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  • Quote from rewrite: “Quote from SmokeMonster: “After reading a bit, you're definitely right that it's dangerous to use resistors for dropping voltage with high power sources like PSUs. I found what may be the perfect option though. Creative INSPIRE speakers took 13.5V AC (5A), and their PSU is cheap on eBay. It's model US-1450. Even though the PSU isn't labeled as AC output, I verified in a few different sources that it is in fact AC (not DC like most PSUs). I got one for $13/shipped. I can't te…

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “And Cheng capacitors ” Can I use Rцкycons?

  • Quote from merrygoomba: “I got the Lion3s Plexi case and installed it today on my MV-1C,is there a way to fit the HAS without taking the bottom Plexi off the HAS like I had to do? ” My HAS doesn't come in contact with the plexi, so maybe Lions3 redesigned them? I would contact him because I think a lot of people would be disappointed by this.

  • v4.0 is up to add Pound for Pound

  • CPS2 Fan Replacement

    SmokeMonster - - CPS2 Multigame


    You can totally silence it with a fan speed controller.

  • I've updated the BASE pack with the CPS1/1.5 conversions.

  • I get all that stuff from eBay. You can search for 12V LED strip and then just measure how long you'll need. Or you can order them longer than you need and trim them with scissors.

  • @cruzlink2 overhauled the LCD selector list to fix some issues. I'm sure that wasn't fun to sort through, so a huge thank you to him for fixing it. I rebuilt the "Joystick Controls Only" list using his as the source too. Consider this an emergency update, I'm not coming out of retirement Here are the only two files that were changed, so no need to DL the entire pack to update:…3423bcb89df85b69eacfdd34d

  • That looks great, nice work. I saw one in person at AVGC and was blown away too.

  • Hopefully you grab them from the mirrors @xodaraP

  • That set is waaay out of date. Edit: Oh, you needed the old set, I see

  • ATX bench PSU

    SmokeMonster - - Project Showcase


    Running CPS-2 Multi at 4.97V is dangerously close to the 4.95V when serious ROM glitches and timing problems come up. I would say this test is a big fail.

  • Home Arcade System

    SmokeMonster - - RGB's lab


    Quote from APDWaldo6: “Just checked my spare power supply All Cheng caps. Why’d you do this to me smoke. Now I’m gonna have to take apart my super gun and check the PS in there too. Probably gonna be the same. But I got a HAS coming soon I hope so I need a new one anyway. ” Sorry! I wish I had looked into them a year ago before I recommended them to everyone. They're still totally fine though of course in practice, and they do use 105C caps at least. But if you can get Mean Well for about the sa…

  • Home Arcade System

    SmokeMonster - - RGB's lab


    Quote from jassin000: “Yea cheap caps I get that... but when you say the price for a Mean Well is almost the same... Uh, I'm seeing around 100$ for the Mean Well, but 30$ for the Suzo Happ. I think I will upgrade eventually, cuz yes of course I like the higher quality EVERYTHING. But comparable in price they are not, Mean Well is on avg 3x the price from my browsing. ” You gotta learn to use search engines:…Power-Supply/2…

  • Home Arcade System

    SmokeMonster - - RGB's lab


    Quote from jassin000: “I like the Suzo-Happ 130watt Power Pro. Its real cheap, about 30$ around the net. Not sure why its not recommended, I've got no issues with it. ” You got Cheng. See this thread: Budget Arcade Power Supplies

  • Anyways, I really love all the updates to the Minigun and I've been recommending it to everyone lately. Great work, @Frank_fjs

  • @GC8TECH is a full time arcade tech who looks over 170ish cabinets, so I tend to trust when he says that he has problems with Happs and prefers the components in the Min Dongs. He puts Mean Well QP-200-3As in 3.3V cabs, so maybe use that if you want the best of the best. My guess is that if you open up a new Happ, you're just going to see the cheapest possible Chinese components that are in all of these things. I feel like cheap PSUs like ATX power supplies and laptop bricks don't belong anywher…

  • You're looking at the wrong model then. Min Dong MD-9916A

  • Quote from djsheep: “Quote from ebzero89: “That's a cool looking PSU. I bought a cheapo one off ebay that was a knock off of the MeanWell. The Happ one looks a LOT cleaner, gonna pick one of those up. It's just an 8 pin molex connector to the 6 pin one on the minigun right? Any wiring peculiarities I should know about? ” It's a VERY solid supply, I believe @SmokeMonster uses a similar model. I had @Frank_fjs make a cable for mine to hook up to the Sentinel (ATX) with the parts I sent to him, he …

  • Looks cool! Are you going to be selling these? Also, why mono only? That part I don't understand.