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  • Quote from yodd: “Quote from ShootTheCore: “Todd (TO Support Rep) mentioned that neither the Neo SD or Neo SD Pro had beveled edges or hard gold plated edge connectors either, and no one made a big deal about it. It's only because of Rene's article that people are looking at those details now. ” I'm not sure if I am being misquoted (or perhaps I misspoke), but the NeoSD and NeoSD Pro have a beveled edge as far as I can tell. I have a Pro sitting here beside me that certainly has a beveled edge. …

  • Quote from FirebrandX: “Quote from Darksoft: “This is what I think is more concerning and typical practice of TO: It's a shame that he was aware that the edge connector wasn't properly beveled while being warned of the fallout 4 not doing so (by your own admission) yet not giving it a second thought and sending them out for $$$. That's pretty deliberate. I hate that, it's disappointing. ” That's not the case. Nobody knew anything was amiss until Rene's article came out, and then people started r…

  • Yep, Irem boards are just darker than others, although replacing the caps sometimes brightens them up a bit. If your Irem boards have brown caps, definitely replace them ASAP because they are known for leaking and causing damage. If they have green caps, those are higher-quality and are less likely to have issues.

  • I love shmups of all kinds, but mMy favorite shmups are ones where it isn't just about bullet-dodging, but also has terrain influence gameplay. For example, R-Type 3 has a factory level where lava pours into pipes, and the opening and closing of valves creates safe passages past the lava flow. Thunder Force 3 has a cavern where earthquakes cause rocks to fall. Radiant Silvergun has a boss that shoots a screen-sweeping laser, but you can duck for cover behind a terrain pillar. Gradius V has a sli…

  • Oops, sorry I missed the part where you said you swapped the PVM chip. Dumping the mask ROMs and verifying them is definitely recommended, but let's go over proper chip behavior. The mask ROMs for the PROGBK1 PCB match the pinout of a 27C160 EEPROM. In that case, Pin 11 is your Chip Enable (active low) and Pin 13 is your Output Enable (active low). On a properly-operating chip, one or both of those Control Lines will be set high (inactive) while the CPU sets the address lines to what it wants to…

  • If the dumped ROMs check out then the PCM chip that handles V ROM multiplexing has probably died. I had the same thing happen with a Metal Slug 5 cart. If that turns out to be the case, then you can move the mask ROMs over to another PROGBK1 board donated from another game. Just match the jumpers up on the donor board to match the setup on this one.

  • Quote from Kyosuke75: “@ShootTheCore Awesome user name and awesome that you are providing your time to help others! ”…5a20681085c3d143021ca7fe3

  • You mention placing Game Gear games in the SD card, but the Mega SD doesn’t support GG games does it?

  • I'll mention again here that I'm happy to program EPROMs for anyone that needs it - just pay for the shipping.

  • The Retro Game Supply adapter is not a good one - the 1.25 max amp rating is too low. As per @FirebrandX's recommendations, get one of these with a 2.5 max amp rating instead:

  • V1 suits me perfectly as well. I want to play the games; the look of the hardware is secondary.

  • Nope, no CPS3 setup here. I'm not enough of a fighting game fan to justify the platform when fighting games is all that's on it. But if @ebzero89 is looking for an inexpensive logic analyzer with tons of channels for arcade board work, track down an HP 16500 series on Ebay. I paid $150 for an HP 16500C with 128 channels. Just make sure you get one with the cards and wiring still intact - the cheap ones for sale have the goodies gutted out of them.

  • Quote from Aurich: “I'll be honest, tating a Neo Geo game definitely reduces the appeal for me. I'm just not going to rotate my Neo Candy monitor for one game, when the entire Neo Geo library is horizontal. ” Technically, there is one more vertical Neo Geo game - Neo XYX by NG Dev Team. But that game suffered from poor sales and NG Dev refuses to reprint it for the same reason Aurich mentions - the entire first-party released library of games is horizontal and they got a ton of complaints about …

  • Dump the ROMs and compare the checksums with MAME. Very likely one or more of them is corrupt.

  • Hmmm ... a few thoughts: 1) Definitely replace the caps first if it hasn't been done already. 2) A bad solder joint on one of the SMD chips could be your culprit as well. Metal expands as it heats so a pin might make a connection when it's cold but then lift up just enough to break the connection when the chip heats up. 3) Buy some cold spray and spray small sections of the board after it's heated up and the audio distorts. If the audio clears up where you've sprayed, you found your target area.

  • Love the simple fixes!

  • Quote from pedroTFP: “Can anybody give me a link (prefererably in Europe) to buy a better PSU and run some other test? I've a HAS and a proper arcade PSU but I can't use it with a CMVS (JNX, *great* product if you ask me). ” Something like the Triad WSX050-4000-R would work I believe. It’s a high-quality switching 5V 4.0 amp supply that is often recommended for the Neo Geo AES. I’m not sure why kind of connector the JNX CMVS uses on the console, so you may end up having to adapt the barrel plug …

  • I asked @caius about those pins and he pointed me to these on EBay. Much more affordable than the Digi-Key pins:…ksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

  • 10.85 GBP for three to the US sounds quite reasonable to me. But I'll happily go along with whichever shipping method Fluffy prefers. Sounds like a lot less time filling out Customs forms if he only has to send one large parcel.