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  • Quote from Jack Monty: “Hi, Firstly thanks for the converted games, I've got them running happily on Reicast. However I've been trying to change the language of the games to English which I know can be done in service mode. I don't have a service button but just keep the start button on my controller pressed and this enters service mode but then I can't move around or select any options. Pressing "Start" even briefly exits service mode. has anyone been able to change options using Reicast? Any h…

  • +1 In Whatever Package is available

  • Quote from kuze: “I would say use chdman from MAME to create a .chd, it will be compressed and will save considerable space. also chdman is cross platform. It can also be used to extract .chd to a raw file equivalent to what you'd get with dd/winhex. ” Pretty much what I was going to say.

  • Will this work on the earlier Taito Type X hardware as well? as I have a type 1 and not the type 2.

  • Quote from silverfox0786: “Quote from Darksoft: “Yes, I have 20 units that Mitsurugi sent me last week, so you'll be able to get yours sent directly from me. I'll post here when I got them with me. ” Thats fantastic can you pm me once your ready to accept my payment for one thank you ” Awesome news, put me down for one aswell. Played radiant silvergun at Arcade Club in the UK at the weekend and need it at home now so I can learn all the different controls.

  • Any update on an EU based distributor yet?

  • Quote from Niko: “Rule #0: Always make backups before you start messing with things. Anyways, Like the guy above me said. Shoot Joerg an email, he will get you situated. ” Annoyingly it was my previous backup that I was trying to use that started the problems. Thankfully a member here has given me a copy of their setup and that has got me working again. Wasn't sure if Joerg would help as I bought it used from someone else.

  • I got a Taito Type X last year with an Multi CF kit in it and it came with a mame USB stick that was working, but I was using it in a vertical cab and have now gotten another horizontal cab to put it in so was messing about with the configs on the usb stick to switch it from vertical to horizontal and have managed to break it. Now when it tries to load it gives a glaunch error and the log file shows this. 2003 02:59:28.250 [Info] Game Launcher v0.9.8 2003 02:59:28.250 [Info] Al…

  • Sd card image available?

    Fantazia2 - - ST-V Multicart


    Going by the STV Multicart use instructions…ons-and-trouble-shooting/ It looks like you need to create a root folder called games and then folders inside that called game_01, game_02, game_03 etc and you then put the roms for a single game in each of the folders, and then then jumpers work on binary to select which folder the game is loaded from. There was a set list of games and jumper settings for the games, but it looks like you can setup your own selections, bu…

  • I'll be waiting for an EU seller as with it coming from the USA it pretty much adds on another $90 including the shipping, customs and the shippers charge for paying customs on top and thats if they do mark the customs value as $100 like darksoft said they would, if they mark it as the full price then its roughly another $30 on top of that, it just pushes the price to high for me.

  • Quote from Michaelm: “Ordered it but damned high shipping charges ! From where will this be send out ? If outside the EU it will become even more expensive through ridiculous customs charges as they add the shipping charges for calculation. ” Its being sent from Hawaii I believe so prepare your wallet.

  • No good for UK buyers, the site wants to charge an extra $44 postage.

  • Thanks for the help, worked perfectly after I found it in my spam filter.

  • Quote from XianXi: “I don't have an STV so be gentle with me, what's the advantage of this over just the modbios? ” 2 Posts above yours gives the answer to your question. (post #11)

  • Hi, i'm about to try making a Naomi Net Boot Zero Pic and have found the source code but can't seem to find a good source of info for what parts need changing. From what I've read in the source code and a few websites is that the AKEYCODE, BKEYCODE, FILENAME and AIJYOANSWER parts need changing. I've found the info for the AKEYCODE and BKEYCODE but not sure what to do with the FILENAME and AIJYOANSWER part and also Ive seen mention of changing the __config xxx part at the beginning, and all the i…

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Quote from FrizzleFried: “Maybe I missed it... but what is the estimated price on this device? Thanks! ” Same as was before in USD, that's $230 ” I think he means the game selector device.

  • PiForce single image, all info on how to use it is on that page.

  • Quote from FrancoB: “ I'm using a DPDT power switch to turn the 5v/12v on/off when selecting the dips as I don't like to turn my monitor on/off unless needed. To be fair I could just use this instead of the autoreset mod but where's the fun in that? ” Would it not just have been easier to wire a switch into the power entering the Switcher?

  • GNET Flasher

    Fantazia2 - - General Arcade Tech Help


    To setup the cards in windows you can use chdman that comes with mame. (Get the latest version as the commands changed at some point). I had to do this as my AV sotware didn't like the flasher tool. You will need to use the command prompt (in administrator mode for Win7 and up) Use diskpart to remove all the partitions on the disk, and find out the disk number of the drive. Have chdman in the same folder as your CHDs and run this command chdman extracthd -i gamename.chd -o \\.\physicaldrive2 -f …

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “There are one or two games that do. We tried to convert them all to work with any bios but a few were a bit different. ” Plus for Radiant Silvergun you ideally want a Japan Bios to get the proper controls working.