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  • Replacement Speakers

    Scarletspeedstr - - Midway Systems


    I'm going to have to replace the speakers in my Midway SportStation cab. It looks like they are 25W, 8ohm, 5 1/2" speakers. Originals can be had here, but was wondering if there are better options available.

  • Last night I popped in Nine Dragons just to verify normal carts were fine. I booted, then went into settings and did a system reset. I powered down, took out Nine Dragons and booted Espgaluda which then loaded normally. I then swapped to Ketsui and had garbled graphics again. Repeated the reset procedure with Nine Dragons, and then Ketsui loaded fine. If I reset with one of the conversion carts, a subsequent conversion won’t boot, but if I do a system reset after having booted Nine Dragons, all …

  • Thanks for the replies guys. Voltages are good, and I cleaned both the carts and the connector on the board. I've noticed now that a little added pressure on the cart affects the sprites. I'm going to try swapping some shells to see if one doesn't provide a better fit. EDIT: Swapping shells did nothing. I went back and turned all DIP switches off, booted without a game, reset, and still hit or miss. Seems odd it would be all three carts, so I'm guessing it could still be the board. It's puzzling…

  • I finally got around to trying out my sheep nova carts today. Sadly, Ketsui is the only one that consistently works. DDP and Espgaluda boot, but play with graphical issues. I've cleaned the pins on all three, it just seems to require multiple seatings and power cycles until they work properly. Curious if anyone else had similar issues.

  • Wow, so this is what I was doing a year ago? Thanks internet. For what it's worth, I never solved whatever the actual issue was. I ended up keeping the A board (which was fine) and acquiring a new Final Fight B and C board.

  • Thanks guys, much appreciated.

  • I’ve been running a NetBoot setup on my Naomi 2 for a little over a year now. Last night when trying to load up Virtua Fighter 4 FT, the Naomi loading screen began flashing a checkerboard pattern and was animated in slow motion. The game eventually did load, but the checkerboard flashing continued. Further testing showed that this now happens with any Naomi 2 game I try to load. Any game from the 1 library or Atomiswave is perfectly fine, both loading and actual game play. I’m going to pull it t…

  • I had so many issues with this on mine between the ballast, fuses, and the bulb. I eventually just grabbed an LED all in one, wired it to the cab, and $11 solved my issues.

  • New confirmed working B board incoming, will reinstall and see where I land. If no luck, it’s coming your way @Mitsurugi-w. Thanks all.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “Maybe a stupid question, but have you tried with a different A or B Board? Just to make sure we're looking at the right place. ” Not a stupid question at all. I don’t have any additional boards to try it on. Given everything I’ve done I would agree I’m now at that crossroads of needing to acquire different boards to test on.

  • Quote from SmokeMonster: “You used the Windows formatting tool though, correct? ” Yes, in Win10.

  • Used multiple allocation sizes on both cards, no dice sadly.

  • Thanks SM, I can give that a go. The Sandisk card I formatted with AOMEI in Win10, and the Samsung card was already FAT32 formatted when I opened it so I hadn't messed with it. I can try different variables like you are suggesting.

  • Started my own thread since I didn't want to get lost in the sticky. I've had an issue ever since installing my multikit where the graphics are garbled ( This occurs on every game. Some of the things I've tried so far; reseat B board onto A board, remove and reseat PALG, verify all jumpers are set correctly, tested continuity of all jumpers with a multimeter, verified pins are straight on the kit, removed the entire kit and reinstalled, tried two different SD cards including a Sam…

  • Troubleshooting Tips

    Scarletspeedstr - - Capcom's CPS2


    I'm still stuck with graphical issues ( I've removed the PALG and reseated, verified my jumpers are correct, tested continuity or lack of for all jumpers, have reseated each piece of the kit after checking all pins, and even purchased a 4GB Samsung SD to try. Same result.

  • Troubleshooting Tips

    Scarletspeedstr - - Capcom's CPS2


    Yes, happens on all games. I’m going to grab a new SD this afternoon. The PALG I received in the kit.

  • Troubleshooting Tips

    Scarletspeedstr - - Capcom's CPS2


    I’m up and running, sort of. Everything works as it seemingly should, except the sprites are garbled. Took the kit off and reseated everything, same issue.

  • Art of Fighting cracking the #1 spot in two of the last four posts. I may actually have to give it a few hours.

  • Got in on this. Guess it's time to actually pick up boards.