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  • Quote from brentradio: “How cool would it be to have a multi-kit for the Sega 18 boards... ” It's almost ready

  • Quote from xodaraP: “There are additional chips piggybacked on top as well but I'm assuming those are the same type of logic with additional IO channels. I have a Gunforce handy, if you're happy to document the process I can ship it to you or take some detailed photos ” Yeah ! But I have few projects I'd like to complete first.

  • Quote from xodaraP: “I guess your best option is to follow the picture above. I don't think those who can do this are going to release the information publicly. ” I wouldn't mind sharing the info but I don't have a Gunforce board handy to give proper details. It shouldn't be too hard to run wires for the missing address lines though, just by comparing with an other romboard.

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Indeed. If a Gunforce can be converted into RTL, it can work with the multi. I'm sure @Apocalypse said it was impossible though. Someone is now saying the info came from him? ” Never said it was impossible. However I did say that wasn't easy due to the reason you mentioned earlier: missing address lines so wires have to be used. A bit messy but doable.

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “They replaced the Marilyn Monroe background in Stage 2 with the Altered Beast werewolf.……68fa3251a45c75f9a9b2cba7c ” This I immediately noticed and is really minor, more a cameo or tribute. Quote from archimage: “@Apocalypse they swapped Spiderman with Green Lantern ” That I didn't know. I'll try to source the Switch game (is there anywhere you can find them for download?).

  • Quote from c0nn0r: “What are the chances of us running the updated Shinobi that M2 recently made for SEGA Arcade Ages on Switch on System-16 hardware? I know that the Fantasy Zone 2 ROM needed changes to the system-16 motherboard to get is running, but that Bloxeed anc Fantasy Zone ripped from from PS2 worked. Anyone have details on the updated Shinobi? ” What is so different with that new version of Shinobi? Looks like they went the emulation route so quite possi…

  • Quote from SnakeGrunger: “@rewrite yeah those are correct (just double checked with my personal copy). 27C240 are not common but I just take off the stickers from the ones already on the NB-1 board and rewrite new data. ” They are equivalent to 27C4096 which are very easy to find.

  • Quote from zeruel85: “Hi all! @Mitsurugi-w @Apocalypse could we have a little update about this project? It's been a long time since the last one. Thanks for your hard work guys. ” It's officially ready! We had some delay having the connectors manufactured, then some weird issues on some protos but I wasn't available to troubleshoot them due to personal reasons keeping me away from the hobby for several months. At the end there was no design mistake just too slow chips.

  • @KoSLoW, I don't remember if I shared the gerbers here. Could you please attached them in the thread? As a general information the modifications I made for @KoSLoW were to reduce the overall size of the PCBs so they don't collide with nearby SMD components and increase the lenght of the tracks so there's a bigger gap between the two PCBs of the slot to adapt to his case. I could also reduce the size of the tracks to make the overall thing a bit smaller (I guess gap can be reduced by 0.2" no prob…

  • Quote from djsheep: “NES Battletoads > Arcade Battletoads ” NES anything << everything else Man, 4 colours per sprite limitation and high pitched audio hell...

  • @ShootTheCore would you mind sharing the ROM files (only ROM files please) with @tom5151?

  • Quote from tom5151: “I took them from here Irem M72 Roll-Up Pack: All ROMs for the Apocalypse M72 Multi ” Yes but I don't know if those files are correct. Anybody else having success?

  • Quote from tom5151: “Quote from Apocalypse: “Try to erase ROM 2 and burn it again. ” Did it but no change ” Then maybe files from the pack are wrong.

  • Try to erase ROM 2 and burn it again.

  • The small one (20 pins).

  • Can you try with the other GAL?

  • Quote from tom5151: “All games work except Pound For Bound ” When you say doesn't work you mean bad graphics, no sound, etc.? What dip setting are you using to select Pound for Pound?

  • Quote from stj: “i hate these boards, it's always a gfx problem, the schems are shit, and the rigid way the boards are linked doesnt help! i prefer galaxian boards. (and anything from atari when they included the schems package) ” Then forward them to me, I love them. And how dare you complain about the schematics quality? You should be grateful they even are available! Real repairers don't use schematics anyway

  • Copied from my blog (link under my avatar) after @Darksoft suggested it. Turbo OutRun on the bench today (OutRun hardware). I really like to work on this hardware, I find it very easy to fix, design is made in a way different fonctions are made quite independent and neatly organised on the boards, THT custom chips are rock solid (and can be found on S16B motherboards anyway) and the only weakness is the PCM SMD chip which has been reproduced. That's maybe also because I've worked on those boards…

  • Quote from ShootTheCore: “Given that list, you’d want to check ROM 4, 7 and 9 in that order I believe since Hammerin Harry is in the first half of games. ” When I say first/second half I'm not talking about games but data. Being 32 bits two 16 bit EPROMs are needed. @hoagtech glad you got it working.