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  • It's all good, I'm not itching to give them up anyway. I'm a collector at heart, and I love the fact that I'm only 1 cart away from a complete PGM set, including known hacks.

  • Quote from beast1x5: “I just really wanna play killing blade , martial masters , spectral vs generations and the gladiator.... Okay fine and the killing blade ” MMAO and I might be convinced to part with all of those

  • Holy shit that explains why @hursit was having issues with the LCD fitting his enclosure, but only for certain people!

  • I've got my Dream, but I would like to get a Saturn if a group order is done

  • With no soldering at all, you'll also have to manually reboot your game when it finishes loading the new rims, I believe.

  • Quote from ekorz: “@KingSopz what is that a pinout for? Never seen +5v on pin 5 before. Or all 6 buttons like that. ” that's some chamma bullshit right there... But for the purpose of where to pull ground from, it'll work.

  • Quote from BroadwayJose: “Quote from BroadwayJose: “Finally ready to assemble this case and I have a question about the test button connections. My understanding is the signal wires can be soldered wherever on the button. Where is a proper spot for the ground wire? ” Bumping this up as I'm still looking for an answer on this. Instructions were a bit vague and I haven't seen anything definitive in any install pics I've seen so far. Really looking forward to putting this build behind me and enjoyi…

  • Quote from Matsubuya: “Greetings! Can someone please clarify for me if the B board I want to use the multi kit on needs to be suicided? Thanks ” Installing the kit requires removal of the suicide battery. This will cause the board to suicide, if it's not already there. Prior to the discovery of key rewriting, it was discouraged to use fully working games, but at this point most people don't care because we know how to restore keys (even better than original, with no battery at this point courtes…

  • I'm in for a cheater's ultra naughty c2 switcher.

  • Quote from Heatermania: “I appreciate the help. That answers my questions except for the replacement buttons... ”…tons-for-when-yours-break Assuming you just want basic plastic. My buddy modeled these off a set of mine, and they've worked great for me. He just the other day told me he's sold over 40 of them which is crazy to me. Undamned also has a nice PCB style replacement if you want something more robust.

  • Theory on the Castlevania subreddit is that Sony probably has exclusivity on it for a while because of the Requiem collection that came out recently. Also, there's been strong hints from Konami that this is Collection 1, so maybe in the future...

  • Quote from hursit: “Quote from KalessinDB: “One thing I did notice though, 2 of the standoffs for the motherboard didn't line up right with mine. I'm not super concerned, 6 should be enough, but it was kinda weird. ” Do you have pictures ? or did you take pictures before you close the case ” Ah didn't think to take pics, sorry. It's the 2 that go between the connectors, midway up the sides of the board. It's buttoned up now so I'm unlikely to worry about it too much, especially once I get it put…

  • One thing I did notice though, 2 of the standoffs for the motherboard didn't line up right with mine. I'm not super concerned, 6 should be enough, but it was kinda weird.

  • You guys are very correct, I did the same. Oh GOD the clearance is tight reassembling it. But now? They're both cased and waiting for the CPS1 multi and case, then I get to play Jenga putting those 3 and a switcher into my big blue. Also, the LCD fit just fine in my CPS2 case.

  • Gah, finally trying to install this... My Noctua fan is 3 pin and the CPS2 fan is 2 pin. I thought I remembered there being a way to fix it somewhere in this thread but I can't find it. Anyone able to help?

  • Recently found my short cable so I'll FINALLY be assembling mine soon. Will keep you posted

  • Quote from opt2not: “Ok, don’t hate me but personally I’d use the Altered Beast ” Much as I love Altered Beast (it was one of my first jamma boards), my choice is between that and Golden Axe, so I'm using that too. If only because Golden Axe will make me more selling it to a more serious collector

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from moltomolto: “Woops, guess I missed that thread. But that's good to know, thanks for the info. ” I can't find it at the moment as unfortunately it's very difficult to find older threads on this forum. maybe @kuze has a link as I believe he made some (all?) of the region patches in that thread. ” I think they're buried somewhere in Any PGM Conversion info out there?

  • I think he's saying he's using an old "beta" CD and asking if you suggest he upgrade to the latest release.

  • I guarantee you someone here does, because I definitely shot someone a couple bucks to make one for me... But I can't for the life of me remember who. Maybe check the thread "New firmware with key writing"? I think that's where I saw someone offering (I'd link, but I'm on mobile sorry)