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  • Quote from biggestsonicfan: “I've been told 2A games run fine on a 2B ” I don't think that's true, though I would be very happy to be wrong. Games released on both 2A and 2B seem to always have different program ROMs depending on the hardware.

  • Quote from kazuo: “original, encrypted drives ” I don't have any to test with Quote from kazuo: “Can you try a to write a clean decrypted image to a known working drive and see if that runs ” Isn't that what the stand-alone TMG3 image is? Unless you mean a X+ specific image I don't have one of these either. If anyone knows where I can get a clean decrypted image of Mobile Suit Gundam: Spirits of Zeon I'd love to run that game.

  • well, I bought 8 sticks of Memory, same exact model as the original memory and I'm still getting the same error. I've setup an old PC with MEMtest86 and tested all of the memory I have and it all tests good. So the problem is somewhere else.

  • Uploading pics

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    Quote from Zitz: “vkQQSc7.jpg” it looks like you're copying /pasting the "share code" generated by the site... don't do that. right click on the image then select "copy link location" then here in the forum click the little icon that looks like a framed photo of a mountain. and past the results in there.

  • Uploading pics

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    Quote from ekorz: “You have to paste in the actual jpg/gif url ” this^ if the link doesn't end in .jpg then it wont show up when you post it.

  • Quote from Digital Systems Design: “Step 1 had some errors on the planet chip designs - hence it was barely used and quickly replaced with the Step 1.5 system ” can Step 1.5 system play step 1.0 games?

  • Quote from elektromaniak: “Someone told me to hold the test button while booting. it shows a message about clearing up the roms however still end up at the security cassette screen. ” something seems weird regarding your dip switch. when dip 4 is ON it's supposed to skip over the internal ROMs and read from the disc, when it's off it's supposed to disregard the disc and read from the ROMs first. But it sounds like it's reading from the ROMs regardless of position. Quote from elektromaniak: “Is t…

  • Quote from elektromaniak: “I just tried that, if #4 is on or off when booting, it still just shows the disc (game name text) on screen then the error about incorrect security cassette. ” Try removing the security cassette and installing with just the disc and with Dip #4 ON.

  • Quote from elektromaniak: “It says something about backup setting rebuild, to press test button. ” sounds like your RTC battery is dead. Quote from elektromaniak: “when booting it it passes the rom check ok ” That's because it's verifying them against the CRC for Fishermans Bait Marlin Fishing since that was the last game installed, and they're probably correct for that Quote from elektromaniak: “So it does something similar to CPS3? It saves internally? ” yes. with the FB2 disc and cart install…

  • Quote from elektromaniak: “Hey guys, I just bought a system 573. I have the security cart for fishermans bait but I am missing the disc. For Fishermans 2, I have both the cart and the key but its still giving me an error about the security cartridge not matching when I boot up. ” try using the disc image for Fishermans 1 that's in MAME. you'll need to use chdman to extract the .chd file to a bin/cue and then burn that. Assuming your cart is good that should work. as for fishermans 2, are you sur…

  • maybe contact parts express to see if they can make a refoam kit. They make them for lots of other drivers. They may already have a kit in the right size.

  • Hello All

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    Quote from DecepticonZero: “What wonderland do you live in where shipping a cabinet cost $100? ” for real. $100 is the price if the guy lives a few towns over and delivers it for you. about $300 is the cheapest I've ever been able to get something shipped and that's usually if it's only the next state over. Domestic USA freight will run you $300-$600 for a single, normal cab is about what you'd expect, double that if you're shipping something big like a DDR or Twin unit. (I've had about 8 cabs s…

  • Quote from Derick2k: “I forgot to take a pics of the harness, I’ll see if I have or can get a manual for GSS that should have the schematic in it. ” I have a GSS manual myself though if it's anything like the older gun boards the pins don't really have names, they're just labeled A B C D ... so the only way to really tell is to poke around with a meter.

  • Quote from rewrite: “Is the Blast set to 31k as well? ” ^Check this first. but I've found that even setting your PC to 640x480 60Hz doesn't necessarily mean it will sync on a 31KHz display. also the jumpers on the JPAC are to be set based on your monitor's compatibility, not your PC's output. all it does is disable the sync signal if it's out of the range to help protect your monitor... so if you have a tri-sync monitor you can leave all 3 modes enabled.

  • I haven't tried them yet, I wanted to spend some time and confirm that the pinout is indeed the same as the old ones... less I hook it up and smoke something

  • Happy Birthday Dreamcast.…74b5530869b09f9279a88d0e3 Anyone playing today in celebration?

  • yeah, if you want to. are they the same modules as these?: Shooting Gallery: Sega Type-II IR on a 108" front projection setup.

  • Quote from Pyves: “What about using lenses in front of IR led in order to make them appears bigger and/or increase range? Cannot they do the trick? ” Maybe? But that is likely a more expensive option than brighter LEDs.

  • probably one of the vertical deflection ICs failing. this thread has some suggestions for where to start:

  • thanks, I'll give that a try!