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  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “I’d like to print these tomorrow. Can you provide the full size? ” let me know which ones and I will upload them.

  • My pgm cart labels are peeling of or have at some point been replaced with crappy printed copies. So decided to make a Demon Front one. Here is the original scan I found online, my label is in way worse shape:…e8b7b589218297c9bb4b547c0 Here are my attempts at a remake, in the style of the original…e8b7b589218297c9bb4b547c0and a few variations…e8b7b589218297c9bb4b547c0 Let me what you guys think of these,…

  • Quote from AlxUnderBase: “Quote from Derick2k: “I need to have 2 Dreamcast and 2 Saturns made at least. So lets see if we get a group order thing going, might make it lower cost for all of us than ordering stuff individually. ” If @Mitsurugi-w will have enough time to make a batch of those PSU's replacements, it's the best way instead to print those pcb-s in China. I will grab 1 x Dreamcast and 1 x Saturn . @Derick2k - can you make a list for a group order ? ” I can, but lets wait to hear back f…

  • Quote from nam9: “I did this a couple years ago with a TP-Link TL-WR703N and a pen drive in the USB socket... Guide is called 'USB2SMB Tutorial' on and fails every single on of Derick2ks requirements It works though @Derick2k is the issue just reading the NTFS format? ” That’s the idea, I think with a capable Nas boxe at home we should be able to allocate some resources and create an smb share on it. Thus no need for a pi or any of that. Never looked into this, but should be doable.

  • I need to have 2 Dreamcast and 2 Saturns made at least. So lets see if we get a group order thing going, might make it lower cost for all of us than ordering stuff individually.

  • Quote from rewrite: “Apparently you can just do this straight from Windows and skip the pi entirely. ” That’s what thought also?! But I can see the appeal of a pi as the server/host. Shouldn’t you be able to use a nas box to do the same as well?

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “he's too busy manually assembling Rheas and GDEMUs to work on new projects. ”…e8b7b589218297c9bb4b547c0

  • (Re)starting from scratch

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    Quote from VxD: “Sato from their team was very helpful over email ” Cool, gonna reach out and see if they can get me some parts I need for my Sega ID7 cab. Thanks for the info.

  • (Re)starting from scratch

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    Quote from VxD: “Oh hey rancor, thanks again for your help on system11! “Directly from TAITO” was maybe a bit of a stretch; I actually bought the Vewlix through ist! (, highly recommended.) Sato from their team was very helpful over email, and their prices, reasonable. He ordered the cabinet on my behalf and arranged for the shipment from Tokyo to Hokkaido. ” Now lets get them to start shipping stuff overseas

  • Quote from opt2not: “Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Lol. Nice. That intro is so old now. I should try to update it. I did the zoom effect by accident when I first started with the Vegas software and just kept it. Lol. If someone makes me a kickass new intro I will give them a free multi. But it has to be really nice. And it still needs to include howling. ” 20 year Animator here! I’d totally be willing to give this a shot for a free multi ” Do it!!!!!!

  • (Re)starting from scratch

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  • At the end of the day, we are getting choices, which is a good thing. I hope TO has success with this and hope that they have cleaned up their bullshit from the past in terms of customer support, product testing etc...I hope this will incentivize others to want to develop similar products for this hardware. I would love to get an ode for the mega/Sega cd units. I would also like to see a miniaturized 32x hardware that could potentially be installed internally on a genesis case, etc. I have met w…

  • These are awesome. Thanks for doing these. Im gonna get some printed to see how they come out. I'm thinking maybe Matte or Gloss white vinyl should come out nice. Did some test prints to make sure I get a good size cut pattern and corner radius.…e8b7b589218297c9bb4b547c0

  • InfiniKey-Kabuki

    Derick2k - - Temple of the Undamned


    I’ll be buying at least 10 for sure maybe more, I could send a few out to others if they need them. But it’s up to undamned how he sets up the purchase options.

  • Replacement fan?

    Derick2k - - F3 Multigame Cart


    Quote from Ruprit: “Does the F3 Multi cause the board to overheat ” Absolutely not, I am sure the F3 multi performs just like a standard cart does. @Darksoft can chime in on this I have been running 2 of the F3 multis without fans for a long time now, zero issues.

  • Quote from opt2not: “BennVenn is working on a backlight kit for the NGPC ” Yup, waiting on this one myself

  • Quote from Dache: “Quote from Derick2k: “None of those guys have/make their own network equipment, they might rebrand them/just put labels with their names on it, but thats about it. They are all basically off the shell stuff. But, they most likely have custom firmware or some type security on them. ” Yeah, that's all I meant. It's probably something they receive from the manufacturer pre-flashed so they can just throw it in with cab orders and it'll just work when hooked up by the operator. I w…

  • I went in for 2x Saturn PSU on the campaign plus I purchased 2x DreamPSU thru his page, sot thats like $220-230 in the trash right now for me.…e8b7b589218297c9bb4b547c0 Shit just doesnt make sense! He collected nearly $14K through the campaign. God knows how much thru his site. So between paying the china fab plant, parts, and issuing refunds, he is out of $$$ now. He wont say which manufacturer took our $$ because his lawyer advised him not to??? So he has $$ to p…

  • Quote from deuceduzit: “That's the scary thing about that. I'm seeing some from anywhere between $250-$350. I would probably bite if I know it works for sure but being that it may not work makes me a little gun shy.... $350 is a little too much for a risk of it not working. Anyone here with working setup confirm if its just stock firmware? - Looking at router details it looks like its just a basic VPN router... I'm leaning towards it being a custom FW of some sort. ” Hopefully someone can confir…