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  • Quote from 8bitforlife: “Not sure I should say so they dont get bombarded. I believe there called spark caps and I was only sent 2 or 3 to fix my chassis that's been to a certain place 3 times. I eventually found out with inspection that one leg was not connected and it shorted my tube. ” If you have a manufacturer or part number that could help.

  • If its the spark gaps you are referring to, you shouldnt have to replace those unless there is a problem elsewhere, they are basically there for high voltage discharge protection.

  • Quote from ekorz: “Quote from Derick2k: “We are gonna need a G1 harness selector for all these nice addons you are creating ” Ha there's an idea! someone figure out how I can fit RFID, JVS IO, Fast IO, extra buttons, and this thing all in my CP with selector switches ” Working on it Im sure we will get some iteration of something that will do most of this

  • Ill take 2 please. We are gonna need a G1 harness selector for all these nice addons you are creating

  • Quote from Micromort: “I’ll grab some pics later today/tomorrow. Everyone has a different definition of “mint” so I hope I haven’t oversold my cab . There are a few small spots that might be suspect. BUT I think it’s one of the cleanest stock cutes you’re going to find. also, I have no idea how to ship this but I’m willing to try. ” You would have to crate it and honestly FedEx / UPS / DHL Air Freight, its the fastest, not the cheapest, but they take care of everything for you basically. @hursit…

  • Quote from jassin000: “OSSC's FPGA maxes out/ends at 1600x1200 5x 240p modes only, but good news your 4K TV can make nice use of that. ” Ive been trying to see how I reach out to Marqs to see what it would cost for him to make a OSSC version that would do 240p 9X (upscales nicely to 2160p) I mean if he can make one even at double the cost of the current ossc I would buy 5 units right now.

  • Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    Derick2k - - Project Showcase


    Make mounting holes to accommodate for the different A boards, and have enough height/clearance for the different connectors that can attached to the B or C board, plus DS multi and undamned infinkey setup.

  • Plus Osaka has some really good food

  • Lucky you!!! Definitely check out Beep, they still have fair prices I think. Im planning my 2nd trip, going to stay at least a full 2 weeks this time. maybe a little longer if I can.

  • @hursit You need to put your repro side by side with an original one, who in or near turkey can lend Hursit a cute???

  • Quote from hursit: “Quote from SNK-NEO-GEO: “For people interested in the USA, here is what I would like to know, do we care about the dimensions being original or do you care more that it fits a 19” WG monitor horizontally? Do we care enough to change the dimensions if that is a possibility to fit a 19”WG both vertical and horizontally? I am asking these questions because we know this is a repo cab and might as well try to get it as close as where we can source monitors from the USA.. I also do…

  • Im sure there a quite a few original tubes around to be had, the problem I think would be sourcing their original chassis. If hursit can make them accommodate 19" crts both hori/vert, then he can make adapter mounting brackets to mount 18", 17" crts, I would go in this direction, that way people that cant get crts, can install 19" lcd, etc..if they choose to. I vote to make the cab versatile, while keeping the appearance of the original. If people are willing to donate as well, I would donate so…

  • Cool I’m in for 1, maybe 2. I may want to put 4 of them back to back

  • Quote from SNK-NEO-GEO: “Quote from Derick2k: “I want a pink one to complete the collection, I have spare tubes and chassis ” Willing to sell tubes with chassis? ” Depending how things turn out, I would

  • I want a pink one to complete the collection, I have spare tubes and chassis

  • Demon front has crept up a bit, when got my copies they were selling for $100-120, and I sold one a few weeks ago for the same price $120.

  • Yup, you have to replace the onboard DC to DC converter. So you want to use one that does 5v to 3.3v.

  • Quote from Fluffy: “Quote from Derick2k: “I can give it a try, need to look into getting their castable resin, etc.. ” Doesn't "castable resin" in this context mean metal-casting/foundry use? Can't you duplicate normal prints just like you duplicate other objects?The only thing I would look at is if you can model sprue or vent holes directly onto the object. ” I havent gotten into molding yet, but I know they have high temp resins, etc...that can be used for injection molding, if I can get into …

  • Quote from Fluffy: “Quote from Derick2k: “I would be happy help out and cut the plexis, I have a formlabs resin printer so parts to make are expensive, so maybe TS wants to do the 3D printed parts? And I can do the acrylic. ” You could make one high quality print, then make a silicone mould to make further copies. ” I can give it a try, need to look into getting their castable resin, etc..

  • Quote from bfontain: “3D Engrave for the engraving (on the reverse side, which is why the logos in the SVG are mirrored) ” Engraving is like the worse thing, it takes FOREVER to get good results. I have started to experiment with actually scoring anything that I would have engraved and then filling the scored "text" with acrylic paint. Only thing that sucks is whatever shapes you want scored needs to be made up of open ended lines/paths. Im still experimenting with it until I nail it down.