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  • UD-USB Decoders

    SabreAZ - - Temple of the Undamned


    Arlieth, not that i am aware of. What some people do is purchase really short 3 to 6 inch usb extension cables. I know touching or getting near exposed electronics may make people uncomfortable, so using these extension cords allow people to plug and unplug without getting near the pcb. Also, covering the bottom of the board woth electrical tape is a good idea =)

  • right, that's exactly how I have always known to do it. I wish I could find the link I was referring to. A bunch of electrician talk, and there was some confusion in regards to this. Figure I would just come here to set the record straight =)

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “What is the PSU in question? Some have earth and DC ground connected internally via a filtering capacitor, which is why continuity won't buzz through on a multimeter. ” in my case, an RT-65a

  • hey guys, I was curious about something in regards to wiring for power. I've recently read somewhere that i should run one of the two grounds from the minigun power cable to the field ground(FG) terminal on the psu, which a proper 3 prong power cable is already utilizing. Is this accurate? I normally combine both ground wires to one spade fork and run it to one ofvthecregular ground terminals. I also see many others do this over the years. Not sure which method is correct. Help!

  • this is exactly the type of info i was looking for. Much appreciated!

  • out of curiosity, does the brook neogeo to ps4 adapters work? Since undamned's db15s are out of the limelight for a bit, im curious if they will work?

  • The jumpers are absolutely fine. The voltmeter was a pain in the ass. I cut and stripped the wires really short, to feed through the holes, and I had the hardest time getting the conductor through cuz the holes are so tiny. I feel they should be slightly bigger. Otherwise it's fine. I just got some brass spacers to mount it. I feel with the power terminal change, it seems to be much easier to grip the minigun and pull it off the game pcb. I felt that with 1.7, I had nothing to grip to really loo…

  • @Frank_fjs after messing with 2.1 and 1.7 personally, aside from the converters fitting, 2.1 is just much nicer through and through

  • Finished putting v2.1 together last night. Came out nice. First thing I had to test, fitting both undamned converters on the board to make sure. Fits perfectly bFnwaRM.jpg

  • its a first draft, it happens =)

  • 4 player adapter should work for 2.1?

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “That BNC cable is fine. How are you using the first cable you linked to? Completely different connector on it than what the Minigun has. ” oops wrong link…tellivision-Panasonic-3DO But yeah. Glad to know itll work ok. Thanks

  • so I'm currently using this cable to ossc…ble-tv-lead-cord-for-sale Works fine with the minigun and ossc. My question is if it is safe to use this female scart to rgbs bnc for pvm use: It seems it should be ok, but I really hate Scart and all the different standards there are so I'm never confident in my choice, so I rather ask you guys so I do not fry anything. Thx

  • Man you guys rock! Cant wait for this expansion

  • at the end of the day, I personally love everything you guys do. @Mitsurugi-w definitely raises very valid points. I'd rather we play safe and put something to distinguish. Whether it's something minor or something that stands out like a sore thumb? I have no idea. But as long as there's a way to tell, I'm ok with that

  • I don't care what you guys do. After I run my event in a couple weeks, I'm gonna update the boards to the new version and have people test. I plan on being silent to my players about the fix for a set time period, to see if they notice anything different, then eventually let them know what's going on. Don't want a placebo effect clouding their judgement. I think its neat regardless

  • Quote from Aurich: “Quote from SabreAZ: “I still dont see the 3s scene signing off on this. As noble as the attempt is, cuz now we are modifying game code, so I could see people being apprehensive with this ” Just takes Mutant signing off on it as Jazzy certified and there's nothing to really worry about in the US. Get Art on board and run it at NLBC and there's another easy win. I'll hopefully see him this week, I'll ask him what he thinks. I can think of some people who won't want to run it, b…

  • yeah I'll be using ossc. I will keep all of this in mind! Thx

  • I still dont see the 3s scene signing off on this. As noble as the attempt is, cuz now we are modifying game code, so I could see people being apprehensive with this

  • Also keep in mind, most of the time, the first revision of a capcom game is almost always the main Version to play. When capcom makes a rom update, they do not send the updates to their customers(arcade operators). All that happens is when they manufacture more boards, it will have the updated romset. So you have a situation, where most operators buy the games at launch or within a week or so. And never buy anymore. And never ever get revision b. Capcom never gave out free rom upgrades, like how…