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  • I'd love to try one out also. Your original one works well already, lovely pair with Neo Geo. Quote from Frank_fjs: “ Quote from Darksoft: “Is someone producing these? ” I'm happy to do a small run of these. Say 20 units or so. ”

  • I am the designer of the 3d printed shell on Thingiverse. I’m already making them available to help fund my work. I have published the files for everyone to print their own and modify, and I encourage everyone to do so. Print them, share them with friends. If you take a look at the publishing license, I am using CC-BY-NC-SA, which means that you can’t profit from my work. I’d ask that you respect that. Quote from evilsim: “woohoo I met a guy who does 3D printing for schools etc and he basically …

  • Awesome! Thanks for sharing, much appreciated. Your older design works great for Neo Geo, this is only better.

  • Truly awesome work guys! Can't wait to try out this new version

  • Quote from bfontain: “I got mine assembled and working with no issues, thanks for making these Fluffy! Also designed and made some cases inspired by design I saw in another thread:…e9aaa7b3ab12e7164aadb80ae ” Those cases look great. I was thinking of starting out with side spacer for the PCBs using 3d printing. The added acrylic makes yours look awesome! Love the handle idea also. Great job!

  • My impatient self thanks you

  • Quote from 16bitgium: “@arcadeqc Would you be willing to burn and sell me a set of roms for Ketsui and ESPgaluda? I don't have a burner available but I would love to make these games myself! ” Not for the time being, but I will consider it in the future. So far, I’ve burned ESPgaluda and Ketsui and I noticed that the system menu isn’t accessible. How can one change softdips for game settings?

  • This is how an RT-65A should wired. Input and Output grounds are independent. For DC output, red is +5V, yellow is +12V and blue is -5V…e9aaa7b3ab12e7164aadb80ae

  • Can I get a couple more?

  • Assembled my “dev” board with sockets to test my eeproms. Great success with my first set for Espgaluda! I’ll transfer these to a bare board to fit in an enclosure. Makes me think I should have gotten a 4th pcb...……e9aaa7b3ab12e7164aadb80ae

  • Quote from Arthrimus: “The timing on the Saturn's select lines is odd. The period of time that each select line is held high or low is not consistent. I don't have exact timings recorded anywhere, and I don't really have time to set up a test rig for it right now, but as I recall it cycles between 3 of the 4 select states very quickly, and holds on the last select state for a longer period of time. I assume that the gap in the select pattern is meant to accommodate more advanced controller proto…

  • Quote from Unessential: “The cable for this is the same as the HAS right? Is there a place where I can buy the power and A/V cables instead of making them myself? Edit: found the a/v cables... how about power? I'm just gonna have to crimp those myself...? ” I can make custom power cables to your specs. I use good quality 18awg wire with brand name terminal crimps that have a good gauge metal, not the cheap chinesium type. I finish everything with braided sleeving and heatshrink. I can make diffe…

  • Here's my reference when "facing" the connector. KIecwr5.png

  • I also sell assembled PCBs for the Minigun Advanced. If you want a bare PCB, or even a DIY kit, send me a DM

  • I received mine.

  • I'm using 17mm with my case.

  • Hello everyone! I have started assembling Miniguns for customers this month. I’m stocked up on all the parts and am currently taking orders for my next production batch. I can bundle the supergun with a 3d printed case and a power cable. I also make CPS1 and CPS2 kick harnesses. Everything can also be purchased separately from a Minigun unit of you already own one. I’m located in Canada, but can ship worldwide. My prices included basic parcel shipping, tracked express is extra. If you are intere…

  • Nice work Frank_fjs! Now I'm going to have to work on a "final" R3 release for my case, hehe. Kidding aside, I think there will need to be another revision for the new layout. For the time being, I have published an update to my 3d printed case to Thingiverse: There is a new version that works for v2.1 through v2.3. I've also added another v1.7 top case that allows to flush mount a voltmeter directly to the plastic. Let me know what you think, and if you have any su…

  • Home Arcade System

    arcadeqc - - RGB's lab


    Very nice! What connector are you using for the 4P adapter? Quote from Jfonzy: “Hjhj1gA.jpg Got my HAS and it's all assembled. Thanks RGB! Was wondering if this power supply would work. I'm no electrician and a run down of how to manage power when using this would be really helpful. I don't want to fry the HAS or my arcade PCBs. Also looking for recommendations on a good control stick that's not ridiculously expensive. ”

  • InfiniKey-CPS1

    arcadeqc - - Temple of the Undamned


    Be wary of ordering B-21s through UTsource. I placed an order for a couple a few months back and never received anything. I inquired through all means of communication possible and never received a response or acknowledgment. In the end, Paypal refunded the purchase after dispute. Just my 2 cents