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  • X-Men vs SF IS an amazing game. One of only 3 I kept as a standalone board while also having the multi.

  • ...... that’s going to cause a fight with quite a few people

  • I retract and have edited my previous statement When did that change?

  • Would anyone be willing to share (in PM to avoid issues) which donor game is used so that I might try and get one before the prices blow out?

  • SSF2X is a D PAL It will need the daughter board and other ROMs removed, a G PAL and jumper wire Edited as per Mitsurugi-w

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Quote from ekorz: “Metamoqester is quite different from the other two ” 2 in 1 multi I would be happy enough if I can switch between Air Gallet & Sailor Moon. Metamoqester seems to have a different layout/arrangement, but the same major components, so there might still be a possibility that it can me made to run on the other titles/vice-versa?! ” It looks like Metamoqester has a lot more ROMs (both mask and EPROM) than the Air Gallet, quite a bit more RAM too.

  • Quote from pliskin: “I will like to get in the waiting list for buying a kit I can solder it myself. ” Quote from mrnomis27: “I would also like to get added to the waiting list ” No problem, added

  • Quote from Matsubuya: “Hi xodaraP, I'm in Melbourne. ” Ok, I'm in Queensland - I've got a backlog at the moment so it'll probably be 2 weeks before I can look at it but let me know what you would like to do In the meantime you can still play the decrypted ROMs on it

  • It's very easy to destroy the pads if too much heat is used - in the picture you can see the solder isn't smooth and shiny, that means it's been overheated (if it cracks it's a cold solder joint and hasn't been heated enough) It happens should be able to be fixed though - where in Aussie land are you?

  • It looks good, it works great and switches for button remap is a nice touch.

  • InfiniKey-CPS2

    xodaraP - - Temple of the Undamned


    Those labels look a bit weird, that line on the side of them isn't quite right. They may be very good repros or stuck back down as you said. If they're not foil backed they're definitely not original At least the board has the original mask ROMs in place and apart from decrypted ROMs which require no hardware modification, it is original.

  • Quote from magictoaster: “Hi, Can I still be added to the list? Thanks! ” Quote from Cideburns: “Hi Frank, Let me know how I can get my hands on, or line up for a Sentinel Supergun. I'm in Aus too Cheers - Richie ” You're both on the wait list

  • Welcome! There are a few of us Aussies here (several from Queensland as well!) and we have a roll call/registry thread if you want to stop past and say hello

  • Once it starts, the repair pile never gets smaller, just different lol

  • It's not definitely those 2 customs, just that's where I'd be looking They may be bad - just if you have jailbars and the A is definitely good it's either a bad trace to one of the line between the 2 boards, or one of those customs is loose/bad I would maybe put it aside for another day as you said, I do this regularly and I've ended up fixing some stuff months/years later

  • If you're using one of the cheap Chinese PSUs, don't. They are a bad day waiting to happen. Please don't risk hurting yourself with those cheap nasty PSUs, never mind the risk of damage to the board you're working on. Get a Suzo Happ arcade PSU, Mean Well bench PSU or a non rubbish (something 80+ rated at least) ATX PSU (ATX is the safest option) Electricity is no joke, at the very least a shock will hurt like hell. Those 2 customs are exactly where I would be looking of the fault is definitely …

  • Quote from AlxUnderBase: “Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from AlxUnderBase: “do not buy chips from ebay, from this seller (jk_parts) ” I've bought several hundred EPROMs from that seller and I've only ever run into 2 or 3 bad ones. ” i don't know what to say sir because i didn't use the chips at this moment .. are in the tube that comes with the box. but i only say about them are scratched from original brown sourface and stamped with pink infos on them . may all what i have at home now will…

  • InfiniKey-CPS1

    xodaraP - - Temple of the Undamned


    @djsheep has a Strider but I don't know if it's still on battery I have 2 Captain Commando and a Knights of the Round here at the moment all running on battery (I just desuicided all 3 last weekend)

  • Also, as you're running them outside of the case, try pressing down on the 2 customs on the B board on the right side (underneath the mask ROM area) These are address and data generation customs for the sprites, and I have seen boards where these fail or need a reflow

  • Have you checked for bent or broken pins between the 2 boards? That's usually what causes these kinds of faults