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  • PGM Diag/Test BIOS

    GC8TECH - - IGS PGM/PGM2/etc. support


    Hello All, When going through all my PGM gear to dump version not in mame... I found the BIOS of the "Road Of The Sword" isn't like the default PGM BIOS. It has a lot more error messages and can boot a MoBo even when the stock BIOS won't. This should be really handy for people working on faulty MoBos. I'm NOT the first to dump it...BUT just wanted to share this info with everyone! I call it the diag bios... Not sure if i'm allowed to post the file here?? You just need to burn it into a 27C1024. …

  • Quote from PascalP: “I did some label scans as well, there are here on the forum somewhere, but looks good man! Here they are; Labels for PGM Carts? ” I have heaps of high res label scans on my website. They may help T.

  • Quote from djsheep: “What are the benefits of the newer motherboard? Does it play better or have any features in the menu that the older ones don’t? I never bothered checking, but assume you would know You can’t really go on age / revision to determine leaking batteries. I have had a new revision motherboard leak in a matter of weeks after arriving to me in what looked to be perfect condition. The safest, and pro way to go about it is to ask the seller for photos of the front and back of the mot…

  • Quote from djsheep: “Pretty sure @sheep_nova only sells motherboards with coin cells. Some of them are Varta battery motherboards which have simply (and cleanly) been converted to coin cell. You can check by looking at the outline in the area where the battery is and seeing if it matches the size of the coin cell holder ” Just removing the Leaking battery.. and replacing it with a coin cell holder is no good either. IF you don't add a diode in there. The MoBo WILL keep trying to recharge the coi…

  • Just to be clear.. This picture is the one NOT TO BUY!!! Notice the cap is moved to the left side.... If the cap has been ripped off... you should still be able to see its position of were it should be. T.

  • When buying a IGS PGM Motherboard..... Buy one that has the Capacitor in the Position as marked in the image below. This will give you a newer Hardware revision (V9 or better). Which is LESS likely to have battery corrosion damage present on the tracks around it.. OR in the future !! The cap is easy to see in most ebay etc listings.... Its a lot easier than asking the seller which revision the PCB is.... T.

  • UPDATE 20: Submitted some more rom versions not in mame yet. This time its "Photo Y2K / Real Fake". Also some from "Dragon World: Pretty Chance". BUT i need another cart to dissasemble to dump ALL the roms. As the version i have... None of the roms are dumped yet..... T.

  • Update 19. Submitted some PGM "Happy 6 in 1" roms to Mame people. In "JUST" 6 carts.. i found 7 rom versions that are NOT in mame. Imagen what more carts could bring?? I'm very much a strong idea of preserving all games in mame. So everyone can enjoy them. Like what we are building a "Living" arcade museum @ work. Its very exciting to see kids play on a arcade machine for the first time T.

  • These are sweet! I have high res scans of stock labels on my web site tooo. T.

  • Quote from MetalliC: “Quote from GC8TECH: “Both really.... BUT @rtw has contacted me.. and is happy to help me submitt some roms to mame dev... There will be alot of work to do... ” ok then, will wait for it (I'm a mamedev) ” Its Ironic.... at one point i couldn't find any MAME people... But now there everywhere

  • Quote from MetalliC: “Quote from GC8TECH: “IS there anyone HERE in Mame Dev??? So i can submit PGM roms not in the PGM.CPP MAME?? I think i have quite a few.... ” yep. which game it is ? boot or original ? ” Both really.... BUT @rtw has contacted me.. and is happy to help me submitt some roms to mame dev... There will be alot of work to do... T.

  • Thanks, I apreate your reply.... I have done alot of repairs on PGM MoBos more than carts.. But the PGM is quite hard on SRAM.... Most of them are 15ns or 12ns. I don't think all of them need to be that fast.. but thats what they did. Even the Z80 work ram is eigher 15 or 12ns. The current SRAM checks in the bios are useless... you need most of the SRAM to work to even get into the test menu... OR you MAY get a cryptic "68K" Error message..... IF ANY of the sram on the cart are faulty.... there …

  • First up... I don't always know were the games come from, I'm responsible for testing most of them.. BUT some times the boss tests them and i don't hear anything unless somthing isn't quite right. I didn't know the cart came from you..... IF i had.. i would have had a talk to you about it in "the real world".... All i can tell you is when i tested it.. and the repair to it. I have no idea if the boss ever tested it or not... But i know i did. He may have put it on the shelf.. and i tested it lat…

  • Quote from djsheep: “:) It’s a great game! Happy to have a genuine English version in the collection. ” I have had it at work since we opened.... But due to cost... i thought this would be one of the last carts to have. I would love to start doing english conversions on some games..... I guess we will see how possible this is..... Its a VERY long term goal.... I still can't upload files to my web site anyway T.

  • Quote from djsheep: “Marshal Masters? Marshal Mathers? Martial Mathers? Eminem: The Video Game? ” Ironicly i have seen it spelt many ways toooo. The "ROM" Name is "XING YI". Its a very expensive cart aswell.... T.

  • UPDATE 18. ADDED: "Marshal Masters" PCBS ADDED: "Puzzle Star" PCBs ADDED: "Dragon World EX" PCBs ADDED: "Photo Y2K 2 R-RATED Version" PCBs Yes this IS a genuine PCB..... ADDED: "Dragon World: Pretty Chance" PCBs. IS there anyone HERE in Mame Dev??? So i can submit PGM roms not in the PGM.CPP MAME?? I think i have quite a few.... Most carts were donated with help from @buffaloj0e Please send him your thanks T.

  • Quote from MetalliC: “quite few of IGS027A is fully dumped, some of IGS027A partially dumped (beginning of internal ROM Is "execute only" protected, so cant be read/dumped via trojan), most of IGS027A is not dumped at all. ” Interesting.... Maybe i will have to work on the hardware side first.. and hope the software can be worked out at a latter date.... T.

  • Quote from MetalliC: “Quote from Fluffy: “So, we just tried this again, and it doesn't boot on hardware. Now considering that you can patch and re-encrypt a game (like the DDP3 dual boot) I don't think it is a full checksum, so it may be more a header check. ” usually it is full checksum, using custom algo, different in each game. at least it was like that in all PGM 1/2 ARM's internal firmwares I've seen. ” There is a few games that use the same encryption. I know at least 2 games that share th…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from GC8TECH: “I'm doing a conversion TO "Demon Front".. not FROM DF. ” ah, gotcha. Quote from GC8TECH: “The hardest part is re-encypting the ARM Code/ROM to match the donners ASIC/ARM7 ROM ” would be nice to build a tool to do this. ” That would be great!!!! But way over my programming level.. I presume MAME would have all the info you need??? I wouldn't have to bug Fluffy about them any more T.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from GC8TECH: “my Demon Front Repoduction/conversion cart may work ” has this been dumped? I was under the impression that Demon front couldn't be converted due to it's reliance on the ASIC ” I'm doing a conversion TO "Demon Front".. not FROM DF. The hardest part is re-encypting the ARM Code/ROM to match the donners ASIC/ARM7 ROM. The rest is just re-writing the eproms and Changing the CHAR board roms. PLus adding / making sure the cart has enough SRAM for the …