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  • I was asked to try and flesh out Hursit's thoughts in English. There seemed to be some confusion stemming from his 80% comment. The cabinet that has already been completed is 80% accurate. But moving forward the goal is for the cabinets that will be sold to be 1:1 aside from monitor-related stuff (bezel, mounting points, etc). Additionally the middleman thing may or may not be the future of this project. Both in terms of payment and/or shipment. That'll be reviewed again when a 100% cab design h…

  • Where is that quote from?

  • Quote from animesuperj: “Using PayPal, people could cover the fees if they send normal ” PayPal now makes sellers eat the fees on a refund or dispute. So if someone paid the fees, then asked for a refund, they'd get $463.75 back, and the seller would have to eat the $13.75. For 40 cabinets that's asking whoever is the middleman to be on the hook for $1650.

  • Quote from hursit: “1- I cant find out the real colors. People have to help me about of that. You guys have to find RAL code of the colors. Then i will test it ” I feel like reaching out to Ronnie would be good for this. He's probably had more Cutes go through his hands than anyone else? I know there are folks on this forum with original cabs, but they don't seem to be piping up. Have you tried on ArcadeOtaku? Quote from hursit: “2- You guys have to find out TATE mode for the 19" WG ” Same as ab…

  • Quote from hursit: “When he complete the money he will sent to me %30 of payment. Then i will start. I dont know how many days takes to get all payment, but in this meanwhile i will start to redraw cabinet. I dont want waste time. Yes ronnie told me he can borrow his cabinet. If he cant @Solmin will help us. But i have to see how many people seriously make payment. Because there is some shitty paper works in Turkey to bring to Cute here. ” I don't want to come off wrong, but I would be much more…

  • Quote from FluxChiller: “Anything you would recommend to screen/pick a guy? ” Ask around and see who else knows them, or has had them do work. KLOV would be a good place for that. Chances are high /someone/ on there has dealt with whoever you're looking at.

  • Quote from FluxChiller: “Nanao MS9-29SU ” 0pE.jpg

  • It's not abnormal for the HOT to go after a recap. I don't see anything obviously wrong with the yoke. Which MS9 is that, and I could probably look up the part location and part number for you.

  • Are you planning on this being straight away, or is there some leeway in the pre-order period? I know Cereth said he's busy for at least a few weeks, and I know you'd mentioned Ronnie may be able to sort you with a cab to borrow, plus color matching and 19" tate still need research. If it all works out to mean production starts after the holidays you may end up with far more orders.

  • Welcome Nick! Where-abouts in CA? There are a ton of us here on the site.

  • Quote from FluxChiller: “red/grey wire that goes up to the copper bands ” The copper band thing is the yoke, and those are yoke wires. One set is for horizontal, the other is vertical (I couldn't tell you which is which, the other set is the brown/yellow, or brown/white with the same style connector). Anyway, my money is on your HOT has gone out.

  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

    rewrite - - General Arcade Tech Help


    The console release is the arcade release with additional characters/features. It's a direct step up.

  • @FluxChiller I for one definitely misunderstood you. Glad things are figured out, and I still find it funny you found my pic of all people's. Sad about not getting one though

  • So $40 was a pretty solid guess.

  • Tentative due to needing more details specified is one thing. Tentative because you don't know if you can afford it or have permission to spend is another. And I agree with @hoagtech here. Don't commit if you can't commit, because it will only harm the overall project if they start being manufactured and suddenly 6/40 people drop out.

  • The point here is you're confusing something being a good deal with something being affordable and/or worth the money. This is, without question, a good deal for a *brand new* Cute cabinet, even if it's partial. Is it affordable and/or worth it (as the comment about it being up to one's bank account and themselves suggests) is a different concept. And yes, that's me. After dealing with the bullshit Matvei put me through and actually having the cabinet in hand I was absolutely stoked. And per usu…

  • I disagree entirely. Getting a 2019 Chevy Silverado for $10,000 is a good deal whether you can afford it or not. Bank account isn't relevant to if something is priced less than the average sale. @FluxChiller kind of weird, your posting a pic of me after that. Not to mention such a bad one, Heh.

  • Yes, move from one pin to another. Report back with your results!

  • There are hundreds of good games at $100 or under. Try playing around with mame and see what you can find! I think it should be put in perspective that the last, fairly beat up, cute that went through eBay was $2770 not including shipping costs, where this is brand new at $1500 inclusive of international shipping. Maybe you weren't aware of what some of these mini cabs generally go for, but this is a good deal, really. Even if they're not 100% complete. Maybe you should correct people on other p…