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  • Quote from Jangofatt: “Great video also great setup! Also best Game! These videos are just getting me more and more excited about getting the NAC Splitfire. ” You’re coming up shortly Quote from papierkorb: “ADD ME PLS ! thx ” added

  • Quote from Kyosuke75: “I’d like to be added to the list too. ” adding you now

  • Quote from KmanSweden: “Ok. I'm definitely not in the USA. I'm guessing you'll send some kind of PM with payment details in January-ish? ” Yeah, I'll let you know. I'm now guessing you're in Sweden? For UK and Italy it was $26 shipping I believe. I will have to coordinate with you when the time comes but probably in that range.

  • Quote from BladeZX: “Curious where I am on the list Thanks ” you only preordered 1 month ago, it's going to be a bit for your turn. Please be patient. If I had to make a guess I would say around feb 2020, maybe sooner?

  • Quote from mthngn: “sorry but I found nowhere.I have only encrypted. ” get the old rollup pack that has everything unlocked... or try one of the hacks that have been put together.

  • Quote from KmanSweden: “Cool stuff. Can I be on the list too? ” added Quote from Blaknite: “can I be added to the list Thanks ” added Quote from alexboogaloo: “Yo , just wondering where down the list I am and to confirm if its $110 via paypal? ” There's approximately 22 units that need to ship before your turn. It will be $110 shipped for 1 unit if you are in USA.

  • Quote from DasianWilliams: “Where can I buy the Splitfire? ” Z

  • Quote from DasianWilliams: “Where can I buy the Splitfire? Also put me on the list please! ” added

  • Quote from arcadelegacy: “Put me on the list please. ” added

  • Here is my shinobi board: Z6k-BbWs5l_xgL56TLFOCe-kVkdaQQNhrR8gH0la_d0O60P4QY75FCVm8KUvsZPc9Pp5negIFfOdFXcsplxcByKh_dpBwVz8jWwD0ZojT0NhJbWP1wnDBXdwfGcFmorevB36NFgfVgja2L8cLxox1x7eTU33prD1sK03Rn5trgMStH3MCct2GHaGZMzmcV4-e0OVvL54H5L77eBqIghgWILoa2pJSjIidFC71Y7LSCGb6_tsK8mrl1kJTmp45vic7MgkQAysD_Bf9ew7mryVPuTHF60yh91__lFJHGT0ZqpORVE7vwsBHJSs4VywYs-IiiwNN0QpT56MEVtE0erp9awjx6HWgOESLzPZGSxim0NQFOViiqUQ1Yz31-vIoEMX9fVR1wIfzAfhwYpyUUkPvtNmcXaJetL9Vhn0SxB0GU67vhNabCo3ScsZQD00-e0KJWp6vTaqlutnUFG3mydQXG_ef9…

  • Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “Quote from xodaraP: “Shinobi uses an encrypted Z80. You can desuicide it by replacing with a standard Z80 and replacing the sound CPU ROM. If I remember correctly it's a 27C256 which your TL866 should support. ” Thanks, I will get a Z80 then IIRC the multi comes with blank chips right? ” I think there are multiple version of shinobi? I could swear i have an unencrypted cpu version? I need to bust out the pcb and take another look. I was planning to use it for mine.

  • Quote from loloC2C: “Hello, I'd like to be added to the list for 2 units please Thanks ” Quote from Akokaram: “I would also like to be added to the list. Thanks. ” Quote from WhiteCrow: “I'd love to be added to the list for one! Also, has anyone attempted non-jamma streaming with one of these via a rigged up adapter? I have a bunch of classic stuff I'd love to use it for as well. ” Adding the 3 of you to the list. Yes there have been some people who have made adapters for non-jamma. You can also…

  • Quote from Jamesaar0n: “can i be added to the list, and place at the end of the line, thank you ” yup, adding you now.

  • Fiat of the North Star seems to need something else usb to boot. Sega Jamma/jvs and regular jvs io didn’t work.

  • Got my boards in yesterday! going to be a sec before I got everything put together and tested, but looking forward to it!

  • Quote from Wesker13: “hello great work!!! can I be put on the list please? Thanx ” yuuuup

  • Quote from phodie: “can I be put on the list please? much appreciated! ” added

  • Great, that is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. up to 50ft is more than generous. I think I will likely stick to 15m cables as that should be sufficient and is what the manual recommends. I am sure through everyone on this forums we can come up with a good label scan. I am planning on making 4 conversion boards (cheaper than 4 multis) for my communication boards set. So I would like to print repro labels for them. Preferably Japan region if there's any difference in the stickers. Cool…

  • Quote from Imrangelica: “I requested one a few weeks ago. Am I on the list? How far out do you think? Thanks so much! ” About 57 people ahead of you... maybe 1.5-2 months approximately? We need to plan a reorder of pcbs/parts in a week or two. I want to do it hopefully so that there's 0 down time on production. The best way people can help to make things move quickly is to have money ready and respond to my PM when I send it to you quickly. I don't want to take money from people ahead of product…

  • A few things... 1. What cable length are you using for testing? Or better what length is confirmed working? Trying to think out logistically how to arrange 4 cabs to play this. 2. Does anyone have a real ssf2 tournament battle board and can scan the label for me? I can only seem to find the regular new challengers label. 3. Will this work correctly if the boards are different region? I assume not since the names are swapped around between japan/usa. 4. What happens if you connect more than 4 tog…