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  • Quote from Spaayse: “@Fluffy Can you add me to that list? Thanks! ” Of course. How many?

  • GONE ------------------------------------------------------ Well, not completely. I've got a handful left, but they are reserved for some people who wait for their next pay check. Everyone after this point will be put onto the list for when I'm ordering again, which will most likely be some time next year. Please make sure you say how many you want, to give me an estimate how many I need to order. You're always free to take fewer or none. I do have three extra CHAR boards if anyone wants one (tw…


  • The script uses binary hashes to identify files, so if a Rom is found it should be correct. (Unless someone creates an intentional hash collision, of course )

  • sprites are the Axxx and Bxxx Roms on the bottom board. As you get square sprites i suspect the Bxxx Roms first, which contain the mask data. You should inspect the bus Pins as well, both on the cart and the connector. Have a look on the pgm conversion thread for circuit diagrams which pins connect to which Rom type. I am on my phone, otherwise i'd post a copy here.

  • Quote from bartre: “wait, is it 9 + the bin file for the related game from the PGM program files zip file from the initial post? if that's the case, how which rom do I need for switching in DDP? ” From the first post: ddp3_p1_dual.bin This is the black/white version, and you'll get a menu at boot. ketsui_p1_trap.bin This has the unmodified version in bank 0, and the trap version in bank 1. You can use this version and just not populate the jumper 2, or pick one of the other versions. Otherwise y…

  • By the way, can anyone with a vacuum-form table make fitting boxes?

  • Quote from Derick2k: “I can give it a try, need to look into getting their castable resin, etc.. ” Doesn't "castable resin" in this context mean metal-casting/foundry use? Can't you duplicate normal prints just like you duplicate other objects? The only thing I would look at is if you can model sprue or vent holes directly onto the object.

  • Quote from Derick2k: “I would be happy help out and cut the plexis, I have a formlabs resin printer so parts to make are expensive, so maybe TS wants to do the 3D printed parts? And I can do the acrylic. ” You could make one high quality print, then make a silicone mould to make further copies.

  • Quote from arcadeqc: “So far, I’ve burned ESPgaluda and Ketsui and I noticed that the system menu isn’t accessible. How can one change softdips for game settings? ” You should be able to hold the test button on the motherboard for ~1s and it pops up.

  • Quote from brizzo: “The current plan is all pre-orders will be assembled and shipped next week ” Just wondering: Are you assembling yourself or are you getting boards assembled somewhere?

  • Just a quick note: ~20 sets left at this point in time. Once these are gone I will probably wait until next year before ordering more.

  • A colleague asked me about adding games to a Pandora "3D games" box, no idea if it is "original" or a "clone" ( they are pretty much all an ARM SoC running the same emulators). It has the name "AUS" molded into the case. The manual mentions a hardcoded games database "2D_game_list_v0.1.xlsx" to detect emulated games, but the only hit for that name seems to be a Korean blog. (And I guess this message in the future...) I cracked it open and had a look at the SD-card, but that just seems to us…


    Fluffy - - IGS PGM/PGM2/etc. support


    Well... if you have stereo you can maybe do Surround. With more voices and some control over phase shift you should be able to do Pro Logic... But I agree, without patches (or homebrew) there is little point to it. (Edit: Though I guess if you want to run sound through your own amplifier instead of going through the JAMMA connector it doesn't hurt to get the stereo signal...)


    Fluffy - - IGS PGM/PGM2/etc. support


    I started to disassemble the z80 audio driver, but got distracted by other things... One relatively easy option would be to hard code a left/right position for each channel, similar to the default settings for a MOD tracker. Adding 2D position for gameplay elements is a bigger job.

  • I don't have the source artwork any more, but if you have the logo it should be literally minutes to set up in the online label designer. I've got these PDF printouts, but as I mentioned before it would be better if each label was slightly bigger than the cutout on the sheet, so alignment errors don't show up as white border. I just printed the first page, which was more I needed.

  • Quote from nio: “I need laböes foe the chips, like the one in the build thread. how do you make them? ” I am using Avery labels, 46x11.1mm,…K4/ref=asc_df_B001ARZNK4/ They've got an online designer, though I found that the bleed area I added got trimmed to the exact outline of a label, so prints can have thin white edges. Otherwise they are slightly trimmed versions of the full size labels someone posted here already. The numbers were added with the csv import featu…

  • Apparently the cartridge connectors on early motherboards are a bit flimsy. You can clean them and check for bent pins, or replace them with newer/higher quality slot connectors. They are PC-XT ISA connectors.

  • Quote from 6t8k: “Otherwise... where does that leave me? I can manage higher level programming, but when it comes to 68k asm, I may have already hit a wall here (despite my nick haha, just so happens that many of my favorite games run on this CPU). ” You could set a breakpoint in MAME in the code that emulates the ASIC (it is high-level emulated, even in cases where they have the dump of the ARM code) and see if it is hit, then look at which code the M68k is executing at that point.