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  • Polishing a scratched monitor

    Dreygor - - Monitor Help


    Wow, that turned out good! I can not count how many monitor tubes I have had that had the face scratched up and I just did not want to deal with them. Looking back I should have bit the bullet and sanded and buffed them out like you did.

  • I am in for a couple of Black decals.

  • @Arthrimus Say I have a Chewlix that is wired for a Sega 837-14572 I/O what would I need to do to make that pin-out compatible with this board?…9e910f6615d8571d800d96ca3…9e910f6615d8571d800d96ca3

  • Tons of plans here.. or here…nja-turtles-4-player.html

  • Quote from CharGP02A: “For testing purposes, I'd like to use my USB X-Arcade tank stick. For finished product purposes, I'd like to get either a more rectangular USB stick or some custom stick. Do JAMMA 8 button sticks exist? ” Never used an X-Arcade tank stick button configuration seems weird to me though. So I thought you said you wanted to use a 246/256 and possibly a Naomi set-up with this rig. Why do you need 8 buttons? However I do not know of any JAMMA 8 button stick .. most at that are 3…

  • Quote from CharGP02A: “Regarding the idea of the JAMMA connection, what arcade stick would I use for that? ” This can go one of many ways also. Do you have a fight stick already in mind? Is it USB? What kind of internal controller does it have? Depending on what your answer is you could use a mini-supergun, mcthulhu controller, Brooks controller, or have/get it wired for JAMMA directly and not need any of the additional stuff. Doing custom set-ups is NEVER just a cut and dry. There are many ways…

  • @CharGP02A 1)…b61c9a:g:rz0AAOSwI3RW~VTP…49ac3d:g:VBcAAOSwThddCNVT 2) Every LCD monitor with a VGA input I have hooked my System 256 to has worked fine. The audio is RCA out so you can either use a set of desktop PC speakers, run it out to an amplifier then to speakers or right into RCA inputs on a TV. 3) I would wire the cabinet up for JAMMA then you can use either a Capcomor Namco JVS I/O either one will work. For the kick harness I …

  • @CharGP02A I've got some 246/256 Gundam stuff I am looking to sell off if you are interested.…ystem-246-225-shipped-us/

  • It's interesting that he (Lydz not Yaton) is selling it with a full Nesica loadout and with the Tetris The Grand Master 3 which I thought needed a different video card driver.

  • Quote from jermz1: “@Dreygor I'm not selling a loaded panel just the panel itself. I'm looking at $35-40. @ekorz USB MOUNT , VOLUME KNOB What colors were you looking at with and without label? Thanks, I've had an headache perfecting it. ” After mulling on it I am in for two of the black/grey ones since that's the actual color of my control panels. Did you decide if you are doing the blanks or with the "P1 Coin .. P1 Service .. Exit .. P2 Coin .. P2 Service .. Test" labels ?

  • Quote from jermz1: “Thanks, in what color would you need it in. I'll see if I could squeeze in a alt design within the next small run. ” I think the blue would match my blue cab LVAmcgzl.jpg I also have a red cab coming that supposed to match the red in this picture 730Dhmdl.jpg .. or do I go with grey / black to match the existing CP? Gah decisions I would almost want a no label one except I am digging how the 1p and 2p fonts look on the home buttons. How much are you thinking on fully loaded o…

  • I like this style .. however the button labels don't quite fit what I need I need something more like... P1 Coin .. P1 Service .. Exit .. P2 Coin .. P2 Service .. Test

  • Quote from psykom1: “Thank you for the clarification.I've been waffling on a Mame PC for my cabinet vs a TTX 2. ” In a Blast City cab a PC is probably the way to go. I hesitate to call it just a MAME PC though, because I have probably 20ish other systems running (aside from arcade) on my rig including Wii, PS1 and PS2. Which are most definitely NOT MAME :p I have held off on putting TTX or Steam or anything like that because those games look much better on something that supports HD resolutions …

  • Well it says "Louisville, Kentucky" under his name .. i guess that's as close to Mars as anywhere else on Earth.

  • In fact i happened to find a picture of my stupidity…9e910f6615d8571d800d96ca3

  • Yep that's them. If I remember correctly they are just held in with straps. With that said the speaker from the earlier Initial D cabinets and the Nascar cabinets will fit a Blast City also. You will however need to change out the connectors. The ones like this..…9e910f6615d8571d800d96ca3 I know this for sure because without realizing they fit I gave the speakers away .. and then I got a Blast City and realized they would have fit

  • One thing that might work but would take some modification.. When I had my Virtual-On cabinet they used a normal speaker type at the end of a square tube to direct the sound through the small areas beside the monitors. I did not take any pictures nor could I find any to show you what I am talking about. But I think they would fit.

  • Portable JAMMA emu PC

    Dreygor - - Project Showcase


    OK So I had stumbled onto a list of all the PS2 games that were made and realized that would be an awesome system to have running in my Blast City .. but .. the emulation PC I had in the machine just was not going to cut it. So I decided to do a major overhaul to my build and correct the situation. So I bring you build 2.0 !!! First I had to devise a way for the board to hold a more beefier and much heavier video card. So I went to the internets and found this open frame set up on amazon.. amazo…

  • 3nRtdgZl.jpg

  • I like that coin battery fix. I wonder if that same thing would work on a Neo Geo MVS unit. Seems like a clean solution to me.