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  • Welcome Nick! Where-abouts in CA? There are a ton of us here on the site.

  • Quote from FluxChiller: “red/grey wire that goes up to the copper bands ” The copper band thing is the yoke, and those are yoke wires. One set is for horizontal, the other is vertical (I couldn't tell you which is which, the other set is the brown/yellow, or brown/white with the same style connector). Anyway, my money is on your HOT has gone out.

  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

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    The console release is the arcade release with additional characters/features. It's a direct step up.

  • @FluxChiller I for one definitely misunderstood you. Glad things are figured out, and I still find it funny you found my pic of all people's. Sad about not getting one though

  • So $40 was a pretty solid guess.

  • Tentative due to needing more details specified is one thing. Tentative because you don't know if you can afford it or have permission to spend is another. And I agree with @hoagtech here. Don't commit if you can't commit, because it will only harm the overall project if they start being manufactured and suddenly 6/40 people drop out.

  • The point here is you're confusing something being a good deal with something being affordable and/or worth the money. This is, without question, a good deal for a *brand new* Cute cabinet, even if it's partial. Is it affordable and/or worth it (as the comment about it being up to one's bank account and themselves suggests) is a different concept. And yes, that's me. After dealing with the bullshit Matvei put me through and actually having the cabinet in hand I was absolutely stoked. And per usu…

  • I disagree entirely. Getting a 2019 Chevy Silverado for $10,000 is a good deal whether you can afford it or not. Bank account isn't relevant to if something is priced less than the average sale. @FluxChiller kind of weird, your posting a pic of me after that. Not to mention such a bad one, Heh.

  • Yes, move from one pin to another. Report back with your results!

  • There are hundreds of good games at $100 or under. Try playing around with mame and see what you can find! I think it should be put in perspective that the last, fairly beat up, cute that went through eBay was $2770 not including shipping costs, where this is brand new at $1500 inclusive of international shipping. Maybe you weren't aware of what some of these mini cabs generally go for, but this is a good deal, really. Even if they're not 100% complete. Maybe you should correct people on other p…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “exactly, it's like buying a truck and including the price of the things you plan to haul with it. ” I ALMOST USED THIS ANALOGY!!!! I typed it out and everything! Second guessed myself before hitting submit.

  • PCB price still has zero to do with the cabinet. When you don't want to do things for yourself in an effort to save money, they'll cost more money, I agree with that. $560 for the Cute? Weird your cart is different than mine. We must have different taste in buttons and sticks (though I did forget the balltop). I'd have hit 50 after shipping I suppose. But even so, $60 isn't $100. Impatience also drives up pricing We're probably derailing at this point, ha.

  • Quote from hursit: “I think i will make it for Seimitsu because of the originality. ” LS-32!!!!!!!!! (It's just my favorite, do what seems best) People will probably prefer universal. Folks have very strong opinions about joysticks, ha.

  • Form Organization and layout.

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    Quote from twistedsymphony: “It's probably just throwing wildcards between each search terms and searching the post body without any real intelligence behind it. ” Probably. I just tried throwing quotes around a search term, but that doesn't eliminate them either unfortunately. "recap" still brings up results for things that aren't just "recap".

  • Quote from animesuperj: “Another option, use Fastenal. ” Only some Fastenal locations will accept arcade machines. None around me will.

  • Quote from FluxChiller: “$1500 to get it into the states - I assume that is maybe a warehouse for consolidation on the west coast $500 for shipping from that warehouse to your location $250 for Tube/Chassis - assuming it can be sourced locally without shipping $100 for the controls/buttons (1player) $100 for unknowns $250 for PCB/Pandora/MVS etc $2,700 -ish out the door? ” Putting PCB costs in there is silly. In part because they can cost just about anything, and in part because it has nothing t…

  • Form Organization and layout.

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    It also likes to use your search term as part of a word rather than a full word. For example: recap brings up results with recapping, recaps, recapped. Which sure, in this situation is useful, but in a lot of others, partial word search is really unnecessary and brings up 40x the results you actually need.

  • Quote from Carnov: “Also, I've been meaning to ask, where exactly do you check the voltage of the board? It's the wire set on the left right? I want to know the voltage of the system using a Multimeter. ” Yes it's the harness on the left. This is MVS pinout, not JAMMA, but they share the same pins for power, so using this as a reference:…/2019/07/jamma_pinout.png Set your DMM to DC, put the black lead on GND, and put the red lead on one of the +5v. And then leave t…

  • Form Organization and layout.

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    It's good in theory. It has all the options for narrowing things down that you'd want out of a search, but the actual search engine for the site is awful unfortunately. I'd say you can search for the complaints @twistedsymphony has made about the system, but...