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  • excellent

  • but darius burst can be modified to run on a single monitor, right? I mean, I remember something about AMB selling an image with a hacked DB that can be played on one screen.

  • Quote from Niko: “I haven't released it yet, but it will be available soon. ” My bandwidth awaits to help seed

  • easy solution. map the padhack buttons 1-4 to ABXY or 1k, 2k, 1p, 2p. easy peasy.

  • Quote from acblunden2: “I'm curious how bad VGA from an X360 will look on my NNC. Time to download some games. ” it's not that bad, honestly. if you have a blast you've pretty much seen the NNC.. if it's a toshiba PF tube then you've got a better picture

  • Quote from acblunden2: “There is also the option of going with 480i. But that is more involved than you might be willing to invest. ” My adapters output video from the 360/ps3/DC/original Xbox at 480i. it's not bad, and it'll get you playing games in no time, but it's not 240p, that's for sure.

  • Quote from kuze: “ AFAIK Lemony is taking on projects like this or at least he was recently. ” I have and can make these up. I'm looking to make a batch of 360 adapters.. maybe I can slide a UVC/UFB order in the mix.. that is if the boards are provided to me. I'm not ever letting go of my UVCs

  • Quote from acblunden2: “Question/request for @Lemony Vengeance, is it possible to retrieve the following spacing measurements on the PB.JAMMA? Actually, dimensions for the entire board would help entirely for producing expansion/daughter boards for such projects. But looking for these specifically for now: - Spacing between the holes from the CPS1 header and the Video header - I think it is the same spacing between the video header->audio header->12vdc header? - Spacing between the CPS1 header a…

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Quote from penrhos: “They've gone up quite a bit since I bought mine - I thought 11,000 Yen shipped was expensive. ” its a plugin with vewlix's etc.. ” They're not a straight plug in and require an adapter, even for the AC power to it. I've made some in the past and gave @Magus Incognito the parts list above a few months ago.

  • Quote from jassin000: “Yes I know the official Taito replacements are expensive/not for everyone, but I think they are well worth it... Fans inside a monitor are stupid, these panels are dim as hell and 1360x768 isn't 1920x1080. The only thing the Sanwa LCD was ever good for was low lag, and now they have better (so it's worthless). ” I don't know, man, my sanwa monitor does me just fine. And since I'm not in the market to spend more on a monitor that costs more than the entire cabinet cost me. …

  • Quote from wigsplitta: “Drop @Lemony Vengeance a PM. Not sure if he’s making the Taito looms yet. Harnesses and other adapters by Lemony Vengeance ” I can make one for ya Shoot me a PM.

  • Quote from acblunden2: “Careful @Lemony Vengeance, only works with full rips. Might be a waste of time/bandwidth. ” I have Gigabit download speeds and no transfer cap. it took me a few days, but I got it all. Quote from jassin000: “The PSX Redump Collection is what you want, BIN/CUE format already. Don't forget to add the CU2 files (needed for some CD-Audio) cover art BMP and "multidisc.lst" for games with more than one disc. ” thanks, man I’ll check that out!

  • thanks for the reminder.. I've been needing to buy one. And since I found a FULL NTSC collection on torrent I now have a reason to actually play original playstation games

  • Quote from Derick2k: “60pin connectror is for controls, its a hirose connector not a jst afaik, not sure if a jst will fit. I think the connector you are looking for is: HIF3BA-60D-2.54C Attached is the catalog/datasheet for those connectors. The smaller connector is for cab effects,etc... I have a couple of spare XL connectors/pins if you need them. Be careful how you connect these, 2 are power and the other 2 are ground. ” Necro bump, but here's the EXACT part numbers for this connector: housi…

  • Quote from Niko: “v1.4 does support FastIO, though I've never tested with one of those FastIO boards. ” I didn't know that good to know I take it the card reader isn't needed if you're using a DMAC/fast IO combo, correct?

  • Quote from ReplicaX: “Quote from Lemony Vengeance: “Also, remember when I was more active on here? ” Sigh, this is getting old Lem, time to move forward? Past is in the past. ” I agree.

  • remember when there were only a handful of us? Also, remember when I was more active on here? Those were the days.

  • Quote from kuze: “Yeah maybe so regarding the right angle headers. The first ten pins or so lined up OK, pins ~11-17 required nudging into place with a small flat head. Would be cool to see a PB.JAMMA revision with CPS2 kick header support integrated and a 4 pin molex for power. ” There's actually a version of the PB.JAMMA we were working on to act as a pass through for blue Elf boards that would fix the chinese wiring requirements, a-la JNX's atlas adapters. It wasn't as feature rich, as we wer…

  • Quote from djsheep: “I have a similar box for multi consoles on the way from @Lemony Vengeance which has a harness to connect the UVC, but he said the 480i direct out the 360 isn’t bad. Will post up pics when I get it. ” it's not BAD... it's just not the best. getting proper downscalers can be PRICY and difficult to find.

  • Question, What enhancements would the Nesica option that you may release add? Will it allow us to use RFID cards, track stats, and unlock costumes in games?