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  • IMO the way the games were developed and released to the public are the way to play the games. It’s not up to faux internetz historians to devise “better” ways. That Gradius thing is laughable to say the least. I’m guessing it’s ported to the MiSTER and everyone is praising it as the best things since sliced cheese. Anyone who is passionate about Cave shooters will understand a big part of the game is the slowdown. I’m actually not sure the people who clammer to play the games emulated actually …

  • Impressive skills @nonosto

  • Pretty sure @sheep_nova only sells motherboards with coin cells. Some of them are Varta battery motherboards which have simply (and cleanly) been converted to coin cell. You can check by looking at the outline in the area where the battery is and seeing if it matches the size of the coin cell holder

  • What are the benefits of the newer motherboard? Does it play better or have any features in the menu that the older ones don’t? I never bothered checking, but assume you would know You can’t really go on age / revision to determine leaking batteries. I have had a new revision motherboard leak in a matter of weeks after arriving to me in what looked to be perfect condition. The safest, and pro way to go about it is to ask the seller for photos of the front and back of the motherboard and battery …

  • Degaussing Tate TV Question

    djsheep - - Monitor Help


    You shouldn't parade around the room with a degaussing wand on! No need to move your TV again once you have it settled... just use the wand standing directly in front of the screen, it will only take 10 seconds or so to get the job done As long as you're not purposefuly pointing the wand directly at magnetic media, your stuff will be fine!

  • That cap is notorious to be missing from any revisions of the motherboard as it’s easily ripped off when not taking care and removing the motherboard from a tight Jamma connector.

  • Nanao MS-2931

    djsheep - - Monitor Help


    Googling the company name brought up this website, maybe it’s possible they have stock of suitable items:…s_id=9739&sort=2d&page=33


  • Quote from nonosto: “Quote from djsheep: “No slowdown on Cave shooters is like playing Daytona 500 without the brake pedal tho ” I never use brake with OR2 & Daytona USA...only shifter... ” Ok then, it's like playing Daytona 500 without a shifter...

  • Quote from DarkSoft2: “Fool, I'll poke any nest, any time, any where. ” Ummmmm... ok

  • Amazing work and video. Hats off to @Apocalypse, @Mitsurugi-w and @Darksoft for all their work towards this lovely piece of kit, my PCB is ready!

  • Quote from beast1x5: “okay... but are we forgetting the part when i mentioned TO potentially grew up? people can change... ish happens, ppl grow up etc... ” Just because people grow up, it doesn’t justify or negate and remove the fact that in the past they were complete and utter dicks to their customers. Backtracking Bobby was quick to point this out about TO not that long ago, on numerous occasions, to get brownie points from his brown nosers, but it seems all the evidence of that has been scr…

  • MVS hardware can most definitely output Stereo though. MVS-1F / 1FS boards are Jamma with stereo output.

  • @suverman this is the problem. The RGB Mafia and Scanline Cult. This small group of guys on the YouT00bz have ushered in a bunch of sheeple who only know what they hear and read from these so called Gurus. Makes it hard to navigate though the hobby as there’s so many mistruths and bias being thrown around... I can see why people throw them free stuff or money, if they say it’s “good” it will translate to sales. Fuck all that though. Real headz know the deal. I prefer to make up my own mind or re…

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “Amazing how some free merchandise can alter ones perspevlctive. ”…e2367e5cb23a8f831c69a9621

  • Can’t stand that dudes smug mug, his minions and the nutriding. Looks like he’s also retracted his statements on his site under the Flashcarts section about the treachery that is (was?) TO.

  • Waiting for a ODE. Fuck Terraonion.

  • I’m sure @Frank_fjs sees the pleas for another run of extenders with kick harness. If he can’t do them, I might skill up and see if he’ll let me do a run of em with all the profits going to him of course.

  • I’m not a backer, but reading a couple of his updates on the campaign shows that he’s been through the ringer with all that’s gone on in both his personal life and with the manufacturer in China. It truly does suck for everyone but these are the hurdles as a backer of a campaign. I honestly feel bad and have empathy for the dude, as would anyone who’s suffered from mental illness or been around someone who has. Those who haven’t may not be able to read between the lines or continue throwing shit…

  • Nanao MS-2931

    djsheep - - Monitor Help


    Jomac did some work for me recently and I sent him the link to flyback on here, this is what he had to say: "I have seen that link and one of my customers ordered one so I could test for him, the flyback that eventually turned up months later was some old ball thing with the correct part number on it, looks like they just grabbed any flyback they could find and printed a label for it. Will be interested to hear if anyone successfully gets one that works, I don't trust these ad's that appear many…