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  • Neo-Geo controller adapters

    Mattroid - - Project Sentinel


    Definitely interested in two MD2NEOs to simplify my 4 player ArPiCade project I'm working on. My hacked up Genesis controllers I'm using know will just go to the test bench instead Edit: Actually, I think I'll take 2 of each.

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “I make these, 6 button Mega Drive to Neo-Geo (DB15) connectors, with the MODE button hooked up as COIN. ” These support the 6 button controllers without hacking anything up? I like. <insert cliche Fry meme here>

  • Quote from jac: “ anyone know where to source those grey 9 pin plugs? ” If you're talking about the dsub connectors, I think I got mine at Fry's for < $1 each or you can find them on amazon or pretty much anywhere else that would have connectors and the like.

  • Quote from rewrite: “Quote from Mattroid: “There's no microSD involved, just a USB port on the side. I'm not sure where I got the whole sd slot thing from...maybe I was drunk. ” RetroHQ's NGPC Flashcart supports SD cards. Perhaps the two projects got a bit mixed in your memory? ” No, Check the date of that post. That was well before RetroHQ's solution existed. Speaking of which, the NGPSD is an awesome little thing which I helped beta test. Anyone with a NGP(C) definitely needs one.

  • Quote from MoppelTheWhale: “Quote from Mattroid: “I have both but none of the DCs I have on hand are even supported by the GDEMU so I've never been able to use it (and no, it's not for sale - hate me if you must ” No worries, there's a big difference between buying one and not being able to use it and people who claim to buy one every time a window opens to "support the creator". a friend of mine got a dead dc on yard sale and i can have it for a couple of beers - i hope it's only the psu thats …

  • Quote from MoppelTheWhale: “tbh this whole ordering bs is the reason i now ordered a usb-gdrom (let's see how long it takes...) i was really considering getting the GDEMU but really can't be arsed to to keep looking for a ordering window. Especially with the scalpers who buy one every time a window opens (nobody can tell me that you need so many for yourself, these guys have to sell them somewhere...) ” I have both but none of the DCs I have on hand are even supported by the GDEMU so I've never …

  • I hate to say it, but this is the nature of this sort of thing. Boards like this will always get cloned and those clones will range from "completely shitty" to "not too terrible considering the price." I completely understand how the guys who spend the time to make these great products for the community feel, but it is what it is and it will always happen to some degree, it's just a matter of time. If you have a good product that some Chinese company can produce cheaply and make profit from, the…

  • A follow up: Quote: “This will be a rant. Though it’s a blog I normally don’t do rants – but seeing how I started this shitstorm it’s only fitting I try to clean up the mess. And I have better things to do than argue with Internet warriors in the comments, it’s a loosing battle so one last post and I’m done with it. First, thank you people for all the kind words. I didn’t say I WILL raise the prices, just that I’m considering it. The example I gave wa…

  • This is a amazing, thank you good sir!

  • A board questions

    Mattroid - - Capcom's CPS2


    Quote from twistedsymphony: “Also you'd really want a de-soldering gun to tackle a connector replacement, that'd be a nightmare to attempt without one. ” Most definitely

  • I think it was mentioned someplace and yeah, would def make getting to the bottom of the list easier. Would also like similar "page" jumping in the screenshot (side to side) menu. So like in that case, up and down could just from 'page' to 'page'. Def not a priority though.

  • Quote from brentradio: “How sweet it is! Pure Neo Geo Goodness! More Pics Of It In Action Here! ” This picture confuses me. So much so, you should send me that nice looking SF2 bezel so I can put it on my SF2 cab

  • Quote from archimage: “yes mostly my first suggestion is part of what you suggested after reading again, sorry for double post, but it was maybe worth showing interest in the same thing so I think the only new feature to think about in my suggestions would be the ingame menu to select the next game to flash without leaving the actual game, just bring a menu like the unibios menu, flash, auto reboot ” For sure - just though you might want to see some of the discussion around it. I did mention an …

  • Quote from archimage: “ what I suggest is a way to land directly to part 3 from the game because when you have only one game in slot there's no need to use slot selection menu when only one game is loaded, imho it's a cool feature but should be activated when needed, like choosing between a real 1 slot hardware or multi slot. ” Sounds like you basically suggesting what I did a while back. See this post and read forward for some conversation on the topic.

  • Quote from Mitsurugi-w: “Yeah the menu glitches are menu related and low priority ATM. How is everything in game? ” I didn't get a chance to spend much time with it - it did seem like I saw a few minor gfx issues during attract in whatever game I had loaded, but it was overall much better than prior to the update. From what I recall, I didn't see any gfx issues in game for the few minutes I had it running. I will spend more time with it tonight and report back.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “A new version of the FPGA firmware that elminates the GFX glitches on 4 and 6 slots has been released. It shouldn't have any othe effects as our tests show and it's that way in all the mobos that I tried. ” I can confirm the gfx issues are nearly gone on my 4slot after this update - thanks! There are minor gfx glitches while scrolling through the games list and sometimes when selecting items in the settings menus, but I assume the cause of those is unrelated to what this up…

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Quote from Darksoft: “A new version of the FPGA firmware that elminates the GFX glitches on 4 and 6 slots has been released. ” Thanks DS, will test it out tonight on the 4 & 6 slot mbs ” Def looking forward to testing this tonight. Will check into those other things I mentioned in another thread after updating.

  • If that is expected behavior, I'll double check everything tonight when I get home and move the discussion over to the help thread if needed. Thank you, sir

  • Quote from DenTarr: “On another note: If there are still some issues with the multislot boards I really dont understand why they are used with the Multi at all? When you have all the games in the Multi what are more slots good for? ” For some people, perhaps all they have are multi slot boards? I have two single slot boards that I had before I got a 4 slot which have mostly remained in storage as backups since. I need to dig out my MV1C and probably put that in my 4 slot cab to properly run the …

  • Back to future suggestions for a bit...and to be fair I've only been testing the cart for a few days so perhaps there are already ways to do some of this that are hidden and not yet part of the menu - if so, my bad. I believe most of the items on my wish list are currently software/menu changes, but I could be mistaken. tl;dr: (Hidden Content) The main thing I'd like to see, which I'm surprised really hasn't come up in this thread yet (I don't think), is the ability for the cart to work more sim…