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  • Yes sector 0 is unlocked, but rest will be locked, like I said it's not ATA locked, but CF locked which is a different cmdset. Honestly not sure it is possible to permanently unlock the drive, but tbh who wants to they are only like 124mb in usable size. You can temporarily unlock the drive to flash contents, Sega where kind enough to leave the tool on the Linux kernel and also a windows version on the Lindbergh blue.

  • From memory it is rs422 to the mainboard, the video goes into the gun board and then from the gun board into the mainboard, hence has a handle on the video sync. The guns are factory standard, +5v, gnd, trigger and optic.

  • Way back in around 2009 elsemi from M2 emulator fame, patched it to work on a regular 256. Sadly do not have it, but shame that a lot of stuff never got archived.

  • Lindbergh SSD replacement

    AndyGeezer - - Sega Lindbergh


    Back in the day, I was using jmicron based sata SSD, same as I used for ringedge, triforce, chihiro et all. I used the mass production tool to change model name to SDCFB would also put in the 8byte magic code from Sega CF cards, so multi-purpose. I'd put the game and kernel all on there, but if I remember I did have to use IDE to sata adapter as there was issues with some games like racetv, Harley where the read access would be super slow. Suspect it was using a basic SATA driver.

  • Afterburner climax does not like analogue on type3, not looked deeply into it, but would imagine that it a problem with the analogue (10bits Vs 16bits). Also some games need more GPO than a type 1 support, but if you use your own jvs wrapper you can fudge both.

  • These are not ata locked, CF cards have a different form of locking cards are made by Adtec if I remember. Also you can tell it's not ata locked as sector 0 is not locked, and means it can be exploited to boot from another drive. Original Lindbergh exploit. Also you can make a hdd/SSD bootable, by changing the model name to SDCFB I think there was other names, you get ID mismatch on boot, but you can put the jumper to 1-2 and boot and it will reset the CMOS will lock/pair the device, but being a…