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  • You aren't color grading movies for Hollywood, you're playing video games. You don't need a CRT analyzer. The CPS2 color bar will do just fine. Does it look OK? Great, play some games on the thing.

  • The number of wires in all the connectors matches (14 for the guns, 6 for the sensors), so you just need simple passive adapters in between. Time to pull out schematics for pinouts. As for connectors, the PCB connectors are JST XH: Gun end is Molex standard .093: Sensor end is AMP UP: Naturally crosscheck datasheets and connectors with a caliper. Sega lightguns …

  • I think I erased my CPS3 cart

    nem - - Capcom's CPS-III


    Surely a SuperBios cart if he tried to erase a SIMM?

  • Your 3rd pic is the just the 2nd pic again.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Most carts were actually saved from being trashed as they have the extremely common game in Italy Super sidekicks. Instead of being trashed, a big package of them was bought and given a second life. ” Well, I don't know about giving them a second life. All of those Sidekicks could have been easily converted to other games, like Viewpoint (7 roms), which is a great game in short supply. You can make cart cases in China

  • How many multi carts have been sold? 300-400? That's a crazy amount of gutted carts.

  • Aren't they old cart shells that have been media blasted?

  • F3 monitor issues & audio question

    nem - - Taito F3


    Is the monitor in your cab a MS8? If it is, have you adjusted H.HOLD on the remote under the CP?

  • Quote from hardyhell: “oh and did it make improvement on Focus? ” It did yes. However, I have enough MS9s that I know that if you have the contrast on too high with that chassis, the picture will become a smear. So if a MS9 came to me that looked blurry, I would service the chassis and calibrate the monitor before ever thinking about rejuvenation.

  • Quote from tiramizzu: “because it's a 2.5 hdd and the power is provided by the same ribbon cable that is used to transfer data ” It's just a consolidated 44-pin connector. Google 40 44 pin ata adapter. Basically if you can find passive adapters for both ends, you can swap the regular 40-pin ATA ribbon cable in between the adapters to another computer.

  • You could also measure the voltage from one of the cart connectors. A 4-slot is a hungry beast and you want those carts to get 5V. Easy to measure because both GND and VCC pins are on both sides, so very little chance of shorting anything.

  • Your cab already has a computer PSU. That actually might be the problem. Computer PSUs don't have adjustable +5V rails. You should measure what kind of voltage you're getting at the motherboard.

  • Quote from acblunden2: “Donor tubes for the 8-pin neck are much easier to find than the 10-pin necks on other 19" CRT monitors Trust me, 8 or 9 out-of-10 19" TV's I round up from Craigslist work for the Wells Gardner version of the K7000 (8-pin) Sadly, for my other projects, I need tubes for 10-pin chassis (G07's, K4900, K4600, Zenith K7000A) ” It's funny, it's completely the opposite here in Europe. Almost all 20" (19" American) CRT monitors here have 10-pin necks (B10-277). I actually badly ne…

  • Honestly, I think you're on point. It's just that past experiences with my meter has shown that I don't agree with everything the meter is trying to tell me. It's possible it's just badly calibrated. Hopefully I'll come across a service manual for it and I'll get to recalibrate the thing. However, I don't agree with you that you can't spot problems with the tube without an analyzer handing them out for you. Kind of like in your example below: Quote from brad808: “You have piece of wood with pain…

  • Quote from stt1: “Also have another board, waits to be fixed.” If it's extra, I call dibs.

  • Oh man, what a missed opportunity Sengoku 3 is. Too bad you're fighting the same grunts level after level because everything else it great. How's the enemy variety in Gladiator?

  • Admittedly not a bad idea. I'll see if there's a service manual for the thing.

  • I have a B+K 490B. I don't know, maybe the dials on your rejuvenator are better calibrated than mine, but mine regularly shows measurements that are off. If the gun is dead, then yes, that's accurate. However, I wouldn't trust anything else. I always go with my gut. If the tube is lacking green, I will rejuvenate the green gun. If the tube has poor focus, I will rejuvenate all three guns. Doesn't matter what the dials are showing. There's no restore function on the 490B, however, I've always had…

  • You don't have any arcade machines in Turkey? I'm not sure if you understand how ubiquitous these things are. Probably almost anything that was made by Electrocoin in the late 80's / early 90's (Big Run, Cisco Heat, Chase HQ, etc). Upright Sega cabs like Out Run, Afterburner, Hang On and Turbo Out. Cabs made by BAS. The list is probably really, really long.

  • @hursit, I'm sure you can find a Hantarex MTC-9000 (somewhat) locally. Tube size is 20" European (48cm), same as in the Wells. The mounting points look exactly the same:…0869d16dd6a8daa4a7ca13c82 MTC-9000 on the left, 19k7000 on the right. It was a really popular monitor in European cabs. I own four of them and I collect Japanese cabs! If someone wants to double check the measurements, I can measure the Hantarex. Distance between the vertical and the horizontal mou…