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  • Quote from acblunden2: “I have several Dreamcasts (my fave console of all time). The one with the GDEmu installed and stock PSU runs hot. It has twisted's tray too. Shocked me how hot it was when I opened the CD lid and a puff of hot air could be felt on my skin/face. My Dreamcast w/GDEmu will be spending much of its time in a cab. Heat is a concern for me. The spare Dreamcasts I have for typical console use, ISO's and such, don't run as hot in comparison. Of course, hot is a relative term. Migh…

  • Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “BennVenn update: I just received an email from one of our LCD suppliers. They've found an IPS panel the same size as the OEM GBC LCD! Freckleshack v3? ” He also said this about the NGPC!: “it will be a perfect fit with perfect scaling“ Looks like I’ll be holding out for Freckleshack v3.

  • Are you guys running flashcarts? Wondering how the battery is with these McWills and backlit GB Pocket seems to act flaky with my EverdriveGB when the batteries are low. I also notice the batteries drain quicker.

  • Quote from Arthrimus: “Quote from djsheep: “Yep, hopefully he won’t be out of stock for long... I wonder if @Arthrimus would be able to source some and offer them? ” I wish I could, but apparently Paradise Arcade gets them already programmed directly from the creator of the MC Cthulhu, "Toodles". He's fallen off the face of the earth as far as I can tell and I'm not aware of anyone who knows how to get in contact with him aside from Paradise Arcade. Hopefully they bring the upgrade kits back in …

  • Dammit this thread is tempting me to jump in on this. It's been a struggle holding out for a good Neo Geo Pocket Color backlit screen replacement, but now this?!

  • giphy.gif

  • ^ This is a good compromise for the systems that aren’t supported by the MCC or Brook boards.

  • EPROMs are also more genuine to the original hardware. Highlander rule, @jassin000.

  • Quote from acblunden2: “That works! Nevermind @opt2not. ” no worries. I’m no longer in the Bay Area anymore, we live down to SoCal now!

  • Get your bare PCB's off the carpet!! ** Also: Hot damn, I think I'm going to have to get 2 of these now! (just don't send me the ones that were running on the carpet. :P)

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from opt2not: “I speak both Mac and PC. (as well as English, Cantonese and a little French-Canadienne) ” Interesting... I've got a story for you. My highschool had 1.5 credits of a foreign language required to graduate (they offered stuff like French, Spanish and German). I went in front of the local school board/superintendent and told them this policy was unamerican. That they should be ashamed to even refer to themselves as my fellow Americans. I flat out refused …

  • Quote from jassin000: “For example... I'm aware modern computers don't really have disc drives anymore, but when Apple had them remember how you eject'd a disc? You dragged it to the trash bin! ” Well, you can also right-click (or go to the File drop down menu) and hit Eject. But I getcha. Mac's are a nightmare for PC users that are too used to the PC way of doing things. But for your grandma who wants to have access to Facebook and the internet, Mac's are probably a better option than PC's. We …

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Also, those in the creative arts like @djsheep generally go for Mac because Windows sucks hard for anything in that space (again it has improved but it's not there yet) ” This was usually the case, but in recent days PC's are catching up in performance with creative suites. Also if you're a game developer type, Mac is practically useless for any of that. I tried running Unreal Editor on mac and it runs like a pig! I don't even know if Unity is even available on OSX either. F…

  • I've already got one from the first batch Mike put out, but I just wanted to say great job on the organization and communication on this one. This kind of effort is not easy and take a lot of work to run smoothly. @KaPH33n @Hatsune Mike

  • Quote from Smurph: “I'm totally fine with it, less complexity = more longevity of product and increased user serviceability. ” ^This. I don't know how many times you're going to updating roms on this thing anyways. Having a microSD is overkill for the small suite of games that this will support. And who really cares on how the PCB looks. People aren't going to be looking at the PCB, they're going be looking at the game screen. Or the PCB is going to be hidden in the cabinet. Making technical con…

  • Excellent news! Are you planning on doing the VGA Hat at the same time as well? I’d be interested in one of those too!

  • Home Arcade System

    opt2not - - RGB's lab


    Quote from Wraith: “…41b431:g:v6sAAOSw-itXrND- Is this considered a good one? I got this for like 20 bucks or so ” That's the one I've been using for the last 3 years, and haven't had any issues or power drifting. But I haven't opened it up to check what caps are in it. Quote from syntax: “@opt2not is that site legit? I'm about to get one right now if it is. that's a really good deal thanks ” Yup, ordered plenty of times from Twisted. I believe the owner is a member…

  • Home Arcade System

    opt2not - - RGB's lab


    Quote from jassin000: “Yea cheap caps I get that... but when you say the price for a Mean Well is almost the same... Uh, I'm seeing around 100$ for the Mean Well, but 30$ for the Suzo Happ. I think I will upgrade eventually, cuz yes of course I like the higher quality EVERYTHING. But comparable in price they are not, Mean Well is on avg 3x the price from my browsing. ” Try again:…roduct_info&products_id=4

  • This is turning out to be an incredible piece of hardware! I just hope you’re still able to offer it at the $150 mark.

  • Well it would be reversed, right? Kick buttons from the controller PCB’s output to the 6-pin port, then you’d have a jst-to-female CPS2...Hmm wait, now that I’ve worked it out in my head, a full CPS2 port is easier since you’d be taking the connector from a CPS2 PCB and straight connecting it to the Jammafier. Lol, never mind! I can admit when I’m wrong.