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  • Welcome! Sounds like a fun project. Just a few free-form thoughts, take 'em or leave 'em. What's your video desire? MK's run at awfully difficult resolutions. MAME just showed me UMK3 does 400x254 at 54.706840hz. That's not great for scaling, and lousy for most LCD's to try to lock onto. You'll need to solve this by either a) using a CRT, b) being very careful to select a tested LCD, or c) stabilizing the image to 60hz using a number of options. UMK3 is not a small pcb, so saving space with a sm…

  • Quote from Darksoft: “for MVS all issues including the REDSCREEN should be fixed now. ” Everything is looking good for my previously-troublesome MV1C and Unibios 3.3. No red screen on KOF98, Pulstar, or MS3. (I'm also not getting that weird write-address error anymore on KOF98, though that really was probably a bad pin contact on my MVS). The only 'quirks' still present are 1) upon first boot, the unibios logo does not render immediately, and 2) there are visible lines drawn on-screen with an mv…

  • Form Organization and layout.

    ekorz - - Forum News


    It looks like some topics are nested, e.g. Sega Hardware is a topic with all the sega systems as sub-topics. This seems cool but I do see a button to create a new thread myself at that sub-topic-level, which seems bad. Here’s one I made (feel free to delete) that is in the middle sort of limbo on this topic now: Sega Hardware Support Thread: Test thread

  • Test thread

    ekorz - - Sega Hardware Support


    Seems legit

  • 2x Red!

  • Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    ekorz - - Project Showcase


    Just dropping in to say I’d buy a cps1 with a multi label design, if that’s happening. Also looking forward to seeing your KI or KI2 versions. Those midway boards make awful noises when I move them around so having them mounted seems like a good idea.

  • If you look at the files on the sd card you’ll see a KEY file in every folder. You should anyway! If you look at the contents you’ll see the hacks and avalaunch just have 16 blank bytes rather than an actual key. So it’s normal for the multi to say it’s writing the key, it’s just writing a blank key.

  • Well I guess I’m interested then too...

  • Quote from Derick2k: “We are gonna need a G1 harness selector for all these nice addons you are creating ” Ha there's an idea! someone figure out how I can fit RFID, JVS IO, Fast IO, extra buttons, and this thing all in my CP with selector switches

  • hi everyone

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    Welcome! Clearly you're here for @'MetalliC''s brain: House of the Dead 2 working on Regular Naomi! but it should be said that there's quite a lot of other incredible stuff around here. we have a lot more brains for you if you poke around.

  • Cannot vouch for quality, nor fit for the forked terminals... I make my own. But it could be fine?…0kuggLEAQYESABEgKImvD_BwE

  • I do not think there is a decrypted rom set for that rom board that plays golden axe Japan revision. The only Japan rev I know of that’s decrypted plays on 171-5704. In any case it would be the program roms ic1 and ic2, but I think that board only plays world and two USA revisions.

  • Quote from mathewbeall: “@rewrite you lucky SOB - you are #2 on the list! ” **YAWN**

  • I like the kind with a speaker on them. Got one of these for $17 on sale a few years ago (610b model but this looks similar). It’s preference though, the $10 is functionally the same thing, it just doesn’t make noise.…_cp_awdb_t1_2MVVDbDGKZJSK

  • For context, I’ve been fiddling with boards for a few years though I’m no master yet. Honestly I bought an oscilloscope 6 months ago and haven’t had to plug it in yet. In the meantime I’ve fixed several boards though! So far everything has been solvable with a multimeter, $20 logic probe, soldering iron, some wire, an eprom programmer and whatever components I need for the fix. Also a very healthy respect for the MAME repo in github, and lots of data sheet googling. I am excited to plug in my sc…

  • Setup Time Crisis 3

    ekorz - - Namco System 246/256


    Those $280 ones aren’t original despite what they say

  • Setup Time Crisis 3

    ekorz - - Namco System 246/256


    Maybe end of the era for original stuff. But the knock offs are pretty good: “NAMED” instead of “NAMCO”. A bit cheap on the wiring and hose if you get the full gun.

  • Interested in picking up a red 100y, mine has seen better days

  • Setup Time Crisis 3

    ekorz - - Namco System 246/256


    You just need 5v and 12v. And 24v for the gun solenoid but that’s another power supply. The one I linked says 5v 20A, +12v 13A which is considerable, so maybe yours isn’t supplying that many amps. It feels like a lot to me, it’s just powering the 246, dvd drive, and gun io, but who am I to say. Lindbergh psu might work just saying 3.3v won’t matter.

  • The passives are the other little components on the board, like smd capacitors, resistors, diodes. Maybe a close up photo of the key writing wires... Honestly I still have my $5 on the interconnect board being seated too high... got a photo from the side?