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  • Brook might actually do it. They added support for a handful of memory blocks in their stand alone Dreamcast converters, it's really handy for things like saving the unlocks for MvC2 for instance.

  • Link 2 cabs

    Aurich - - Taito Type X


    Officially? Use a Vs Kit. But there's no real magic in it that I can see, just a handy way to extend everything.…970718f499945b53b5e8c0afd

  • Type X3 - USF4 stuck in low res

    Aurich - - Taito Type X


    Quote from jassin000: “I actually think the Steam release of USF4 is BETTER than the X3 version/release. ” I'm willing to be convinced otherwise, but aside from games that didn't get ports I can't think of any game that isn't better on Steam. The era of the arcade releases being better has passed, now all you get is gimped feature sets, network DRM, and often worse input lag. It's fun to mess with it all as novelty or arcade culture, or to play things without ports, but otherwise? I honestly thi…

  • CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Aurich - - CPS III SuperBIOS


    Quote from Darksoft: “However the option of making simms with enough capacity for 6-8 games which can be changed via dip switches is very feasible. ” That would be godlike. To be honest, my SuperBIOS CPS3 is really just a suicide-free Third Strike, switching games it just too painful to really ever be worth it, especially given that Third Strike is the only game on there people want to play seriously at my place. But if it was easy to just flip on Jojo for an hour for fun? I totally would.

  • I happen to have this open in another tab, has info on some of the other pinouts:

  • UD-USB Decoders

    Aurich - - Temple of the Undamned


    Chinese supergun is probably wired for Chinese fake Jamma like Pandora's box. They add extra buttons off the edge. I would throw it in the trash before it sets something on fire personally, but there's probably a way to rewire it to standard Jamma if you really want to save it.

  • Vewlix F General mods

    Aurich - - Project Showcase


    I can't stand loud fans, and holy crap, the Vewlix ones sound like freaking vacuum cleaners. I couldn't get them out of my cabs fast enough. Sure, replacing the top one is a little work, but you probably never cleaned in there before anyways, and trust me, it's disgusting.

  • I don't want to judge people based on their money or spending habits or anything but ... All this effort to get these nice cabs, nice superguns, nice PCBs, and you're gonna cheap out and get some shit power supply that might end up frying all of it one day? This isn't a place to try and save $10. Just get a real brand.

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Oh that. I have one of those, the casing is the most horrible cheap nasty feeling thing in the world. It literally feels like it's going to fall apart in your hands so I didn't use it because it just seems like a fire hazard waiting to happen. ” The eBay photo alone makes it look like it was fabbed on the sly in a prison machine shop.

  • Can you make a version for when Arlieth comes over that just removes Makoto from the game entirely?

  • Just practically speaking, it would be nice to have some way to verify/check that this version is actually installed. Splash screen, in a menu, whatever. Be good to know for various reasons, makes sense. I vote for whatever's easiest, because I don't want Darksoft to have to stress about spending time on it. Other than that, it's just not an issue honestly. Because when you play in a tournament (or arcade) you don't get to reboot the cab to check the version. You just step up and play. Only the …

  • I'll respect whatever decision Darksoft makes, I'm just grateful that there's a community of people that can take an idea like this and solve and implement it with such speed. Don't want to take that for granted, or get lost in bickering about things. I understand both sides, I feel like there are reasonable points from many people. I'm just focused on being able to play, that's my personal stake. No need for drama, just a discussion with a bunch of like minded people.

  • I certainly don't think doing something subtle that lets people spot it is a problem. If anything it would be helpful for those in the know to be able to see it and get comfort from it, rather than the opposite scenario about getting mad. I don't think calling it version C or whatever makes any sense, but sure, put in a dot or whatever. It's a very minor bugfix. I dunno, I can't help but think this is being blown out of proportion. Because this forum is full of things like this. When hacks to ch…

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Let's make a full stop here. We'll release the 1 byte change and keep the rest intact. If someone wants to make other changes, please be my guest. ” Awesome, I would be happy to run this in my Darksoft CPS3 setup. I'd have no issues telling my players about the fix, frankly I'd probably want to brag about how much I appreciate this community for rallying around cool ideas like this. But if I was in a situation where it was something better kept secret I would have no proble…

  • Quote from GeeDee: “Quote from Arlieth: “This is fair in the US. In Japan they cannot due this for legal reasons. A ton of arcades run Darksoft carts but they could get in huge trouble if they get caught. ” Out of curiosity, what do you think the community consensus would be overseas about using Ver.C? If someone were to cause the glitch, but the game didn't freeze...would there be some kind of discrepancy/controversy? Or would keeping it hush-hush fall under the "nail that sticks out gets hamme…

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “ Technically, there is one more vertical Neo Geo game - Neo XYX by NG Dev Team. But that game suffered from poor sales and NG Dev refuses to reprint it for the same reason Aurich mentions - the entire first-party released library of games is horizontal and they got a ton of complaints about releasing a vertical-only game. ” I think most people think of the Dreamcast release for that, where vertical made sense. Or at least I do. It wasn't Neo Geo only at the very least. …

  • Quote from CoinFeeder: “It's TATE. It would be easy to add an option to rotate controls, so you can at least play on a horizontal setup. But the graphics and text would not be actually rotated. ” I'll be honest, tating a Neo Geo game definitely reduces the appeal for me. I'm just not going to rotate my Neo Candy monitor for one game, when the entire Neo Geo library is horizontal. That basically flies in the face of Neo Geo's use case, which is easily swappable games, and makes this feel like a b…

  • Quote from SabreAZ: “I still dont see the 3s scene signing off on this. As noble as the attempt is, cuz now we are modifying game code, so I could see people being apprehensive with this ” Just takes Mutant signing off on it as Jazzy certified and there's nothing to really worry about in the US. Get Art on board and run it at NLBC and there's another easy win. I'll hopefully see him this week, I'll ask him what he thinks. I can think of some people who won't want to run it, but I don't really ca…

  • Haha Arlieth has the real stories. Also a really good Tokido impression

  • Quote from MetalliC: “perhaps later version B is/was more popular in Japan ? ” No, they only play A there. Third Strike players in the US are total weebs, they follow anything Japan does. You lose major cool points if your CPS3 board isn't running the Japanese ROMs when people come over. Japanese players are the ones who came here and showed us the unblockables in the first place. When Tokido busted out the Urien tech in 2002 people lost their minds. If you're not…