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  • Is that hardware related to the cave hardware from this thread? A CAVE Multi is doable for sure, who wants to dig in

  •…64119d63f84a313f28fff2316 Look what arrived today! That's how 200 PCBs look like. (The blue PCBs at the bottom are Apple II rev 0 motherboards.) Plan: I'll assemble one set as a test/quality control, and in the next few days I'm getting a letter from DHL with the customs/VAT bill. At that point I can give the final price and take orders.

  • One video on YouTube: ...not sure if this is the right one.

  • I got a message that the PCBs are on their way to the UK.

  • Quote from ack: “It appears to allow extending the IMM value of the next(?) instruction. ” Yeah, that's how I read that as well. The description reads like it was translated by someone without a technical background, and it seems to be one of their major marketing angles...

  • Quote from brizzo: “Do you have an opcode reference or manual for the SE3208 instruction set? I looked around a bit but didn't find anything specific ” The best I could find was I guess most searches end at:

  • (I had the same problem that I had to create the base directory first.) I had a look at top blade: if you sort by filename then the last byte is frequently the same for files with the same path length in the same directory. You get a similar grouping if you sort by the second byte. So maybe two 16 bit values?

  • It's probably worth taking a few existing S3M files as a test first - two of the reasons why they could've done it like this are RAM limitations, or if the initial version of the S3M player was buggy and didn't play correctly.

  • I noticed the sound when I looked at a video of Crystal of Kings - I thought it's the emulator or recording... Who knows, I can think of many reasons why things like this happen... maybe the music was produced before all hardware and tools were finished, and they were originally planning an MP3-style audio system? That is disappointing, but sometimes you get things like this when you have only limited time and money... Who is going to make the first modded game?

  • PGM Diag/Test BIOS

    Fluffy - - IGS PGM/PGM2/etc. support


    A quick update: Good news and "bad" news. "Bad" news: The SHA1 hash matches…ame/drivers/pgm.cpp#L3693 So while it is a new bios that is different from the v1 and v2 bios commonly used in mame, it isn't a completely new one. The good news: I was able to attach it to a DDPDOJ-DUAL program ROM and boot straight into the game, without the PGM boot/splash sequence. Making one is quite simple: If you open the ddp program ROM you'll notice that only the first 2MB contain …

  • Isn't that how N64 games are stored as well? (With a file system on the ROM.) Always interesting to see tracker formats pop up in places like this, I thought it was limited to Amiga and PC games developed in the west...

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “3D printing the whole shell could be done but given the size of them it'd be expensive (I'd guess ~$40 retail) and you'd need a pretty big printer to do it (10in or larger bed). ” I got one quote from a company that does SLS in nylon, which was even higher (>£100). One problem is as well that you can't easily nest pieces to maximise the build volume. I considered a 100% laser cut shell as well, by making the side pieces from stacked slices. No idea of the cost this w…

  • Quote from vaughan14: “I made a list of parts you'll need to have to build these 10x 27c322 EPROMs 7x 42 dip sockets - optional 2x GAL16V8 2x 20 dip sockets - optional 16x 0.1uF capacitor 2x 74LS257 1x 74LS139 1x 74LS138 4x 16 dip sockets - optional 4x 10uF 16v capacitor 1x 100 Ohm Resistor 2x 10k Ohm resistor array 8 res 9 pin This is enough for one set, I know that fluffy was saying you couldn't close the shell with sockets on some of the chips on the prog board I think. Let me know and I'll a…

  • Quote from brizzo: “It would be very labor intense to do castings for these shells. But if you get creative with 3d printing, perhaps instead of doing the entire shell you just do 'end caps'. Two mirrored parts that go on the left/right sides (when facing the connector), have this part slot between with screw holes, but correctly fits the outside dimension of the cart slot and keying. I hope that makes sense, if not I could make a drawing. ” You mean something like this?…

  • I just got the message that the order is approved and in production. No way back, now. Just a small thing: The connector is symmetrical (2 PC-XT style slots next to each other), and inserting a pcb the wrong way around will create a short circuit, so getting a cartridge shell is a good investment. There are certain very cheap games that could be a donor for the shell. Of course as soon as someone mentions a name the price for those will go up... By the way, does anyone know if it is possible to …

  • Manufacture should take about a week plus a few days shipping by DHL. I'll build one test set as quality control, and get the final cost together once I get the customs bill from DHL.

  • I don't mind... I'll just need the money and an address. Selling finished cards officially is difficult, as the ROMs on the char board need to be soldered in if you want to put everything into a cartridge shell, and with 7 large EPROMs that is almost the majority of work. Of course, you're welcome to organise this privately. If you don't care about a cartridge shell and are happy with sockets you may want to ask the guy with the wave soldering machine.

  • Just to let everyone know, the PCBs are ordered. Now is a good time to point out any major flaw in the layout. Edit: The boards have only a minor update: If you look on the Prog board you'll see that U5 doesn't contain a label for the device type (16V8). That is because that chip moved slightly to make space for a plastic fin on the cartridge shell. For some reason the label didn't move with the rest of the footprint, and I only noticed it when sending out prototypes. It is normally a bad idea t…

  • stv bootleg card

    Fluffy - - ST-V Multicart


    My STV came with a (probable) bootleg cart of Die Hard Arcade using Intel E28F008SA-120 chips that I have not seen in any other bootleg picture. Is anyone collecting info/pictures on these?…64119d63f84a313f28fff2316…64119d63f84a313f28fff2316 I personally don't mind, as I was just interested in a good(-ish) cart to test the board with.

  • Quote from brizzo: “I mentioned on in a previous post there is a pull up resistor on the pic serial data line, but otherwise there is no other circuit or jumpers involved with the PIC. ” I wasn't sure if you mean with or without a pic present, but I guess this answers the question. ...ok I guess that doesn't make a difference.