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  • Quote from waiwainl: “I prefer to have him finish the PCE CDROM ODE first ” true, now that my IFU30 is all RGB AMP'd up/sexified I need that ODE! Entgf40.jpg

  • Yea same, I would still prefer a "real" ODE, but if Krizz makes a cart supporting Sega CD I'll buy it.

  • I need two more myself, I've got one for my HAS but I need one for my RECO and one for my Jammafier.

  • Degaussing Tate TV Question

    jassin000 - - Monitor Help


    As SNK said above, sometimes these spots are caused by magnetic interference, from nearby speakers or even the earth itself. Try to degauss the tube, but if the spots continue try moving the tube around the room.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “There are solutions to that Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) Triple Power Supply (1 power supply for all 3 units, no wall wart) ” I have this btw and its awesome! I don't even use 32x/Genesis 2 portion of it, just Genesis 1 and Sega CD.

  • Quote from archimage: “if you want complete Mega CD emulation well use an emulator ” Its true... I didn't want to be offensive to @ekorz but a Mega SG with this MegaSD plugged into it... You just have a dedicated, bulky, expensive, emulation box. Nothing wrong with experiencing these games this way, I could have saved you some major cash tho. Nvidia Shield + MD.emu > 200$

  • Quote from opt2not: “Soon I'll be getting my GBAConsolizer, which has an intense install. I really am looking forward to replaying the awesome Castlevania's and Metroids on that console again, but on a big TV without my janky Gamecube GBA Player setup. ” I'm very interested in one of these, because I also see the Gamecube GBA player as a hacked together/sketchy solution/setup. I want to wait for the dev to support the GBA Player however, I don't want to kill a working GBA by removing its screen.…

  • Wonder how much a full setup will run ya... Aka MegaSD cart with MegaSD Expansion Attachment (so you can play 32x enhanced SegaCD games).

  • I don't think the price is unreasonable given its a full replacement for the Sega CD hardware... But that's also kinda my issue with it, I don't want a full replacement, I just wana load BIN/CUE from a SD card with a real Sega CD mainboard/68k CPU.

  • Quote from mathewbeall: “I have two working Sega CD's right now ” I've only got the one model 2 unit, but I replaced its laser with a brand new JVC Optima 6s in 2015. With how limited my use is, I'd say it will last well into the future. Just to echo, some of my favorite releases on SegaCD... Sonic CD Silpheed Time Gal (I have a soft spot for some FMV games, this is one of them) Night Trap (this is goofy as hell and a must play if you never have) Final Fight CD (this was the best home port of Fi…

  • Deunan once express a desire to look into it (SegaCD ODE). As we discussed via email exchange long ago... Some versions of the model 2 SegaCD use the same ribbon cable connector as the original Saturn (I have one). Making the Rhea actually physically compatible with the hardware. However an entire new firmware and other possible hardware changes would need to be made... And this was just to support ONE somewhat rare, later revision of the model 2 SegaCD only (all other models would be excluded).

  • I tried to tell him, this simple kick addition was the future of JAMMA extenders, and lots of arcade people want 'em! jsPlsM7.jpg The next evolution would be a JAMMA switcher that used these extenders.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Probably so they can sell you a "pro" version after they've taken all the standard edition money as they usually do. ” Pro-version imminent! bhmZylR.jpg Only they are calling it "expansion adapter" Plugs into the side like a real SegaCD, so you can play 32x-SegaCD highbreed games.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Any superBIOS can do this. ” Was it always this way? I thought at one time you needed standard.

  • Quote from XeD: “Only benefit is standard sh is the hack 4th strike ” Standard SH2 can also write SIMMs for CPS2 Black all-in-one boards.

  • So so awesome! And what's that in the shots? A JAMMA extender WITH kick support. Love that purple cable BTW, did you custom order that someplace, link?

  • I agree, with the way the PCE/TG16 device went no way I want a first revision.

  • Yea I feel the same way... I would have rathered the device only replace the optical portion of the original SegaCD unit. I don't like the idea of the 68000 CPU inside of the SegaCD being virtual, even if it is with highly accurate FPGA simulation. It also seems strange to me that they boast 32x support but require the actual hardware for that one. I mean not strange from the standpoint that they would need to simulate a SH2 in real time and that would be really damn hard... But strange in that …

  • So I guess I'm going to have to buy my first Terraonion device... MegaSD

  • VGA to CRT nanao ms9

    jassin000 - - Monitor Help


    I no longer own a Capcom IO... But isn't this because the Capcom IO is compositing the H and V syncs together for C-sync? Direct from the Naomi's DSUB port, even in 15khz mode I believe the system is still outputting separate syncs (hence the rolling effect)? Oh N/M looks like its solved above by @tiff_lee because its a amplification issue (CRT needs higher amplification)?