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  • Quote from Derick2k: “Anyone know how much he charges for it? ” His Cave conversions cost 200 € (~$220) a piece. I tried buying an Espgaluda cart off him before sheep_nova’s conversions were a thing, but never heard back from him, so IDK whether they’re actually available or not.

  • Quote from RGB: “It's the same with my adapters, I wrote my code around the official controllers. I'll grab one of those retrobit controllers when I'm less busy and see what's going on there. ” Please consider grabbing a wireless 2.4GHz Retro-Bit controller once they're available. I'd be willing to chip in a little towards getting you one for testing, although I'd wager to guess that the multiplexing logic will be identical between the wired and wireless models.

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “I never heard back from anyone from the first two batches, did they work okay? I don't own a HAS so never tested myself. ” No news is good news. That said, my extender from the the very first batch has worked flawlessly with the HAS v3.1 on both the CPS2 with the harness extension and on the PGM without it.

  • FWIW, if you can't find someone local to program one for you, can do it for a small fee when you buy the chip from them.

  • Lovely! Is an AES cart on the cards? I'd also settle for a ROM version that's runnable on a multi, even if that meant a longer wait.

  • Hey @SmokeMonster, is the interview you did with @GC8TECH making a comeback on YouTube any time soon? I missed it the first time around, and would love to watch it (even without all the pixellated nudity )!

  • Quote from acblunden2: “Quote from Yippikaye: “@Fluffy can you add @acblunden2 BOM to the first page ? So it's easy for people to order parts ” Good idea. But hold off on that until it is finalized. Some corrections have to be made. Plus will set the quantities for 1 set of PCB's, then users can add the project quantities as needed for the PCB quantities they get from Fluffy. Also, will publish a Digikey BOM. ” BTW, what would be a suitable part for the (optional) jumpers mentioned in this post?…

  • InfiniKey-CPS2

    dr_myslihiiri - - Temple of the Undamned


    Quote from undamned: “If you suspect it's running on a decrypted ROM set, set game jumpers on the InfiniKey to all 0's. This writes 0xFF to every key byte, which is what a dead game has when using decrypted ROMs. If the game runs fine with that setting, that confirms your suspicion.-ud ” Well, what do you know? With a zeroed-out InfiniKey the game runs fine. Mystery solved! tenor.gif

  • Quote from PascalP: “Do you know how much a VP50 would add? Less than the Lumagen in game mode? I do have a 2144, but I think all Lumagens of that generation use similar hardware so the results should be the same? (Radiance XD, XS, XE, Mini, 21xx) ” I couldn't say about the VP50, as I've never owned one. But FWIW, VGP claims that it could be as low as 6 ms for NTSC sources. You're probably right about the XD/XS/XE/Mini/21xx generation sharing the same hardware (and software) platform, so it's no…

  • Quote from PascalP: “(Still need to test the OSSC running via my Lumagen video processor to see if it works like a VP50 ) ” Your mention of your Lumagen VP got me curious about the amount of lag they add to the display chain. I remember reading somewhere that they were really laggy even in game mode. So, in the name of science, I dug up my old Lumagen Mini 3D from storage, and measured it with a Time Sleuth. As a baseline, my Dell U2414H monitor has 2.3/9.6/16.9 ms (top/middle/bottom) lag at 108…

  • InfiniKey-CPS2

    dr_myslihiiri - - Temple of the Undamned


    Quote from nem: “Quote from dr_myslihiiri: “The crazy thing is that at some point in my troubleshooting, I got the game to run for a good while without a battery or an InfiniKey installed. I assume this means at some point the encryption keys had successfully been loaded onto the board, and there were some caps still holding charge and keeping the keys in memory. ” It's not crazy at all. The EXC5 cap is there exactly for that function. The cap holds enough charge to keep the keys in the memory w…

  • InfiniKey-CPS2

    dr_myslihiiri - - Temple of the Undamned


    Since it's been raining a lot here lately, I thought it'd be a good time to grab a soldering iron and finally replace the batteries on all my B boards with InfiniKeys. The installs on both SSF2X and AvP went fine, but my Japanese Mars Matrix (rev 7) is giving me a spot of trouble. Before cracking open the shell, I powered up the game on battery and played it for a while, and everything seemed to work great. I then de-desoldered the battery and proceeded to install the InfiniKey. However, after I…

  • You might also want to change the fan on the A board, as the originals often sound like a jet engine on takeoff. There are some suggestions for replacement options in this thread.

  • Fantastic! I’d be in for one each to cover my losses.

  • Quote from Fluffy: “You need two 16V8 GAL, the brand doesn't matter. I bought ATF16V8B-15PU-ND which seem to work fine for me. ” Pardon my noobiness, but besides the GAL type (16V8), do any other specs matter? BuyICnow, for instance, has a few different types of ATMEL ATF16V8B GALs for sale. The package should obviously be DIP20 300mil, and I'm guessing the 15ns variant should also be OK. Am I right?

  • Quote from nem: “I'll take three sets. If anyone local to me wants to grab any, I can do a group order. ” I'd be down for at least one set, and I'm local to you, so colour me interested!

  • You, sir, are a hacker and a gentleman! I just replaced the v103 ROM on my Chinese cart with this, and it works brilliantly! Now I can finally make sense of the playing instructions and end-of-match taunts. Thanks (and apologies for the necrobump)!

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “If anyone has issues with 8bitdo 2.4G M30 controllers, shout out. Early units with V1 firmware have some connectivity issues which have been fully resolved in a beta V2 firmware. 8bitdo haven't made the beta firmware publicly available but I have it if anyone needs it. ” The final v2.00 firmware update is now available on 8bitdo's support site. The instructions say that the update won't work on OS X, but that's only true if you try to copy the update file using …

  • Lovely jubbly! I'll be wanting two of these to go with the pair of 8bitdo 2.4GHz M30s I just bought. Wireless supergunning ahoy!

  • Having recently bought both an EPROM programmer and one of sheep_nova's Ketsui bootlegs, and then bumped into this post on Ikotsu's blog, I began wondering whether anyone had tried running trap15's Arrange version on sheep's conversions? While I haven't yet opened up my cart, going by the original label it's also a KOV2 like Ikotsu's cart. Based on the copious amounts of hot glue on the PCB in the picture, I'm also guessing his cart is probably one of Joerg's conversions. Could the process be as…