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  • MS8 with diagonal lines scrolling

    PascalP - - Monitor Help


    Bad PSU can also cause scrolling lines down the image. If have had it myself with my stock Cyberlead PSU and MS9 Also iirc @Sp33dFr34k had it as well with some ATX PSU he used for his Naomi/netdimm setup

  • Should not damage anything, button on most Jamma games the pin you now used for button 6 is ground. So if you splice button 6 for a kick harness for CPS2, you are actually tying this to ground and button 6 will register as being pressed always. So either disconnect it, or add a switch in between do disable it from the Jamma edge

  • Also that add mentions this, might explain why the 3D print didn't fit your console that well... Please make sure you tell me which sort of DC socket you need for the back of your console. I have two models (all in black with a polished finish, see pictures). One is for the VA0 and the other is for all other models VA1-VA15). Thanks to collingall for the design of the socket.

  • Like this?…Fulk%2Fitm%2F303213610287

  • @Frank_fjs you are tha man! Great you had a 1A regulator in stock to test it! So if someone would replace the existing 0.1A component with a suitabel 1.0A SMD component (if even available in this small footprint..., TO-261-4 or TO-263-4 package perhaps?), could this cause any damage you think? Other components or traces that are too limited and might be overheating during use?

  • well 'officially' Jamma only support 3 buttons and some cabs 4, so what @thomas3184 is referring to is that usually you need a 'Chamma' (Chinese Jamma) adapter to get all 6 buttons on the Jamma connector. Looks like in your cab someone hard wired all 6 buttons to the Jamma, which is not an issue for any Jamma game that uses 3 buttons and also works perfect on MVS that uses 4 buttons on the Jamma edge. You will get into issues though connecting your CPS2, as that only does 3 buttons from the Jamm…

  • Nope, same Jamma, the MVS wiring standard is only for multi slot MVS boards. Only thing you might need to wire in additionally is a kick harness for the CPS2, does your cab have 6 buttons per player?

  • Quote from Zepherino: “Thanks for showing that test on the Tribute 64. I was really hoping that it would be a decent Hori Mini substitute but It looks like it sadly isn't. It actually makes me wonder how well the actual Hori Mini sticks work vs originals. ” Yeah if anyone with a Hori pad can do the controller test as well that would be great!

  • Not good the wrong BOM was uploaded... But as you measured the 5V to be correct, you think an anomaly like this can cause the issues you are having under load? Or should we focus on the 9v drive drive you have?

  • That might be correct Frank, and for those PAL Saturn that do use the 9V for the Scart connector (to force a Scart TV to auto-switch), the rated 0.1A of the installed components should be sufficient. But I guess we can confirm if it works on different revisions or not when we get them back and can test on our Saturns with ODE's or later revision that use 5V for the drive...

  • ow and one thing that I forgot to mention and just came to mind; With the Tribute64 the 'notches' on the left side of the stick (left-up, left, left-down) are very noticeable when moving the stick around, but on the right side of the stick you DO NOT FEEL the notches at all and it feels just like a round gate... Very strange and definitely a thumbs down!

  • @wigsplitta yeah I have heard about those to! So what is up with the GC controller with dual sticks? Where is the C-stick? Tried playing Goldeneye yesterday on the OEM controller and it felt awkward to use the C buttons for strafing instead of a second stick like we have gotten so used to over the years!

  • So the Brawler64 should be delivered today or tomorrow, thanks to taxes and import it has set me back around €60/$70... So it better be good Also found this classic pic online, couldn’t resist to share…688d487313126a809ddae7988

  • Ok, let us know how it turns out and if something is incorrect in the design! Anyone else assemble one yet?

  • Well I’m not gonna maintain the github for that project + I think a 3D print that does not sit flush with the Saturn enclosure 100% is the least of our problems now... Have you tested your PSU yet?

  • Wow, would love to see some pics of this installed

  • 200% agree! Still strange though, all the hype and money raised for this and when it went south lots of duped folks. I would say people would be all over this to assemble now? Perhaps @RetroRGB knows more as he also announced this release on his website and all and might have heard more feedback?

  • Frank I very much appreciate the time and effort you put into this! And if the device only works with an ODE and not an actual drive it is obviously a design flaw... Strangely I haven’t seen nor heard anyone running this since the files have been released, someone must have assembled these?

  • And some pics of the controller test results Reference pic of a new OEM stick…688d487313126a809ddae7988 Used OEM #1…688d487313126a809ddae7988 Used OEM #2…688d487313126a809ddae7988 Sharpshooter…688d487313126a809ddae7988 Tribute64…688d487313126a809ddae7988

  • So after getting the controller back together I had 3 sticks to test: - OEM controller with Sharpshooter stick (extra lubed) - OEM controller with OEM stick without play and still smooth - Tribute64 controller - Still waiting on delivery of the Brawler64... First go to test game is MarioKart 64 and all controllers did pretty well and also the Tribute64 I used before with MarioKart. There is one exception though with the Tribute64 and that is that one slippery track (Banshee Boardwalk) where you …