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  • UD-USB Decoders

    tika - - Temple of the Undamned


    I'm looking to purchase a couple of these USB decoders, but am unable to find a store that sells them. Does anyone have a couple that they would like to sell or can point me to somewhere that has them in stock?

  • I'm not super keen on crimping my own cables, any idea on where I can purchase 1 or 2?

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “A few clarifications: Both editions, standard and advanced, are identical in features barring: Standard: Through-hole components. THS7316 RGB video circuit. Advanced: Surface mount components. THS7374 RGBS video circuit. Power LED. The remainder of features and circuitry is identical between them. ” Might be worth adding the above wording to the first post so people can easily see what the differences are between versions.

  • Minigun

    tika - - Consolization/SuperGun Showcase


    Looks good! Will you be offering pre-made superguns for purchase (I can't remember if this was discussed in this thread or not)?

  • Hiya, this looks awesome! Can I also be added to the list?

  • Sega Vs City Help

    tika - - General Jamma and pre-Jamma


    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Sega Vs City cabinet with all the JAMMA internals and PSU intact (minus the CRT monitors). This is my first cab and I'm looking to make it compatible with 6-button CPS2 games (SFZ2/3 and Xmen vs SF), although I'm unsure how to get there even after reading up on forums/Google and the "CPS2 NOOB" forum post (CPS2 NOOB) on this site. I have a few questions regarding the JAMMA cab setup, switching between carts, and the video output options: 1. I've purchased a Pa…