinobi, Golden Axe and some others like S16A Quartet which maps everything wierd.)

  • So many pretty games on this platform.

  • I love all this but i'm more interested about the technical writeup of how the programming function was discovered The 'milling the FD1094 with a robot' part was such a teaser

  • Soooo prettig.

  • I was really hoping that Eduardo would sometime soon post the details of this, i'm in it just for the technical information, i love the way these things are done

  • +1 Add me to the list please I have everything i need on S16B and some S16A doubles, but it would be cool to have a solution that has everything on one board. Any pricing info yet?

  • Yes. You need to put unencrypted sound roms on them. The mainboard/romboard combinations could have changed at some point in life. If the rom labels say they are for encrypted Z80 and look original, you'll need to replace them with a sound rom that not's encrypted.

  • Tapatalk support?

    Asure - - Forum Support & Help


    Had it on a forum for a company once 10k+ active members. - Security issues a gogo. - Annoying banners & popup for non-tt users. - Tt itself is payware and you open yourself up to the hacked versions from Russian pda forums for example with backdoors. Had about 10 hacked accounts where they took the credentials via hacked apk and then suddenly some good users turn into spyware posting bots just before the weekend.. not good for forum reputation. Needless to say that was the end of tt support in …

  • With the FD1089 restore hack coming soon, i'd put this one in the freezer for a bit until we can make a perfect multi. A board that sits between the CPU for FD1089 key writing _and_ some extra ram + custom rom board for example, and this would be a perfect multi. See…-16-security-reverse.html for details

  • Golden Axe, Shinobi and Altered Beast complete my childhood triforce as the pcb's sit in my collection. But a multi would make it a lot easier to keep them boxed. This would shove right into my 'upgraded' 16C board if the FZDX is included

  • You have this puzzle solved then ?

  • It appears to me that there is either some DOS going on or the webserver is _very_ busy for some reason. It connects, does not timeout, but waits a long time to serve me the page. Server itself does not spit out any info as to its version or exploitability Neither dos PHP. Still some memory or open socket issue seems likely. Maybe limit the connection rate?

  • Wait, you broke two i/o's with this? What was your setup? Which hardware did you have as output.. ?

  • Yeah, i'm guessing a Dual Core with Mali 450 or something. I've got one of those quad core MX3 android boxes which emulates most evertything just fine and churns out 4K in some 3D Android games, looks next-get almost with RipTide, Asphalt etc.

  • Bubble Bobble Prototype

    Asure - - Project Showcase


    Can't wait to see this run