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  • Got this reply during night (delivered the files to system11 who forwarded them for taking a look): "consensus is that those roms are all bad" So, new ROMs is a go for now.

  • Actually, made this already Wednesday/Thursday: - Downloaded the package of Mame ROMs (containing also alternative A, B and C revision ROMs). - Measured that the VCC and GND are where supposed for 27C040 (and couple other similar pin size eproms) - Tried out dumping the eprom 10 from PCB as it would be 27C040 -> got 100% match straight and decided that all is good - Dumped all 11 eproms with same setting Result: Only three out of 11 do match 100%. The rest are more or less similar. So, this leav…

  • I'm trying to debug a PCB for my friend and I suspect that there is a corrupted eprom chip, but this type of eprom is not familiar for me, neither I could not find the type from eprommer (TL866) device list. Chip has these markings in top of it: ZR040P-2 SINGAPORE That's all, nothing else. Any ideas if this chip is similar to any other type? Couple of googlings revealed about nothing for this eprom, not many locations for getting one either. At the moment game plays correctly (also sounds) until…

  • Glorious Irem M72 multi

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    Few M72 PCBs sold in YAJ around 450-550e within a week. Of course other costs on top too. What I have seen, the sales above that price level are not common (plenty available for 800-1200 USD, but they are not moving).

  • Perfect that you got it working. That slipped completely through the testing phase without giving problems - during testing I loaded three games with no problems. Apparently exactly three games which loaded correctly and same games as stated in LCD

  • What I understood: situation is that the selector seems to work (games will load), but some games loaded are not the ones which were selected. Two things came to my mind: selector ribbon cable to multicart is upside down or games in SD card are not in same order as they should be/some games have been removed. The cable has been tried on both ways, that did not help (though, it must affect that different "wrong" games are loaded according to which way the cable is put). There is latest software i…

  • Can you please describe what do you mean with "acting up"?

  • Quote from ReplicaX: “I have a legit minty Raiden DX if you need specific pics lmk. You'd hate the fact I picked it up for $50 back in the day. ” During "the days" those were normal prices... I can't say that they were cheap though, times and income was very different back then. I bought my Raiden 2 and DX boards for similar price too. Many other boards were cheap too, and quite many deemed very rare and expensive today were common finds (tells something about how LOT of PCBs are just collected.…

  • Chinese got this ready first?…DE-JAMMA-PCB/113839056285

  • Keeping it not used a very long time isn't good for caps either. When you turn it on afterwards the caps might not "heal" themselves anymore properly (unless done a specific way, which isn't very easy to do when they are already installed) - or the leakage current is high during the process and this current may damage other components. I have seen myself couple of times that a long time stored thing works very well for a while and then the caps start to leak utterly... Electrolytic caps actually…

  • If you need steel cutting, call me in

  • I would vote for tate too. Interesting to see what comes out from this project.

  • Add me to the list for V1, please.

  • Welcome! Not that strange hobby though, I know several people who do this kind of stuff nowadays. I have myself got familiar with Amiga, X68k, Laseractive and PanaQ repairing amongst other more simple things

  • --> STV Cartridge Sales Thread -->

    stt1 - - ST-V Multicart


    darhgo bought the last I had in stock I have ordered parts for the few last PCBs I have, will take few weeks to arrive.

  • Cab smoking

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    It's easy to slip... Maybe we just love BBQ?

  • This is NOT how you ship a Hikaru

    stt1 - - Sega Hikaru


    Damn, totally reckless packing

  • Cab smoking

    stt1 - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Fuse going out wont create smoke, not even when the glass fuse explodes. If there was smoke and smell of burned electronics something else went for sure. Take a close look around the PCB and components if you can see any marks of short-circuit or burned area. Measure the transistors.

  • Is it enough to replace Hitachi FD1094 with the normal CPU for achieving this? If yes, it's no problem, I have couple of 68000 CPUs in the parts box.

  • Yeah, true that, but it may take some time to get the board, note the error and get it sold again. So, better to resolve first the obvious issues and act then. Found a bunch of 16Bs already for sale...