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  • Very good point, @rewrite Here they are: CN1 JST VL 3P CN2 JST NH 9P CN3 JST NH 4P CN4 JST NH 4P CN5 JST NH 4P CN7 JST VH 2P CN8 JST NH 5P

  • Hi, Wiring a cabinet with: A 130 watt max /120V monitor. (1A) 40-5330 psu (4A) Sega 12VDC psu for cooling fans (1.8A) Sega 560-5407-UL trafo for the sound amp (?A) Does anybody knows what would be the value of a fuse for the primary voltage of the trafo? Only info I have is: Primary 100VAC Secondary are 2 lines of 17VAC @ 2.1A each. Thanks!

  • Solved! Found the info in the game schematics!

  • Hello, Got mail today! a sega audio amp (838-13578) used by route 66 and F355 challenge machines. It came with no connectors, and I really don't want to solder any wire directly to the plugs; so I was wondering if anybody could help me figuring out what kind of connectors I have to purchase to wire this in a proper manner. Thanks!!…9242491141e6e0b8f30d01593…9242491141e6e0b8f30d01593…9242491141e6e0b8f30d0…

  • Hi, I got a couple of LG flat CRT TVs with composite input. I was thinking in installing one in a cabinet and use it with a 4 slot MVS. The TVs have component input, so a jrok converter sounds good. However, I'd like to get some feedback on how good are those converters. Also, if somebody has experience using it with a CPS1/2 and a Primal Rage PCB, feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi, In the sad scenario that you have to install a LCD in a MK2 cabinet, what would be your choice? Concerning low lag and it fits a MK cabinet. Thanks!

  • Ok baby cabinet paint scheme

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    Hi, I'm looking for feedback. I made some raw drawings of the OK Baby cabinets, which are white. I want to paint mine, nevertheless, I'm not sure about the color scheme. Which one of the following do you think looks decent? Thanks!……………9242491141e6e…

  • I have a MVS4 stuck in the crosshair. Checking voltages, the upper board is receiving 5V. Still investigating what's going on.

  • Drey's Blast City Rescue!

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    Just ordered one of these screwdrivers and a screwdriver extraction bit set

  • Help finding a suitable chassis.

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    Quote from brad808: “Yes also little 328 based tester work for much less money if you only need for that.…ateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1…4480661&s=gateway&sr=8-16 ” Got the ESR02 Pro... Should be here by next weekend.

  • Quote from nem: “You really need to measure inductance with a LCR meter. The fact that your horizontal resistance doesn't show an exact number means your multimeter doesn't work well with very low resistance (≤ 1 ohm). I'm guessing it also has maybe 0.3-0.4 ohms of internal resistance. You can test this by touching the meter leads together. You need to subtract that from your results. ” I think this meter should measure both things...…TF8&qid=1554479735&sr=1-2

  • Quote from nem: “You need to measure the yoke. Tube is inconsequential. ” yellow/green returns between 7.8 and 7.9 ohm red/blue returns 1.1 and 1.4 ohm

  • Awesome work!!!

  • Hello, My candy cab comes with a 220v, CGA chassis. In the process of finding a 120V chassis, I found the tube (Samsung a68kvl74x02) supports 15, 25 and 31khz, nevertheless, to be capable of doing that, it requires a wei-ya C31291A chassis, which is no longer available. Attached the specs of this chassis: - H.Frequency: 3-mode (15/24/31khz) - V.Frequency: 47~70hz - Video Input: TTL 2.5~5.0Vpp / Analog (75ohm) 07.Vpp - Sync: TTL 2.5~5.0Vpp Negative/Positive (separate or composite) - Resolution & …

  • Trafo input voltage.

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    Quote from rsignal: “I'd look at the Sega amp circuit. For example, in the Sega Saturn the console case specifies 100V, but the power supply circuit sometimes specifies 125V. ” I've checked 5 different schematic diagrams. In all cases the machine includes a 120v-100v step down transformer.

  • Trafo input voltage.

    hackcell - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Hello, From what I’ve read, the transformers powering sega amps are rated at 100VAC. Does anybody know if the 100vac is a fixed value or if it may tolerate higher current (120 VAC)? Thanks!…9242491141e6e0b8f30d01593

  • Hi, What's the correct AMP extractor to use with 177915-2 and 177917-1 pins? Thanks

  • Quote from MoppelTheWhale: “that's the person on the phone told me i'll inform you when i know anything new ” to me, seems like the customs guy loves arcades and perhaps he read somewhere CPS-2...

  • Hi, Not sure if this trend is the right place to ask, but I’m buying a OK baby cab without control panel. Is it possible to get a repro control panel (the metalic part) for one of these? Thanks?!