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  • Quote from gabrielizm: “UPDATE i change my SSD into new one,and IT LOOKS LIKE IT WORKS!! i dont get into menu,i got this instead. i plug my JVS IO like this. i just plug the USB B to A into the TTX2,but the IO doesnt detect at all, do i need to plug the whole harness to test the HDD ? ” If you only plugged in the USB then it isn't powered. You'll need to at least plug in the power connector off the harness.

  • *bad joke*

  • Quote from Fluffy: “Quote from rewrite: “I was just giving a partial reason as to why bootlegs weren't really a thing. ” ... and I'm just throwing ideas at the wall how more people can get access to games based on cave hardware. I'm considering a bigger project after the PGM boards, but I don't think I can design for higher clock speeds. ” In the event you move forward with this, I've a CV1000 PCB I'd be willing to lend out (and wouldn't be devastated if anything happened to it in the process).

  • Quote from Fluffy: “They implement SH-2 and some SH-3 instructions that are not covered by patents, though I have no idea if it is possible to reach the required performance of the 133Mhz SH-3 on an FPGA board. ” I'm not sure either. Sure would be nice though! I was just giving a partial reason as to why bootlegs weren't really a thing.

  • Quote from Fluffy: “Of course, looking at the cost of the originals and that they're using mostly off-the-shelf hardware I'm surprised that there aren't many bootlegs? ” The sound ROMs would still need to be desoldered, reprogrammed, and soldered back down every time you converted a game. Bootlegs/repro's/something would make a lot more sense than a multi. SH3 CPU's got discontinued, and finding them in large quantities isn't terribly easy.

  • Quote from DecepticonZero: “Easy SPDs with a trackball. ” First the hitbox took the FGC by storm, next is trackballs. I see a future where SFVIII players are on dance stages at EVO.

  • Hotd 1 monitor issues

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    In HOTD2 and on at least the service panel looks like this. You'd press the demag button.…Fulk%2Fitm%2F123755192393

  • Hotd 1 monitor issues

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    It needs to be degaussed. The pots won't help at all, so leave them be. If there's a button for it in the cab or on the chassis, touch that and you're good to go.

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Quote from rewrite: “I agree with TS on this one! Leave Air Gallet and Metamoquester alone. SM is a bad beat em up anyway. ” I would rather have an Air Gallet than SM Maybe I should just sell my SM and try to get an AG ” I think most people would make that trade.

  • I agree with TS on this one! Leave Air Gallet and Metamoquester alone. SM is a bad beat em up anyway.

  • Universal JAMMA versus kit

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    Quote from kingcar: “Looks really nice. If you could add a scart connector to the 2nd cabinet PCb, for streaming purposes that be even more awesome. Do you already have an idea what they will cost? You can put me on the waiting list for one of those. ” NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Man, haven’t caught up with this thread for a while, sing me up for these multi boards ” +1!

  • Naomi gun survivor

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    Unfortunately the manual is pretty much useless on this.…onica_-_2001_-_Capcom.pdf Shows an FCA board and a Naomi, without anything else listed, but no sign of how they connect (don't see a USB style cable coming out of the FCA, and no mention of a JVS I/O anywhere).

  • Quote from Hatsune Mike: “The conversion PCB is DJ Boy. I heard that one’s been going up in value recently already. I’ll sell mine for only $420.69. ” Man, there are some sick beats in DJ Boy...

  • Quote from ekorz: “Fuck @rewrite you said it was capcom bowling?! ” Yep. I have three copies available right now, more on the way. $350 shipping not inclusive.

  • Quote from Hatsune Mike: “A good reason not to share is to not let prices blow out. This is one of several ethical dilemmas associated with releasing conversion mods to the public. I would recommend not goldrushing towards a board until the horizontal active raster is solved. ” They'll blow out anyway thanks to this thread, unfortunately. Announcing it ahead of time like this will just see all the cheaper NMK boards sell off / go up in price until the actual title is announced, and then those wi…

  • Hello from the US

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    Welcome! SegaSonic info is on here somewhere thanks to Guru making repro I/O's. If someone doesn't find it before me I'll try to find it later tonight.

  • Quote from Hammy: “More worried about the ram flipping TBH ” That's not that hard. Desolder the ram, turn it 180 degrees, solder back in. Problem solved.

  • Quote from Hammy: “Quote from kuze: “Thunder Dragon 2? ” "if you can't buy it anywhere, make the bastard' - Hammy Macross 2 and gun nail are the low hanging fruit however but i have not started with them yet. TD2 uses work ram flipping hence the error picture. ” MAME driver says Gunnail uses the NMK004, and the other two use the Z80. Is there a typo in the driver, or have you made those cross compatible? Because that sounds like a massive undertaking. O.O

  • Quote from digitron: “ARMED POLICE BATRIDER!! ” That marks 3 of the greatest shmups. I have a non working Snow Bros 2 kicking around too. Probably time to get it running...