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  • Quote from MissionFailed: “Quote from acblunden2: “15khz from an X360 isn't that bad. It actually is decent. ” Is it good enough to get rid of CAVE boards?serious question. not trolling ” Depends on how much of an arcade-snob you are.

  • Quote from Hasuki-san: “so what do I actually need if the preorders are opened again ? I have an Astro City Cab (15kHz onlay) and want to play Saturn, PS1 and propably XBOX360 (only 15kHz, I know its shit) on my cabinet. So I need the Jammaizer, but what else in addition ? ” 15khz from an X360 isn't that bad. It actually is decent.

  • No console-to-RJ45 compatibility means it is not a good choice for the console flexibility that JAMMAizer affords. If you are or intend to be a JAMMAizer user, and you only plan on running MAME on your cab, and you don't already have any of the other MC PCB with a 20-pin MC header, this is the most simple and least expensive solution. Pretty narrow niche though. What's the deal anyway on the need for a USB connection on an any of the existing MC PCB's. You can terminate a USB 2.0 cable to RJ45 a…

  • Man, seems like ages ago since I wrote that up.

  • Nah. A well made console-to-RJ45 cable is just as good.

  • Quote from MoppelTheWhale: “got mine today together wit the mc cthulhu pcb, assebled it without a problem and tested it with my pc engine. when i tried gate of thunder i couldn't get past the cd-rom screen. when i connected a pce controller i got the game to run. now i reconnected the pce to the mc cthulhu and the rest of the buttons and the stick seems to register correctly? Am i doing something wrong, or why is the run button not registering? unfortunately i'm new to the mc cthulhu, so ii don'…

  • Here is my JAMMAizer fully assembled and screwed together (VGA hat and MC PCB's) using my 7 or 8-year old Akishops PS360+. Fitment is perfect. Screw holes on the MC PCB's line up perfectly. Will be giving this run through its paces quite heavily over the Thanksgiving Holiday.…e064239333e3454ee14fb222d

  • Nanao MS-2931

    acblunden2 - - Monitor Help


    My buddy might have a few more flybacks. Let me check with him.

  • Quote from BroadwayJose: “Got mine in. Plugged in two Brook Retro boards and ran some quick tests last night primarily via SCART for the RGB capable consoles I own and everything is excellent so far. Likewise with the VGA hat. No pics yet but I'm planning a game session with friends next week so I'll be sure to share some pics after. @Arthrimus a couple of quick questions: - What is the pinout for the aux button harness connector? - What is the default button combo to activate Select and Home bu…

  • Cool @Hatsune Mike. I think I could use a whole new neck if you can spare it. Talk to you about it on Wednesday.

  • I don't think this will get started until next year. Plus, there are some of us that are saving up for the holiday season and will be broke for a bit after the holiday season. So if pre-orders aren't taken until like February, probably ideal so that no one drops out. No biggie, allows some time to source an OG Mini Cute for hursit 100% replicate. And if that happens and delays things another 2 months or so, would be worth the wait.

  • @hursit, my pre-order is still incorrect. I should be 3 total pre-ordered units: ( GREEN - GREEN - PINK ). Also, that brings the count to 37 units. 3 left to go.

  • If you've ever used a J-Pac, you know that it you have to pipe the line-level audio from your PC's 3.5mm audio jack into an amp, downmux it to mono, and wire it up to the J-Pac. No easy feat, trust me. You have to splice/slice in somewhere to figure out how to power your audio amp. Figure out what to do to downux your audio. JAMMAizer takes care of that in one nice all in one solution as it has a 3.5mm audio input on the VGA hat and an onboard audio amp with mono output to the JAMMA edge. Perfec…

  • @BroadwayJose JAMMAizer doesn't do any transcoding of the video signal; just amplification + DC coupling. So if you have 31khz input, you get 31khz output that is amped and DC coupled. So for 31khz, you need a cab that is capableof displaying a 31khz signal. Personally, any 31khz-capable cab, I connecting the video source directly to the cab through VGA as 31khz does not need to be amped by JAMMAizer's video circuitry. And If you have 15khz, you get 15khz output that is ampled and DC coupled. Th…

  • Awesome that the VGA hat was impemented. Well worth it!

  • Quote from 8bitforlife: “@acblunden2 your tube might be just shorted. You can try a rejuvenator they have a short fix feature on them. Its worth a shot. ” I am going to give that a shot. But the chassis is definitely dead. Sharper Image took a stab at the chassis, said they couldn't do shit for it, and sent it back. They said it was definitely the neck as they swapped out necks and got it working before it went into HV shutdown again.

  • It isn't that most of heere don't care about the rest of the logistics, most of here have progressed beyond the other factors already so they are no longer a factor for consideration. $2,700 is actually a low-mid range estimate. Highly unlikely that you will just have one PCB. So the number shall go up. Anyhoooooooo, that is the starting number you have to sell your accountant/warden/person bestowed with the life support kill switch/domestic parter/boss/wife. Good luck dawg.

  • Quote from stj: “they are usually called GDT's (gas discharge tube), how can it smoke unless the glass breaks??? you may want to check the soldering incase that's what's smoking. also they come in voltage ratings - you need to know which one to buy. ” There is a PSA posted about these chassis. I know that my tube is shot as well as another members here and we both had issues with the vacuum tubes/spark gaps/GDT's. From my experience, I definitely saw it smoking. I'll pull mine from the neck and …

  • What needs to be done? I have a 19" WG and can find someone in my area with an OG Mini Cute that may be able to help.

  • That looks great! Someone get this man an OG Mini Cute so he can perfectly replicate it. Or heck, someone with an OG Mini Cute, set up a Skype session with the man and be ready to take the measurements he needs. Also, I'd be willing to pay extra for separate optional 1L6B panel. Do you think you can offer it? I think the Wells Gardner K7000 19" is a perfect choice for these reasons: - Of all the 19" arcade CRT monitors, the Wells Gardner K7000 is the most readily found - Just about any 19" gener…