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  • Fake Arcade-projects Twitter Account

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    Quote from ekorz: “Quote from breakingcades: “Also, when are you sharing the X3 multi info? It sounds dope! ” see the original post:Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “On the same note we do not post on github and the same person created a page with fake info about hacking the TX3 system while using our logos. ” ” The X3 multi info isn't fake though? If they've faked it, they've put a stupid amount of effort into it for nothing, because they're not selling the info or anything like that, it's all on Github…

  • There wasn't a single standard that all arcade devs adhered to when it came to lightguns. Sega had their own thing that changed as new generations came out, Namco did their own thing that also evolved, Namco and Sega working together (Ninja Assault) did yet another thing, Konami did their own thing... it's a bit of a mess. There's not a lot of games that are easily swappable without some form of modification. If it's the same developer/manufacturer and of the same era of hardware, you might be a…

  • Quote from Derick2k: “ None of those guys have/make their own network equipment, they might rebrand them/just put labels with their names on it, but thats about it. They are all basically off the shell stuff. But, they most likely have custom firmware or some type security on them. ” Yeah, that's all I meant. It's probably something they receive from the manufacturer pre-flashed so they can just throw it in with cab orders and it'll just work when hooked up by the operator. I would ask if I coul…

  • I believe I was told that the router was Namco branded ("the Namco router" were the exact words IIRC which suggests to me their name is on the case somewhere), so I'd err on the side of it being custom in some fashion.

  • Right, I asked the owner earlier (who does know about A-P, hi Andy!) and apparently there is indeed a special Namco router (the Tenpo thing?) that is required for it to work, and it came with their cabs when they were bought so they don't know where you'd get one on its own. Hooking them up with crossover ethernet cable is also a requirement if you're not already using it was the other thing I was told, but without the router it's a non-starter.

  • Didn't get a chance to ask anyone at the arcade on Sunday as it was super, super busy due to Father's Day, sorry. I'll try to catch someone who'll know at some point though.

  • Only other thing I can personally think of is, ensuring Freeplay is on? That's how the two cabs near me are set. It's a real longshot, but you know how it is with modern arcade game credits these days with each company wanting a slice of each credit, perhaps local networked play is disabled because they're expecting the online network to be set up for the credit-buying process..? If you haven't worked it out by next weekend, I know I'm going back to the arcade on Sunday so I'll try and ask the s…

  • Quote from nem: “@Dache, it wasn't Las Vegas Arcade Soho, was it? Because if it was, they probably have some deal with Namco. They also run other games that aren't officially supported in Europe. ” No, it was the new Arcade Club in Leeds, but they may also have a deal with Namco if they offer it in the UK, I'm not sure. Next time I'm in, I'll ask, but they also have a lot of other modern games that aren't officially supported in Europe too like various rh…

  • Pretty sure Initial D games that are on GD-ROM are for Naomi 2, there is no Triforce version...

  • It's definitely possible because I just played on a pair of linked cabs that were offline tonight. One has to be in Group A and the other in Group B, but it was a public arcade so I don't know the test mode details like IP settings or anything.

  • You can use GroovyMame at 15k by the way, in case you weren't aware. It involves doing a bunch of switching around VGA ports on your GPU for the initial setup and some firmware patching to ensure it boots in 15k as well, but it's definitely possible and would be the best way of doing Mame in a candy cab.

  • KIng of Fighters '95 on Saturn uses a unique ROM cart that must be used to play the game. I'm not sure what data is stored on there, but it's used to reduce some loading overhead. Apparently KIng of Fighters '96 needs the 1MB RAM cart and will glitch if the 4MB cart it used. KOF '97 also needs a RAM cart but can use either. I personally used the 4MB cart with KOF '97 for years, as well as Metal Slug.

  • I don't believe you can get prog scan over SCART. Never heard of that before - on the Gamecube at least you need the Component cable to enable any kind of prog scan mode working on an HDTV, same with the Wii, at least in my experience.

  • Quote from jassin000: “NO the appeal of owning this device is its official from Nintendo, it's not some ROM box it's a NES Classic Edition.The moment you change ANYTHING it becomes a overpriced, underpowered, crippled (because yea the compatibility IS low) emulation device... ” Er, what? This is a ridiculous statement. There are plenty of games that run just fine on the Classics, and adding them to it doesn't change the fact it's an official product, with benefits such as the identical controlle…

  • Beyond jealous. What's connected to the TVs at the back?

  • Naomi/Dreamcast orange, surely?

  • Hello from Leeds UK

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    Hello! Another for the Leeds club!

  • I'd definitely be down for both boards. I'd love to start collecting some multicarts and plug'n'play them on my Naomi Uni. Luckily I think I have invzim's same setup

  • I believe it's a known issue with the KOFXI Naomi hack. Doesn't affect gameplay, as you've said. Darksoft mentioned it when it was released but I don't know if it was ever fixed.

  • Hello from an Arcade Addict

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    Sup Brett